Meet Howler, a 2-in-1 device that records + livestreams high-quality audio from any source

Amsterdam-based Howler Audio has launched a Kickstarter campaign running through November 24 for their new forthcoming product: a dual, two-in-one recording and streaming device that fits in the palm of your hand. The hardware, aptly named Howler, offers high-quality recording in WAV or MP3 formats as well as the ability to livestream through the device.

Coming in at a light 128g in weight and 63x92x26mm in its dimensions, Howler is an ideal size to slip into your DJ bag or plug in on that DJ booth where you’ve just about run out of room.

Key Features

Here’s a quick rundown of Howler’s core features:

  • Recording from any audio source: Howler can record audio as a WAV or 320 MP3. It records directly onto a micro SD card that can be swapped out as needed. The kicker? You can record from just about any audio source of your choosing, whether that’s an instrument, your mixer, or a PA mixer if you’re playing with a live band.
  • Pass-thru recording capability: If you don’t have a recording output available on your device, don’t worry – Howler has a pass-through output called THRU that allows you to connect the source and amplifier.
  • Livestreaming: You can use Howler to livestream in high resolution (16/24-bit & 48 kHz) to most major apps – Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube – via an iOS 13 or 14 Apple device, Android, or on your computer with OBS or on a macOS, Windows PC or Linux. You will need a few dongles for iOS or Android connections – you can find more details about that under “Add-Ons” on the Kickstarter.
  • Sharing: When you’re done recording, you can link Howler to your phone, computer, or any device – to listen and share the recording to the cloud (without needing to download *another app*).
  • Battery life: The device runs off a rechargeable battery with up to 30 hours of life. (Yep – that means, hopefully, no more *my recorder died two hours into my set* moments like many of us have had with our trusty ol’ recorders.) Plus, there’s a low battery warning light and if the battery does die, the device will automatically save your recording up to that point.

Audio Quality

One of the primary motivations behind Howler’s creation is to offer an easily accessible, reliable way of recording audio that truly keeps its quality (shocker, we know). Take a listen to this track from Chocolate Puma and Mike Cervello that Howler recorded as a comparison.

Original track:

The track then routed through Howler:

Join the Kickstarter

We’re curious, naturally, to see how the first run of Howlers will go – firstly, when the Kickstarter will ship, and second, how smoothly it works upon this initial launch. Regardless, though, we have major respect fr their ambition to create reliable, quick-to-use gear that makes both recording and livestreaming less hassle. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve fought with my recorder and my OBS software enough times over the years that Howler sounds like an artist’s dream.

The product is currently ready for production and expected to begin shipping worldwide in March 2023. The Kickstarter campaign offers a few tiers for enthusiasts interested in supporting the product ranging from 10 euros with no reward and 40 euros for a t-shirt, to multiple tiers to buy the Howler itself – and even a six-pack if you’re seeing the possibilities of a larger-scale project or splitting it with friends.

Right now, a Howler is available at an Early Bird pledge of 119 euros with just a handful left, then it’ll bump up to 129 euros. You can get more details on the project and join the Kickstarter here – and don’t forget that the campaign ends on November 24, so you’ll want to hop on it soon.

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