How To Become a DJ TechTools Writer

At DJTT, we’ve got a great set of writers who regularly craft content for publication, and you could be one! No experience necessary, we’ll pay you if it is awesome and we run it for publication on the the blog. If chosen for publication, your work could be seen by millions of DJs, producers, promoters and important industry figures around the world. We need articles, videos, tips, reviews, and interviews. 

DJ TechTools regularly accepts submissions from outside writers like you. Along with community cred, great exposure to a global audience and solid writing experience we have some nice payment perks for our writers too. Read on to find out the types of writing opportunities available at DJTT.

Our writers are divided into two groups – contributing writers and guest writers. Learn the difference:

Contributing Writers

These writers are responsible for for a monthly or bimonthly column in DJTT. Contributing Writers are fully a part of the publication cycle, meaning you pitch 5 ideas in the beginning of the month to develop into articles on the blog. These pitches are workshopped with the editorial team, and all of the fellow writers also all collaborate together to help each other and share ideas in an exclusive Google+ community, so you’re able to get the assistance, feedback, perspective of others.

These writers are paid in either DJTT store credit ($150/article) or cash ($100/article). We do pay a bit more for special columns that are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Contributing writers are also eligible for traffic bonuses – meaning if your article is compelling and finishes one of the top most trafficked articles on the blog for the month, you’ll receive an additional bonus.

Guest Writers

Guest writers are writers who are not able to maintain a regular contribution commitment but still want to occasionally write for DJTT.

Pitches for guest writer articles are accepted on a rolling basis. These writers are paid in store credit ($100/article) or via PayPal ($50/article). Guest writers are not eligible for traffic bonuses.

How To Get Started: If you’re interested in becoming a contributing or guest writer, please send an email of interest to editor(at)djtechtools(dot)com. Please include any great ideas you have for articles that you’d like to write and examples of work that has been published (not required).

If you’ve never pitched an article to DJTT before, read on for the basic tips. You’ll want to make sure you can answer the following question in your pitch so we know it has potential to be a HIT article:

“Will this article Help, Inform or Teach others something important?”

The best way to show our editorial staff how awesome your article idea is to complete the following outline:

  1. What is your article’s title? – Make it interesting!
  2. What is the main problem or question?
  3. Why is it important?
  4. How will you solve this problem or answer the question?
  5. What tools and immediate actions can we give the reader to take away from the article?

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