The Beatport Plan: a $10/mo subscription to DJ from your browser with full track playback

Beatport has launched a new subscription offering that will allow users to more fully utilize their browser-based DJ web app – a $9.99/month tier called The Beatport Plan.

10 bucks a month – not a bad price to pay to be able to explore Beatport’s library in its entirety without the frustration of short samples. The Beatport Plan includes full-length track previews of all track in the store and the opportunity to create unlimited playlists on the web app. You can also take those playlists, drag and drop any two tracks into the app’s player function, and mix them as you’d like.

For DJs constantly on the go and searching for music for their next gig, it’s a good way to trial potential new tunes and mixes. The Automix feature is available here as well, so you can turn a playlist on and it’ll play through with transitions without needing to do it manually.

Beatport is offering a free 30-day trial to The Beatport Plan if you sign up now – you can do so on their website.

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