Breaking down the VCI-100

Wondering what exactly does the VCI-100 do? Here is a quick break down I shot for Vestax:

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  • Dj Durty

    I have a vci-100 and use the DJtechtools setting. I love it but I have no idea how to go back and forth on the 4 decks. I want to be able to mix with 3 or 4 decks playing all at once and be able to use the jog wheel to control which ever deck i decide to use at the time.. So How do I do that?

  • Julio

    1. Thanks for the quick reply.

    2. Yes, I am using Traktor.

    3. So, basically completely turn off Syncro Start and make sure the button light is also off (?)

    I will give that a try tonight and let you know. 😉

  • Ean Golden

    no problem, this is a good place to talk about the VCI-100. Are you using traktor?? it sounds like you are using AUTO SYNCRO START mode. In this mode when you hit play it may not start right away but will try and release the song on the beat resulting int eh feeling of lag. Turn syncro start off and then when you press sync, press it again so its NOT engaged. While the sync button is on SYNCRO START is also on again. Try that out,

  • Julio


    Sorry to bring this question in here… but did not though of any other area to ask this. Even though I have a very low latency, I keep having “latency” everytime I press the “Start” button in my VCI-100.

    I have to continuously manually adjust the beat, even though the “Sync” is set… I am SERIOUSLY thinking about returning my VCI and exchanging it for a set of CDJ800s or CDJ400s. I really love it when everything is “sync’d” and all I have to do is press the start button and add FX, etc.

    Is there a setting or any other way I can try to adjust this for a last time before I send it back for an exchange?