Pioneer DJ’s new DJM-S5: a USB-powered 2-channel scratch mixer to use with Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro users, this one’s for you. Pioneer DJ has announced the latest addition to their mixer family: the new DJM-S5. Designed specifically for usage with the Serato DJ Pro software, it’s a bright red, two-channel, scratch-style design mixer priced at $839 USD.

Scratch DJs may find familiarity in the layout, as it’s similar to the company’s DJM-S11 mixer – and the size of the effect levers match that of the S11 as well. The battle mixer is set to launch in stores in early June, 2022.

A look at the features

The key features of the mixer worth nothing include:

  • A range of effect controls – You can control up to 57 effects in Serato DJ Pro. Worth noting, though – this number includes paid expansion packs.
  • 8 Performance Pads – There are four Performance Pads included per channel, allowing you to take advantage of control pad modes like Sample, Scratch Bank, and Hot Cue.
  • The Magvel Fader Pro and Feeling Adjust – similar to many of the other mixers we’ve seen from the company, the DJM-S5 has the company’s flagship MFP. Paired with it comes the Feeling Adjust feature, which gives you the ability to adjust your crossfader resistance for each channel.
  • Scratch Cutter – a new feature from Pioneer DJ is the Scratch Cutter, which lets you choose from six cutting patterns (emulating a transformer scratch in time with the beat of the other track) and apply them to your track in time with it – without crossfader movement.
  • Crossfader Hot Cut – another new feature here is the Crossfader Hot Cut, which gives artists the opportunity to use the crossfader to create a scratch-like sound.
  • USB bus power – a big move from the company here is the inclusion of USB bus power on the DJM-S5. This means you can power it on the go with, say, a USB power pack. And yes, it acts as a standalone mixer as well.

    Also, yes, you’re seeing right: that’s USB-C ports on a mixer. No other USB ports.
  • Software capabilities – it’s compatible and controllable with Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS.

Is this up your alley? You’ll need to download the newest version of Serato DJ Pro (ver. 2.5.12) and the latest firmware (ver. 1.03) for the DJM-S5 in order to use it.

Get your DJM-S5 from the DJTT shop!

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