Mixcloud launches Tracks for producers to upload original music

Mixcloud is making moves in favor of creators, as the platform has launched a feature rivaling SoundCloud: the ability to upload original tracks. Artists can now share their own music alongside mixes and livestreams – which makes Mixcloud the first and only platform that supports quite the trio: livestreaming, short-form tracks, and long-form audio.

Check out how their CEO and co-founder explains it:

Users can upload a short-form audio file (between 30s-15m long) via the “Create” button at the top right of the site. Tracks live under their own tab on your creator channel, separate from the feed of any long-form mixes or streams you’ve uploaded.

Supporting the artist with copyright in place – and maybe a potential for royalties

Since Mixcloud has music licenses in place, the copyright protections that come with uploading music to the platform is a heavy layer of security for the artist as well. The platform’s monetization program pays 83% of revenue out to rights holders and channel owners, and we see some potential down the road for Mixcloud to offer an opportunity for artists to be paid directly for plays on individual tracks they’ve uploaded as they do with mixes currently. 

Worth noting, though: tracks must be completely original and cannot be mashups, remixes, or bootleg edits – which could potentially narrow the audience and appeal.

Will it take?

One question that remains on the back of our minds with the news is whether this will gain traction with the broader musical community beyond Mixcloud’s current users. It’s a strong step forward from the platform, and we’re curious to see how many artists will start to use Mixcloud for this feature. Will we see membership numbers grow? Is this appealing enough for creators who’ve been uploading to SoundCloud for years to decide to do both – or will this stay in SoundCloud’s shadows for the foreseeable future?

Test the beta for free

Tracks is available in beta, and the Mixcloud team is looking for feedback (a nice sign to see that they’re actively looking to grow and improve this feature. Hello, SoundCloud). You can upload three tracks for free on a basic membership. For unlimited uploads, you’ll need a Pro subscription, which runs at $15/mo. They offer a 30-day free trial, so might as well test out the beta if you’ve got tunes at the ready.

Where do you see this heading for Mixcloud? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re a producer, hit “Create” at mixcloud.com or head here to give it a shot, and let us know how it goes. You can also find their uploading FAQ here.

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