Engine DJ’s latest 2.2 release: bug fixes, new features like Active Loops, Virtual DJ Computer Mode, Metronome + more

Engine DJ has released a new edition of their flagship software, version 2.2 – and with it an array of new features and bug fixes for both OS and desktop.

New features & fixes: Active Loops, FX Time Division + more

On the hardware/OS feature front, check out the latest additions:

  • Active Loops – you can now save loops that will be automatically activated when a track plays into a loop region. It’s a separate feature from the original and standard Saved Loops, so ALs show in a zebra pattern to differentiate between the two. Users can also set an Active Loop with any Engine DJ hardware that has Parameter buttons.
  • Nudging sensitivity – The feature is now included in the User Profile, which allows you to automatically apply the setting when you load a profile onto any Engine DJ device. Jog wheel nudge sensitivty has also been expanded to include a new level setting called “Min”, which gives artists more flexibility in their beatmatching flow.
  • On the Numark Mix Stream Pro:
    • FX Time Division & Amount UI – On the Numark Mix Stream Pro specifically, FX Time Division and FX Amount are now interactive elements on the touchscreen.
    • Engine Lighting Pro additions – you can now access the lighting panel directly by pressing the dot button
    • Crossfader disabling ability added to the Control Center
    • Computer mode has been enabled for third-party DJ app support with Virtual DJ

Improvements here include faster search result and playlist loading times, fixes of a few bugs – including an issue where attempting to load corrupt tracks could lead to a device hanging problem – and a few upgrades to power and lighting on the Mixstream Pro and Prime Go.

On desktop:

  • Active Loops added here as well
  • A new built-in Metronome feature – which can be enabled and volume controlled via the Beat Grid Edit panel

We also see new improvements including the Dropbox drive/folder browsing experience, faster track population times, faster Sync Manager repack times, and more. Unsupported tracks are also now displayed in red, so you can visually see any issues before trying to play one. The Engine OS team also fixed a bug that prevented Engine DJ from closing if the main database was corrupt.

You can find a list of Engine OS-compatible hardware and download version 2.2 on the Engine DJ website.

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