Mapulator: An Advanced MIDI Mapping Tool for Ableton

Ableton Live’s MIDI mapping is a double-edged sword: super-easy, but somewhat limiting. What if we could go beyond basic mapping? The fact is that complex MIDI translations in Live shouldn’t require a doctorate in computer science to pull off, which is exactly why we’ve created Mapulator, a new Ableton Max for Live patch that allows you to map knobs in ways that we could only have dreamed about with the standard mapping system. We’re giving this first version out for free – see inside for more about this incredible device.

Mapulator is the first in a series of new DJ TechTools devices that we’re calling Smart Tools. This first version of Mapulator is absolutely free to DJ TechTools readers! Mapulator’s super-simple interface and utilitarian functions can be appreciated by all users, from veteran MIDI mappers to first-timers.

Mapulator: What Does It Do?

Mapulator allows any control in Ableton to be controlled by a knob in almost any way – controlling multiple parameters of an effect or synth, or even multiple parameters of a chain of synths and effects is a breeze. Mapulator enables the user to go beyond the limitations of mapping in Ableton live in a very simple and easy to use fashion.

What’s Wrong With Ableton’s MIDI Mapping ?

If you visualize how Ableton would normally map a control, it’s a straight line from one origin value at the start of your knob to another destination value at the very end of the knob. If you want the knob to go up slowly incrementally and then exponentially ramp up quickly towards the end of the knob, it’s simply not an option. What if you want a value to ramp up, then down again? Also not possible.

Wondering why you’d want a knob to be able to raise in value just to fall again? It’s ideal for controlling multiple parameters of an effect at different rates, which is the heart of what an expressive smart knob is all about. This can be a useful function for packing multiple effects across a knob. For example, if you wanted to create a delay effect that morphs into a phaser, then cuts out and finally morphs into a reverb with an awesome freeze effect, you would be able to do this with just a single knob, as Mapulator lets you create these sorts of effects!

How Do I Get Started Using Mapulator?

Download the patch here!
Current Version: 1.02 
to run Mapulator, you’ll need to have Max For Live


All support inquiries regarding Mapulator should be directed to

You first need to download the patch – we only ask for your email in exchange, which allows us to keep you up to date with the latest versions and releases of our Smart Tools. After signing up, you’ll receive your copy of Mapulator in your email.

Update:  V1.01 – there was an issue affecting windows users which is now fixed in this latest version. If you havent updated already check your email for a link to the latest version.

Update: V1.02 – there was an issue affecting the ability to save parameters inside of a live set which has been fixed in this release

See the ReadMe.txt inside of the download for the full changelog.


  1. First, unzip the file (need help? please visit here)
  2. Open Ableton Live and locate Max Audio Effect in the Live Devices tree (usually under Audio Effects).
  3. Find the folder you unzipped the .zip file into and locate Mapulator.amxd
  4. Drag Mapulator.amxd onto the Max Audio Effect device
  5. Congratulations! Mapulator is now installed and is ready to use.
Note: This device was built in Max 5 and is mostly untested in Max 6 – let us know how it works out for you.

How to use:

Double click on Mapulator in your Max Audio Effect device and it will open up just the same as any other audio effect.

Before we get started mapping out what is controlled, we need to assign the knob on our MIDI controller to this instance of Mapulator. Start Ableton’s MIDI mapping mode by clicking MIDI in the top right, then click on the “Smart” knob inside of Mapulator. Finally, move the knob on your controller that you want to control Mapulator with, and it should show up in the list of MIDI mappings.

Let’s continue by creating a simple and useful highpass filtering effect that controls both the frequency and the resonance at the time. Load up an Auto Filter effect into a track of your choice. We want a highpass curve, so select the highpass icon. Your Auto Filter should now look like this:

Let’s bind a couple of properties of the filter to the knob. The two parameters we’re interested in are the frequency (kHz) and the resonance (below the frequency, labeled as Q). Click on the filter frequency parameter and the box around the frequency will get a slightly thicker line around it, showing that it is the currently selected parameter – when we click learn in the next step you will see this is how we select a parameter that we want Mapulator to control.

Back in Mapulator, click the learn button: note that when you do this, the parameter name appears in the drop down list as shown below.

Next, let’s tell the knob how to interact with the parameter. Mapulator relies on curve drawings – so start by clicking and inside of the grid – you’ll see a line appear that you can raise and lower. This corresponds to the parameter value, and you can continue to click on that line and adjust different points to change the curve. In this example, we’ll start with a simple curve – so two points will do fine – one in the bottom left and one in the top right.

Now when you turn the knob on your controller, you should see the filter follow the line of the graph as you turn the knob. This linear mapping is pretty bland, so let’s spice it up to give you greater control over cutting of the lower frequencies.

Hold control on your keyboard, and click and drag down and to the left on the point in the top right of the graph. See how the graph morphs to to create a exponential curve.

This is how you create all different shapes of curves in a super simple and easy to use way, have a play around to see what different shapes you can come up with! When you’re done playing around make your graph look like this:

Time to assign a second control – click on the drop down list and select “Parameter 2”, this will let you control a second parameter in the patch: note that you can control up to 8 parameters with a single knob. Go back over to the filter and this time click on the resonance setting (labeled as Q), then once again hit Mapulator’s learn button.

Now you’ve selected two parameters to be controlled by Mapulator, at the same time! What we want to do now is have the resonance increase as the filter filters out the lower frequencies, really allowing those high frequencies to sing. We want to create a line again, but this time we want to start at the 0.2 position on the left and ramp up to about 0.7 on the right.

If you look at the top left of the graph when hover over or drag a point in the graph, you’ll see that the patch gives you XY coordinates for the point. With this in mind, create one point at X:0.0 / Y0.2 then another point at X:127 / Y:0.7, then control-click on the right-most point again and create a curve so your patch ends up looking like this:

You have just created your first knob using Bézier curves! This is a simple example, but this is a great first knob  that will be useful for pretty much anyone out there.

Now play around with the tool: maybe try adding an effect that kicks in near the end of the filter. For this, just map something like the wet/dry parmeter of a reverb effect that only starts churning up halfway though the graph. Or perhaps even add a little delay near the end to spruce up the filter into something unique.

Additionally, you can zoom into areas by clicking and dragging on the bars above and to the right of the graph. To reset the zoom back to normal, just click on the circle button in the top right of the graph. If you mess up a graph and want to start fresh, just click the clear graph button.

Full list of the commands you can use on the graph:

  • Left Click = create a new dot; select & move a dot; deselect a dot
  • Left Click + shift = restrict movement to vertical
  • Left Click + shift + alt = restrict movement to horizontal
  • Left Click + ctl (+ drag left of right) = create a bezier curve point
  • Left Click + ctl + shift = create symmetrical bezier curve points around the point
  • Left Click + alt = delete a dot or a bezier point
  • Double Click + Command/Win + shift = lock or unlock all dots

If you need to see these commands in Ableton, just hover your cursor over the graph. You will see these commands in the Ableton hint window, or you can open the patch in the Max editor to see a list of the commands in presentation mode.

What Can I Use Mapulator For?

The most obvious use for Mapulator would be to control a bank of effects to create a smart knob. Each paramater will follow your own user-defined response curve to create a highly expressive effects knob that sounds exactly how you want it to at any position the knob is in.

There are quite simple but powerful uses for Mapulator as well- turn your APC-40 into a turntablist’s scratching battle mixer, the line faders could be edited to allow for the track to cut in much quicker, the bottom third of the fader representing more than half of a regular fader. This would mean it only takes a slight fader move to produce a very large increase in volume. Using the Bezier curves drawing in Mapulator will allow you to get any shape you desire, so you can tweak the fader just how you like it.

You can also use this patch to control any parameter of a synthesizer, a totally indispensable tool if you’re playing some live synth. A small twist of the knob can control multiple parameters including your wavetable position, pitch bends, tuning, filters or any other automatable parameter your synthesizer can throw at you. This is a great way to active degrees of a new preset on a device – let me turn up my Awesome knob!

As with most things in Live, Mapulator is not just limited to stage use, it certainly has uses in the studio. If you’re a producer who likes to get their hands dirty with MIDI controllers and finds yourself recording automation using a MIDI controller, you’ll find that setting up a mapping will make your complicated actions much easier.

Thinking outside the box, you could even automate the knob in Mapulator so you can give Ableton some much-needed Bézier curve automation crafting!

We’re super excited to see what you all can make with this tool.

Who Made Mapulator?!

After spending years creating these sorts of effects using other MIDI translation tools like Bomes MIDI Translator controlling Traktor or Ableton, I really grew frustrated at why it couldn’t be easier and much less time consuming. When making this patch, my primary focus was to make a smart knob as simple as possible to create yet without skimping on any functionality.

Some fun facts about BentoSan:

  • I’ve been creating digital music since I was 13. Started with production and then moved to Controllerism when DJTT was still an infant.
  • Been around DJTT since the early days and was even lucky enough to be DJTT’s first ever employee!
  • In my time at DJTT, I’ve administered the forums, replied to hundreds of DJTT support emails, organized writers for the blog, and written my own articles.
  • My popular other previous DJTT projects include the Native Live 7 Smart Mixer and routing audio from Traktor to Ableton.

Find me on FacebookTwitter; and stay tuned for my new website,

Mapulator has a really bright future ahead – we’ve got a ton of planned features that will come in future releases. If you like Mapulator please consider making a donation here – a lot of time and energy has been spent creating this patch and was even totally recoded at one stance to bring you the best user experience possible.

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  • Jeremy Weichsel

    This looks amazing, especially the use of beziers to ramp values.
    Any chance of getting something similar for Traktor?
    Please. 🙂

  • Fabien

    I wish to thank you a lot for this wonderful device !

    That being said, I have a quite annoying problem with the device (as it
    seems to come from that after some testing on the buffer, plugins etc…).

    I’m using apc40 mk2 and as soon as I turn a knob, mapped on the “Smart”
    button, I instantly get click on my HP filter and the
    more I increase the speed movement the more this trouble. It also seems
    to be less prominent when I use it directly with the mouse, bypassing
    the use of the APC.

    Does someone also got this problem and how have you solved it?

    My setup is Ableton live 9.6 and I use max 7.1, all in 32 bits. I don’t have any CPU problem. Neither disk problem.

    Thx a lot guys.


  • beatsystem

    Great tool. Please, please, please make a version that works in 64-Bit Live.

  • Steve Late

    Link is DOWWWWWWN! 🙁

  • Bonzo

    I wish i’d read the comments before wasting my time and downloading this maintained spammy email subscription crap that hasn’t been updated in years.

  • Garth

    Hi there,

    Has the sa.function error been resolved with Ableton Live 9 64 bit version ?

  • john

    it is a shame it doesnt work on Mac Live 9 64 bits, posts like this should be removed when obsolete… (just saying)

  • Sauce

    Great tool, much needed application for the drumming community too. Thanks fo the hard work.

  • jb61264

    I just downloaded this tool and after unzipping I am dragging it from Windows Explorer to the Live “Max Audio Effect” device…highlight “Max For Live”, unfold the “Max Audio Effect” folder and there is “Max Audio Effect”…when I try to drag the unzipped .amxd file onto “Max AudioEffect” its like its not allowed…the mouse cursor turns to a black circle with a line through it.

  • HELP!

    has anyone figured out how to get this to work using a 64-bit ableton live 9 with max for live 6.1?

  • Rob L

    Woohooo! Exactly what I was looking for… awesome!! Just a question for interest: Why is this an audio effect (as it manipulates only Controller data)??

  • manysounds

    An update coming? V1.3 was “coming soon” seemingly about a year ago.

    It’s great but it doesn’t save parameter assignments for me, ever. The spots where I feel I MUST use it I reassign them before I perform. =hassle 🙂 I’m sayin’ I would PAY for a maintained and working version, I certainly won’t donate for a non-working whatever 🙂

    • beatsystem

      +1 on this – cannot save parameter assignments – anyone still updating this? It’s such a great tool, but I’d have to re map it every time I reboot – obviously not ideal for a show! Please help!

      • Supercapital

        I guess it’s up to us now…

  • N871

    Does this work in live 64bit? sa-function is detected but the architecture is wrong…
    I’m using the latest version of max 6 on a max osx 10.7.5 in live 9.0.6

  • pog

    went through the lame process of adding myself to a list i don’t want to be on and clicking about 15 times to find no download link. great jorb!

  • Jake

    The download link no longer works 🙁 This is just what I was looking for :-((

  • marh

    any update on the 32-bit sa.function() not working with Ableton Live 9 Suite?

    this looks really cool would love to get to use it.


  • tali

    Hi, I’m having a problem that I’m not sure this nice patch could resolve. I’ts about restricting the range of macro knobs in the audio affect rack in live. in the regular mapping mode you can only restrict the max and min points in the the range, but you can’t “drop” ranges in between, or choose only few parameters form the range (I’m trying to creat a scale from the “tune” knob in the resonators audio affect). do you have any suggestions? will droping poins in the line of the mapulator resolve it? thank you

  • Rob Baaima

    How can I get a working pc version?
    I received Mapulator_v1_Download.vcf that can not unzip.

  • Andrew Graham

    great idea. in live 9 it doesn’t work though. sa.function doesn’t exist. some missing external error. any ideas how to avoid this?

  • Charlie Rich

    This looks absolutely lovely and I am super excited to use it. But I have a problem. Whenever I load it up in a track, the graph has diagonal shading and “(sa.function)” typed out. CANT MAP NOTHING. Is this my fault or should I be looking into downloading the next version?

  • BentoSan

    the latest changes in Ableton 9 have cause some issues for this project. Currently i am looking at recreating the main external used in the project Sorry for any issues this may have caused !

    • Anonymous

      can’t wait to use it, remembered seeing it from before i had m4l and the perfect situation came up tonight in a rack i’m designing, but i too am getting the (sa.function) error. i’m sure you’re on it. just wanted to leave a comment so i remember to keep checking back here. thanks, man.

      • Anonymous

        so, i downloaded sa.function, but i think it’s 32bit only, while i’m using 64… i guess that’s the problem.

    • Brian

      any update on this?

  • lapin

    Hello any upodates for live 9 ?

  • Gzum


    I’d like to have an automated way to remap MIDI channels when I move my tracks. I have an USB midi controller (8 faders and 8×3 knobs), the faders for the track1-8 volume, and the 8×3 knobs are mapped for different FX on each track. Now if I swap (exchange) the track 2/3 the control of the track 3 (which became track 2) remains on the fader 3 although it should be remapped to fader 2.

    Do you know any solution?

    Many thanks

  • Guest

    Hey DTT! I’ve requested the file but all I get is a .VCF (contact) file to download that wont be unzipped or dragged to M4L! Help Plz.

  • Todd Jensen

    It would be great if the Mapulator could be set to default to the center. With one knob filters it always starts to the left when you open a set. You have to move a knob before sound will go through. Very cool stuff.

  • postMiXformula

    I’ve wanted this since Ableton 4. Thanks so much for your dev! On the down-side.. I have a problem where Manipulator is losing parameters through a save for Korg Monopoly plugin. Workaround: patch the parameters of Korg Monopoly to Instrument Rack knobs and then route Instrument Rack knobs to Manipulator. Not sure what it is.. but workaround may help some users. Thanks again!!

  • sasoriza

    Very excited about the possibilities of using manipulator and thanks for your hard work. I’m beta testing Live 9 with Max 6.1 and having issues saving mappings when using mapulator in racks. Parameter names are reset and certain mappings lost after closing session or saving preset. Even closing racks causes erratic behavior and drop outs with mapping. However, graphs appear to be unaffected. I hope these issues can be resolved as this has a lot of potential! Hit me up if you need more info.

  • Marcello Giunchi

    Great tool! i just found out about Mapulator and started playing with it… that’s exactly what i needed. Thanks a lot BentoSan! :))))

    PS: i couldn’t make it work with third party plugins (i just tried with Fabfilter Timeless and Simplon), probably due to the fact the parameter aren’t selectable as the native plugins. As workaround, i dropped the plugins to a rack and set the macros as parameters.

  • Stian Balducci

    Greaat little thing.. Just given it a little short try here, but it seems as though its creating some glitches and crackling when assigned to fade volume of tracks..

  • Bouke

    This is pretty awesome, nice work!
    Has anyone used bento’s midi tool already to create a dj template for the apc40?

  • poiu

    This is really what i always wanted!!! Great work man!!

    By any chance will make a version with presets that you could switch to?

    Some other ideas :
    -Active/Desactive each graph
    -Another range like the zoom could set the minimum and maximum for the encoder!! Then Presets could be made by making presets of this range for exemple

  • Genji

    How can I get the 1.02 download? Does Live save the assignments now? I never got the email about the update either. Great tool but really bummed, I just assigned a mess of things for a template and all lost when I reopened the set!

  • Daniel Woodford

    Hi there, I didn’t get an email either for 1.02… only 1.01. How can I download the new version. (Have searched my gmail for mapulator 1.02)

  • Blah

    Have subscribed to mailing list. No download link or anything. 

  • John Mclennan

    Thanks for this gift of a device. What a god send!! One thing I have noticed is that when I reload my project the names of the parameters that I have set up have reverted back to te default names parameter 1, parameter 2 etc. etc.. All my assignments are still working but I have no way of knowing which curve is controlling which parameter. If I want to make further edits to a curve at a later time this would prove difficult.  I hope I made myself clear :). I’m on a core 2 duo PC running the latest version of Live and M4L.

  • Thepillow

    Wow, it would be great if you guys could make something like that for Traktor!

  • Io

    Great Might come in handy:-)

  • Djtt

    Would someone be so kind to email me the version 1.02 of the patch.  I’m not getting email with the link as others have.  sure would be alot easier to have the link on the site somewhere…


  • Djtt

    I need the link for 1.02

    • BentoSan

      it should be in your mailbox, search for “mapulator 1.02”

      • Djtt

        its not there.  i signed up again to get the link for mapulator and all i get is version 1.01

        • Djtt

          why not put up a link for registered users.  I still dont have version 1.02 after registering twice with two different email addresses.  All I get is a link to 1.01.  I really like the patch, but I’m hoping the update allows me to save mappings in a project as the 1.01 does not.

          • Genji

            Can’t get 1.02 either….did this ever get resolved?

  • Guest

    learn knob has no function.

    cannot get it to work.

    • BentoSan

      Sounds like you need to update your copy of Ableton and M4:

  • Anshul Vishwakarma

    This is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. I had always thought a non-linear MIDI control mapping tool would be a great addition to Ableton, and now we finally have it! Thanks again for this post.

  • Logan Luckey

    If you group your devices and effects then you can use macro control to map multiple parameters, and the distances between, sure it’s linear but there are ways around it. by chaining effects you can create effects that will fade between , turn off at 0 value, and numerous other possibilities. If this can create variable growth instead of linear growth it will save me a ton of time, thanks for the free ware!!  

    • BentoSan

      Racks are powerful, but Mapulator goes way beyond whats possible in racks in a much more simpler to use way 🙂 Glad you like the device.

  • Charles

    Hi, on Windows 7 64 bits when i save a set in live 8.2.8, the next time i reload the set, all the paramaters have disappeared ????

    • Adam Seckel

      I’m having the same issue on Live 8.2.6 – running on OSX Lion 

      • Charles

         Ok, i have found the link in my mailbox. Thanks.

    • Adam Seckel

      I’m having the same problem on Live 8.2.6 – running OSX Lion. 

    • BentoSan

      Are you using V1.02 ?

      Do the names of the parameters save in the list but not the actual mappings, or are both the mappings and the name of the parameters in the drop down list both disappearing ?

      • Charles

         No, i am using v 1.01, where is the link to the v 1.02 ?

  • Nikola

    is it possible to map two mapulator curves to one device? That would allow different effect combos for different knobs. Right now as I see it assigning a mapulator curve to drive a parameter makes it disabled for further value injection

    • BentoSan

      This is coming in a future version – ive already coded this up and put it in the UI 🙂


    damn, i didnt know max for live was $249. looks like i wont be using mapulator for now… :

    • BentoSan

      Hopefully Ableton brings out some sort of M4L player where you can use devices but not edit/create devices from scratch.

  • Charles

    Wonderful !!!

    To add my two cents for futur developpment: Find a way to save our curve to reuse them more easily.

  • BentoSan

    The link is back up 🙂

  • BentoSan

    Ok its getting fixed now ! should be back up very very soon, keep trying !

  • BentoSan

    Waiting on the server guys to fix this issue, can’t get hold of anyone so i don’t know whats going on. Email me on to get the patch if you can’t get hold of it, still recommend signing up to the mailing list so you get future updates though, theres still some free updates in the works 🙂

    • Echosonic


    • BentoSan

      The link is back up 🙂

  • Bill Thompson

    I can’t get it either, 404 error?

    • BentoSan

      The link is back up 🙂

  • N F

    I can’t get it, I keep being forwarded to a ‘page not found’ page. What can I do to get it?

    • Bill Thompson


    • BentoSan

      The link is back up 🙂

  • James

    Just tried it out and it works well!

    I have a sugestion that would mean I could ditch a max patch I am currently using:

    Add 8 more knobs to the mapulator (like the live macro knobs).

    After a graph has been drawn, allow breakpoints (or groups of breakpoints) to be moved up/down left/right by the macro knobs.

    • BentoSan

      Not entirely sure what your getting at but if you email me on with a fully fleshed out idea (maybe with a pic for demonstration purposes?) Ill certainly consider it 🙂

  • Arnis Lapsa

    fun part starts when you chain 3 mapulators in a row and 7 different random effects on each, then automate parent mapulator smart knob ^_^

    amazing tool indeed

    • BentoSan

      =D sounds like your putting it though its paces and having some fun with it. Good to hear !

    • BentoSan

      Never seen that VST before thats kinda cool, thanks for pointing that out 🙂
      Mapulator has a higher resolution output though, when you start creating curves with the already low resolution of midi you lose a hell of a lot more resolution. Also future versions will have smoothing algorithms which will further improve Mapulator over this VST.Also Mapulator will be about 1000x easier to use, its definitely the better of the two choices for controlling Ableton. You wont have to loop your midi out of Ableton and back in to utilize curves 🙂 That VST may be a better choice if your controlling outboard gear as Mapulator doesn’t actually output any midi at this current stage.

      Not to mention Mapulator has many features in the works thats going to totally set it apart from anything else out there.

  • Djkave

    This is really dope!!!

  • BentoSan

    Known bugs
    – Midi learn button not working = you need to update Ableton + m4l to the latest version. This is because the live API only recently introduced the ability to read the currently selected parameter.

    – Sometimes the patch background goes grey instead of being white, this seems to be a issue in m4l/ableton – i have developed a work around however

    – Upon saving a live set the drop down list doesnt seem to be keeping the names of the modulated parameters – this has been fixed

    Currently im testing these updates to make sure nothing else was broken in the process.

    • Isobar

       Yup, works after updating. This is really cool, dude. Thank you so much. I donated, but this is easily worth $50 or more.  I get audio dropouts running Win7 + traktor + ableton when engaging the MAX patch. It’s dodgy on a dual core CPU with 384ms latency. Prob. will be usable live with a quad core.

      • BentoSan

        I designed this patch to use absolute minimal CPU as possible, on my quad core it uses less then 1% of the CPU. The latest version im testing (v1.02), should use slightly less CPU. I dont see any reason why it should cause dropouts on your computer, do other max patches cause dropouts ?

        • Dan

          From my reading of the Max externals docs (the C API docs), as I understand it Max never uses more than two threads anyway, so dual vs quad core shouldn’t make much difference to Max (though it may still help since Live could use the other cores – dunno how multicore friendly the Live part of M4L is…)

      • BentoSan

        Oh another thing to know, if you dont have your soundcard set to a latency setting that you can divide by 64 you can have issues with your audio when using M4L – try using a setting like 64, 127, 192, 256 ect ect.

        I dont see any reason why a dual core processor should not be able to use several instances of this patch without affecting the CPU.

    • BentoSan

      Someone reported a bug to do with fast movements of a knob, the parameters were not keeping up with the fast movements so when the knob reached the top the parameters were not where they should have been.

      I believe i have addressed this issue and the fix will also be making it into V1.02.

      Also a rather large code cleanup has been performed, a lot of code from the main patcher window has been put into sub-patchers, this should help to improve code readability if your that way inclined.

  • undrig

    I hope the developers are reading this. One thing I wished ableton had was a bank of automation curves ala NI massive to click and apply to automation lanes. Adding a curve bank and a simple drop down menu of time lengths (ie 16th/8th/16th triplet etc) to use in ableton’s automation lanes with this utility would be insanely handy and improve people’s workflow immensely. 

    • BentoSan

      I pay full attention to all feature requests 🙂

  • Reynaldo Ochoa

    its just amazing!! a great workaround to automation curves in live 😉

    many thanks!! 

  • Tim

    OUTSTANDING WORK – one of the best M4L additions ive seen….but seriously lose the skull logo, looks horrible

  • Enno Jesse

    still waiting for the subscripion mail… are there any problems with sending it?

    • BentoSan

      did you end up getting this sorted out ?

  • David De Garie-Lamanque

    you have just opened Pandora’s Box for all Live Controllerists!!!! Thank you for this amazing device!

    • Apoplexia Music

      what thrills me most about this is the possibility to finally build a dual LPF/HPF filter and configure the curves of the filter sweep to taste….

  • BentoSan

    This is the first i have heard about the learn function not working, it works completely fine for other people. What version of Max /Ableton do you guys have installed ? – please email me on bento at djtechtools for support and we will sort this out ASAP 🙂

  • Aaron_floyd2002

    The Learn function isn’t working.

    • BentoSan

      I worked out what the issue is, you need to update both Ableton Live and M4l.

  • Tobias 'Inofaith'

    The LEARN function does absolutely nothing for me… I click a parameter in an effect > then click the LEARN button and my selection simply goes away with nothing but “Parameter 1” still showing in the drop-down menu.

    • Aaron_floyd2002

      It’s like that for me too

      • Spacecamp

        Aaron! Hey! We want to help fix this – shoot bento an email – and we’ll get on it : ) 

    • Spacecamp

      Hey! We want to help fix this – shoot bento an email – and we’ll get on it : ) 

    • BentoSan

      you need to m4l to the latest version of max and Ableton to a newer version to get this working

    • John Mclennan

      Yeah I followed the instructions to the letter but the only way I could get the learn function to work was to put all my effects on the same track as Mapulator. Hope this helps.

  • Janzak

    This looks awesome! Here’s to hoping there will be a similar tool for LFOs in the future 🙂

    • Dan

      care to explain what you’re looking for? I’ve been doing a good bit of m4l lately and can always do with some inspiration.

  • Ffffff

    Is this the solution to the EQ3 12 o clock issue?

    • BentoSan

      Yes, it is indeed 🙂 Among lots of other things

  • Punktronicalive

    This will be extremely helpful I’ve always wanted something like this , Ableton midi is extremely limited sometimes. You have to find some weird way to go about the way you want to program it . Sure will help me for this

  • Ecogreekdevteam

    Can you use this for like smart mixing?

    • BentoSan

      Yeah sure, if you setup some knobs similar to how i did in my smartmixing rack, except with custom curves 🙂 You could even just Mapulate the actual macros on the rack to get it to respond just perfectly to our personal preference.

  • Theme Thod

    download link isnt working

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    Download no longer working. Link is dead, getting a 404.

    • Øivind Idsø

      Never mind, download link in SECOND mail (confirmation mail) worked …

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  • Razed17

    link is down? 

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      Squad, should be fixed, try that same email link again! 

      • Squad

        Yes thank you 🙂

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    I’m ready for tonight!

    • Tha BreackNeck Monsta

      woah… Albeton racks always look so intimidating when you did not make them yourself

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Finally BentoNews!

    Congratulations for the patch/app.

    Waiting news about other developments…!


  • BentoSan

    Update: theres a cross compatibility issue on windows that affects version 1.00 , a new version(version 1.01) will be sent out to your email that fixes this issue. – We apologise for any inconvenience. If you havent already click the download link, sign up and you will receive the new version to your email the second it gets sent out for free.

  • Darren E Cowley

    Awesome work mate, you’ve really brung it! Good instructions as well, a master example of what can be acheived in M4L….

    • BentoSan

      Thanks Darren, i appreciate the kind words.

  • George

    most useful plug-in I will ever use in my studio. I have been looking for something like this which mirrors capability of that in Massive macro’s. To be able to assign any knob in live like I would as a Massive macro! I appreciated your time and effort you put into this project!!!

    • BentoSan

      Thanks for your kind touching words 🙂 “most useful plug-in I will ever use in my studio” – your certainly not the only one, this gets a total rinse out in mine too.

      I too am a huge lover of Massive and its wonderful simple yet powerful UI, i think you will find that Mappulator is even more powerful than Massives macros’s once you start getting really busy with it 🙂

  • BentoSan

    Edit: If your having issues check your email for the latest version V1.01, there was a problem that affected windows users only. Mac users will see no differences in V1.01

    • BentoSan

      Ok this does seem to be the issue, working on getting a PC version without the fuss to you all as i type this 🙂 Will be fixed ASAP

      • Anonymous

        Hit me up at if you need some windows debugging help after I get off work.

  • Jredou

    Any idea what this means? (sa.function)

    Looks cool but stumped.

    • BentoSan

      See my post above, its a relatively easy fix – ill get you out a working copy ASAP

  • rosserik

    Looks ace, the description is something I’ve wanted for so long, loads in live, can attatch any parameter. Then the graph won’t do anything at all, clicking with any combination of anything does nothing. No idea where to start.

    Not sure why it would make a difference but I’ve not plugged in any controllers yet, want to have the thing actually work first.

    • rosserik

      if it’s of use

      • BentoSan

        Mail me at with a print screen of what the patch is looking like when loaded i. Live and ill nail this issue for you 🙂

      • BentoSan

        See my post a couple above this one on how to fix this, i apologise for the issues. You can alternatively just wait and a new working copy will be sent to your email as soon as i can – this is my top priority at the moment.

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    It’s good to see more and more useful MFL devices coming out.

    I think that in a few years when computer are more powerful and can handle tons of MFL devices and vst’s we’re going to be in for a real treat for performance stuff.

  • Dj stylus

    i cant find my Max Audio Effect in the Live Devices tree

    • BentoSan

      Sounds like you dont have M4L installed which is a paid addon for Ableton Live, totally recommend buying it, so totally worth every cent.

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    I just scroll through until I see a video.. make a video lol

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    Guess I’ll have to get creative with my Lemur scripting.

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