DJTT TV: Live Performance With Zeke + PriMO

On Tuesday afternoon, we livestreamed from the brand-new DJ booth here at DJTT HQ with none other than Australian DJ Zeke, known for crushing sets on a Maschine, Midi Fighter Pro, a pair of turntables, and a Kontrol Z2. Zeke performed his Low End Theory set, with opening support from DJ PriMo (a fellow Qbert Scrach University valedictorian). Watch the full first episode of DJTT TV inside and get in on an limited-time discount offer on the Z2 and Maschine MKII.


A few technical glitches aside (the sound gets way better a few minutes in and we’re still working on getting better video quality), we’re super-excited to have had our first official livestream episode with Zeke and Primo – look forwards to more in the future.

Special notes:

  • Check out Zeke’s Q+A at the end of his set in which he chats about the mappings he’s using.
  • Livestream Special Coupon Code: heapsofbeats

Just for the next few days after this livestream, you can use coupon code heapsofbeats in the DJTT store and you’ll be able to get 10% off a Traktor Kontrol Z2 or Maschine MkII!

  • 2x State DMC DJ Champ
  • Australian Vice DMC DJ Champ
  • Australasian IDA DJ Champ
  • 4th World Ranking IDA DJ Championships ’09
  • Qbert Skratch University Valedictorian/Skratch Champ

  • 2011 QSU Valedictorian
  • 2011 West Coast DMC Finalist
  • 2008 Table Manners Champ
  • 2006 Pepsi QQuest Co-Champ
What interesting and unique performers do you want to see next time on DJTT TV’s livestreams? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make it happen! 
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  • RawRisk

    They have skills expept for the third dude that has probably 1 week being a DJ

  • arrr

    please please give the effects combinaisons used on traktor ?

    • ARRR

      the effect mapped on his knob (maschine) ?

  • ??????

    JAGUAR SKILLS PLEASE!! His british skills will destory your brains….HoooooOOOOOooo!

  • Guy from Germany

    This video contains content from WMG, SME, UMG, [Merlin] Warp Records, EMI, [Merlin] K7 Records, Demon Music, Beggars, INgrooves, The Orchard Music and dig dis. One or more of whom have blocked the video in your country on copyright grounds.
    WTF? Its a DJ MIX!


  • Fabio

    Why was my post erased DjTechTools Staff ? I only asked for help regarding a technical question about the transmission.

  • Fabio

    Hi DJTT !! Very interesting transmission! I am brainstorming about how i could make a similar transmission, i have a full hd dslr camera with a beachteck active audio adapter to give me quality audio synced real time with the video stream – i will use ustream to broadcast it; my only doubt is how do i transmit the dslr camera signal to my computer in real time , with no glitches. Can you guys help me with some tips? Congrats for the awesome job!!

  • Austin Thompson

    The coupon code does not seem to be working. Little help please?

    • LowEnd Guru

      I had the same issue. Was trying to purchase a Z2 on Wednesday, but the Z2 link on the store wasn’t working. Yesterday, I could get to the Z2 but the promo code had already expired. :/

    • LowEnd Guru

      FYI: Whether you were looking to get the Z2 or Maschine, Guitar Center is running a sale until sale through the weekend…$100 off.

  • Mr. DJ

    all I have to say is WHAT!!!!

  • Devin Roy

    in the second video, what mapping is he using??? for maschine?

  • djttfan

    I am glad you guys are giving people the opportunity to play out. Music Style aside, they are no Ean Golden or Mad Zach, or DJ Shiftee! I still just feel like their performance was lackluster. I don’t expect rock star scratching or button mashing throughout a whole performance, but the parts of your routine that do incorporate that should be amazing as they should be the parts that you have practiced until your hands and mind are numb.

    • colrobut

      I strongly disagree, I think their level is super high in comparison with mostin the world, heck, the grandmast skratch DJ Qbert crowned these gus as his top skratch students, you gotta have some balls going against a Grandmasters word!!

  • KoenraadVDS

    I absolutely enjoyed Zeke’s mix. Some people actually do play this kind of stuff, like me ^^ Love how he transitions from genre to genre. When you put Dubstep and Trap together you get awesome stuff :p

  • digitalchris

    killer set by Zeke. it’s good to see the Z2 get worked like any of the Rane mixers and kill it. Nice one DJTT for bringing in other flavors here.

    I’m sure this pissed off the “I love house only” crowd, but grow up. One day when you move out of Mom’s house and realize its not all about you, you might appreciate other things.

  • Fairchild

    Simply amazing! Not your cup of tea? oh well, but you still have to acknowledge that these guys have talent! Excellent technique and beat mashing fluidity. Puts any of skills to shame! So what if they’re using sync, they’re doing so much more though than just mixing tracks.

    These are the type of dudes you go out and see a dope live performance, not just some kid mixing avicii songs.

  • dj elias

    I listen to everything you guys need to stop crying and moaning learn to play other genres besides edm and house. Diversity is the way to go djtt because if you play the same type of music these same a**wholes will cry about that too. Trap music is getting bigger so is jersey club

  • Lil Wayne


  • R3Production Bonaire

    he all , realize what site you are commenting on. DJTT is always showing routines styles and controlerism. no matter what dubstep or Scratch ,or controllers are used . It is all about the skills and love that some music artist puts in his/her work..No need to explain that it would kill a DANCE floor, but i can see some homies enjoy the scratch and break dance to this style. Not my favorite either but sure do respect it. and i cannot copy that…
    Please cut the negative, see the routines and controllerism..That is what it is about..


  • MIKE

    When did music and mixing become so political??? Thow on a pair of headphones, press play, and STFU!!! GO HOME TROLLS!

    • holtron

      Hasn’t it always been? If it’s not vinyl vs CDJs, it’s Traktor v Serato, sync v not sync, Ableton v DVS, etc. It’s tiring and the most pointless argument ever. If you’re mad that someone that does something different than you is getting more shine than you are, then you need to look in the mirror and ask what you could be doing better.

  • Adventureface

    I am a little floored by the weird negativity in the comments on this.

    I enjoyed it!

  • tr4gik

    IMO both have skills, respect that. The music selection on the other hand … I agree with ones that say that the music is not so good :S, i did not like neither of the sets .. no bueno. I don’t know maybe is the genre style. What does ego music mean? Just playing n performing for oneself?

    • colrobut

      lol whos the heck was he playing to? I didn;t see no crowd, so i think he can play whatever he wants rofl!!! do you play for anyone besides urself in ur bedroom…

  • MidwestHype

    You guys sound like a bunch of whiny pricks… Always finding something to gripe about when DJTT posts something…and whining just as loud if they aren’t posting enough topics/articles. No one called these guys God’s gift to DJing.
    If you don’t like it, go back to watching Harlem shake videos…

    • psy/OPs

      because anyone who dislikes this must enjoy harlem shake, right.

      • MidwestHype

        It’s not a matter of whether you like it or not… It’s about the need to find a reason to whine about every single thing that’s posted. Truth be told, it wasn’t really my cup of tea either. The difference is, instead of bitching about it, I can respect/appreciate what DJTT is trying to do by doing these live streams. The amount of personal attacks on these guys is ridiculous. Especially considering most of you would be lucky to play in front of someone other than the family cat- in your parent’s basement….as they say, ‘haters be hatin’

    • ZuS


  • bidnizz

    dj aerkei!!! the one who did this amazin theremin routine @ ida wc 2012

  • david ally

    Hey DJTT, could we have a PIP of their laptop screen?

    • Spacecamp

      Sure, we’ll work on that for future livestreams!

  • djmunster

    anyone can trigger noise on beat to be called a championship DJ wow you really don’t need skills anymore to be a DJ just need to know how to press play on prerecored loops , I was doing that crap 15 years ago on a mpc but it sounded like music not repetive noise

    • putUp

      Link us your performance video. I’m curious to see it

      • djmunster

        sorry never did a video maybe you can see me live one day

    • Button king

      I don’t think u seen correctly, I just witnessed this crazy dude not only drumming cue points, but also great scratching and trick mixing… How can u not appreciate this lol

  • djtt fan

    a very lackluster performance…

  • Mark Quest

    and also, did you ever ask these guys for proof of their dubious achievements? The 2011 West Coast DMC Championship was actualy CANCELLED because only 4, yes, 4!! people registered!!! So they canned the event. To name himself the WA DMC Champ of 2011 is kinda like me saying I won gold at the 2003 olympic games – IT NEVER HAPPENED / EXISTED! And someone explain to me the difference between a real champ, and a ‘vice’ champ? What the fuck is a ‘vice’ champ?? Like real journalists I hope you guys check your sources before opening the whole of DJTT’s writers up to this kind of embarrasssment.. I’ve posted link of FB about this & guess what? Over 3,000 peoplehave never heard of these 2 either!! Theyre just rich kids who flew to the states, sucked Q-berts dick, paid enough money / bought enough products, and y’all decided to put ’em on. Now, a REAL Australian DJ with dope skills is BASS KLEFF – That guys rocks & gets the ladies wanting more (which is our aim, club DJ’s – more happier women equal more laid men & more money in the club!) FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT v FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT v FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT FAIL DJTT

    • Only Wimps Hate

      The 2011 west coast DMC championship was not canceled… I was sitting at the SF regional at 330 Ritch [the club that it was at] and watched Primo excel to the next round. Sol Rising won, and competed in New York against the likes of Precision, whom won. It doesn’t say “WA” “mate” it says West Coast. So you can claim your Olympic victory, but perhaps you should do some research. Secondly, go ahead and type “Vice DMC champ” in to google and that should settle your next un-researched arbitrary exclamation of foul play. Man… wow, over 3,000 people in the whole world… that is like a crazy huge amount, sigh. Next up, Primo lives in California… not a rich kid, a local shredder, and I happen to know for a fact that Zeke used to be an electrician and now pays his bills with his musical talent… so again, you need to do more research man. Finally, DJTT has had Bass Kleff through the studio already and it seems like you’re pretty well attached to his dick, so… MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL MARK QUEST FAIL

    • mr cat

      you’re just stupid angry kid who sits in his bedroom and writing stupid comments. don’t worry, maybe someday you will be invited to play on your grandma’s birthday.

  • Mark Quest

    how the hell would you expect someone to dance to that at a club? I’,m australian & NO-ONE has ever heard of ‘DJ Zeke’.. I agree with previus poster about the ‘ego’ music.. It’s just the same as DJ Shadow’s auditory Masturbation…/ UUrggh!! I can’t believe DJTT supports this kind of showboating. Yeah, at least theyre working, unlike a Guetta or what have you, but at least Guetta makes people happy & want to dance! this wanker would clear the floor but fill both the bar AND the bathrom… I’m sorry, but it doesn’t sound good AT ALL. Mad props for the dope skillz, but there’s one skill you need to work on – reading a crowd & and anticipating what modern listeners want to hear. This shit sounds like DnB but on the wrong speed setting.. Yo dickhead hit 45!!!

    • Disappointed

      yah….. this is junk. I come to DJTT everyday cause I really like the articles, sure sometimes people flame up here or there but its usually good content. This…. well….. idk could be just me but this music is horrible and this ‘DJ ZEKE’ fellow is some unknown dickbag mashing buttons+”Scratching” for an hour. Shit would never fly in any club anywhere.Bottom line: I really love DJTT but there is a fine line that can be easily crossed when people forget they are trying to make MUSIC not showboat that they can use every traktor effect in an hour….. #garbage.

      • Spacecamp

        Thanks for the feedback – Zeke actually does a lot of finger drumming and advanced routine tricks throughout the set, and also performs a few of his own tracks.

        As to if it would work in a club, he performed just last week at the well-respected Low End Theory in LA – worked pretty well there! Ean wrote previously about why “Will it work in a club?” might be the wrong question:

    • Cornholio

      Who the fuck heard of Mark Quest??? Did Mark Quest is on stream on DJTT? No! Will someone ever heard of Mark Quest not just as stupid douchebag from djtt comments section? Probably not.

    • Button king

      I think what ur saying about the music selection is very contradictory, a dj and producer defines himself by playing out a sound that they are down with, if people don’t like that then that’s their opinion, it doesn’t make them any less of an artist. Each to their own though

      • Button king

        I guess that’s why genre was created 🙂

    • Johnny Quest

      what crowd was that exactly? Did you see a crowd in any of those 3 videos? If you don’t like it don’t listen/watch.

  • G-force


  • Bijanstein

    This was awsome! Something different from your other livestreams!

  • Thebuttonfreak

    Am I the only one who is unimpressed? He’s using sync, so what’s so impressive about his triggering?

    • KIO

      Well the guy is certainly more skilled than I am, so I was impressed. If the guy however did not impressed you, then I would really love to see a video from you performing. Do you have videos online somewhere?

      • Thebuttonfreak

        Right, because you can only criticize things you are better at doing than the person you are watching. I’ll keep that in mind next time I don’t like a movie or a band.

    • Button king

      His using sync for the quick mixes from what I have studied, I don’t think that affects the finger drumming though unless u got some sort of syncopation setting on. And I don’t think it would be able to syncopate that quick

      • Thebuttonfreak

        I don’t know, if it’s like watching someone trigger things in love then it’s not that impressive. If you have the quantize on, you only need to get with 1/16 and you sound like you have perfect timing, not really impressive.

        • beatmasherrrrrr

          he don’t have quantize on fooooooo 🙂 hits cue points way to quick in some parts if u watch carefully

  • Ryan

    More ego cRAP music, I prefer not to abuse my eardrums with lower vibrational frequencies. I’m on that love and light, not money and bitches. Sorry team but this gets a thumbs down.

    • Spacecamp

      We’re fans of all genres of music at DJTT (ok, we’re not that into country, but still) – considering the caliber of these performers, I’m inclined to say that any genre they want to play is fine by us.

      That being said, we’ll be sure to have some uplifting genres represented in future livestreams as well! Thanks for the feedback.

    • david ally

      try to maintain an open mind.

    • dj elias

      your ego is crap homeboy

  • Shuriken Tenshii

    “(a fellow Qbert Scrach University valedictorian).”


    • Spacecamp

      Good catch – but we’re both wrong! It’s Qbert Skratch University. Classic Q spelling things with a K.

  • Mad Zach

    front view is better!

  • Andrew

    you need to record this. and post the download link.

    • Spacecamp

      Recording is live and embedded in the article above!