Traktor 2.6.3 Stealth Update: X1 MK2 + Bug Fixes

X1 MK2 Preferences Pane in Traktor

Mums the word on this new update from Native Instruments to Traktor Pro, bringing the software up one more point to a 2.6.3 version. There’s been no official press release or even a thread in the NI Traktor forums announcing the update, but it is indeed available for all Traktor users to download starting this past weekend. The update seems largely to bring Traktor Kontrol X1 MKII compatibility to the software – check out the added preferences pane pictured at right (click to enlarge it!).

Users are also reporting a few other features are present, including Inertia Scrolling (similar to on iOS) for the library that will work with the Kontrol X1 MKII’s touch-sensitive knobs, as well as a fix for a number of bugs including the slowed browser search and a wav bitrate bug that was plaguing 2.6.1 + 2.6.2 users.

The download is available in the NI personal update manager – but no full changelog from NI has been released – so far all we’ve got is the following in the download description:

– Integration of TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 MK2
– Metadata Sync with TRAKTOR DJ and Key Detection are now also available in TRAKTOR LE 2
– Various fixes and improvements

We’ll have a full review of the Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 later this week! 

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  • A Lyukastorkú

    Hi guys! Can you send anybody this update to me?…

  • jwlanky

    Can anyone confirm if HID is now supported on CDj850s – videos on youtube showing so, but could be a hoax 😕

  • Robbie Lackey

    2.6.3 has been working flawlessly for me since I last updated. Even Multi-core isn’t causing any issues, no more slow browser searching either.

    Just letting you all know, it’s doing just fine for me at least.

    • DJ Ollie

      Hey Robbie,

      Just wondering if 2.6.3 is still working for you… Do you know if 2.6.3 has fixed that bug if you play a mono track, it overloads the Audio Output and you have to restart Traktor because you don’t hear any playback from any track loaded? I’m still on 2.6.2… Any feedback would be great…

      Thanks man,


      • Robbie Lackey

        The only time I get close to an overload is if I run a visualizer and extended desktop. I get the occasional audio glitch when I first enable fx’s channels 1 and 2 for either deck, so I just remember to enable them and disable when I first up Traktor.

        I haven’t worked with a mono track really if I remember correctly, so I can’t honestly answer that question.

        2.6.3 is working fine otherwise, but I did have a replacement of my Traktor Kontrol S2 about a month ago, and I noticed the model is slightly different from the one I purchased a year ago. Just aesthetics really, slightly different logo on the jog wheels, font on the front face of the controller and the top is slightly different. I wouldn’t attribute this to any improvement of Traktor lol.

        I’ll try a mono track tonight.

        • Robbie Lackey

          I have noticed the Jog Wheels are extra sensitive now tho, and do tend to move slightly if the bass is hitting the booth a bit to hard.

  • Nolan Walker

    I actually did get an email announcing the 2.6.3 update from NI. I was on 2.6.1, and saw the email and said “what about 2.6.2? When did that come out?!?”

  • DJ Libeato

    Traktor has been crashing out a lot since the 2.6.2 update on my amd system (amd and traktor don’t play well) but fine on my i7. Stability and traktor CPU load (in program usage bar) has been increasing since 2.6 at an alarming rate. Time for some optimization NI.

  • Bryan Minarsky

    I called this on my blog when the 2.6.2 patch came out. Too bad I didn’t heed my own advice.

  • Penisf4c3

    Penisface was here

  • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

    Rolled back to 2.6.1 again, remix deck punch mode doesn’t work properly in both this and the previous update:(

  • an3

    i seriously miss some stuff concerning routing:

    1 An Int / Ex_mode: for looping both rmXdecks as well as external inputs
    2. some basic/standard dj/prducer fx: duck/sidechainCompression/Standard gate
    3. where is the Rmix direct mapping Slot STOP, now u have to sacrifice the 8 by 8 grid to have at least one empty palce ina slot.

    some food 4 thought since the Remixdecks introduce the capabilty of producing in stead of djIng with traktor:
    1. A VST/au slot: running external plugs for synth or sound processing
    2. midi clips remixdecks:

    and concerning traktor ipad:
    Remixdecks + midi mappin !!

  • David Clunie

    I got my x1mk2’s today ahead of the aug launch! pre-order FTW! 😉

  • Rayalon

    Hi, I can’t seem to watch the Preferenced PIC in Hi-Res. 🙂
    Clicking it won’t work.

    • Rayalon

      *Preferences 🙂

  • DJ Bone

    There is any way to use Traktor with Denon MC3000?

  • DJ Spencer 4 Hire

    Let’s get Maschine MK2 to work native with Traktor!

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      It’s been over a year and it’s not like Native Instruments didn’t have the time to work on it nor the ability to work with the hardware or code. This is one of those moments where you just expected excellence and it just didn’t happen. Now we all know that Native Instruments makes good, quality stuff, but we’re all (especially Maschine owners) wondering WTF happened in the thinking process… didn’t you guys have a plan to integrate these? Apparently not and it’s very embarrassing for them.

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    i just updated last week from the previous version. hmm. is NI getting back into their old habit of rushing updates? I usually wait a few weeks because whatever update they push to fix previous bugs includes some new ones. hah

    • Dan White

      The updates recently have been mostly to update the hardware compatablities with Traktor DJ, Z1, X1 MK2 – probably not rushing, just increasing the need for more updates.

      • justin

        It’s pathetic how quickly DJTT jumps to the defense of NI….

        • Robbie Lackey

          NI is honestly, probably just overwhelmed with the amount of hardware that is flooding the market. With multi-touch, new interfaces, new controllers, and tons of new ways to route between software, it’s a daily thing I bet.

          • DJ_ForcedHand

            Yeah, multi-touch isn’t just a replacement for a jog wheel, it’s a new way of interfacing with the software and it has it’s own special delights and toils.

  • Massala

    Hey guys, sorry if my english is not perfect, but I’m french. Above is what I have experienced.

    I’m using Traktor Pro 2.6.3 on a Intel Core i3-370M. (3M cache, 2.40 GHz) running on Windows 64. I have 8GB of ram, wich is too much for Traktor that only supports 4GB ( Traktor is 32 bits ) and I didn’t update Itunes for a while. I’m using Itunes and never had problem managing my Itunes library or reading tracks from my Itunes folder in Traktor.

    Regarding my audio set up, I’m using ASIO4ALL 2.10 wich is the last final/stable release ( 2.11 is still beta and has a lot of bugs ) I have a Xeny USB 302 routed to the master output and I’m using my internal realtek hd audio device as my monitor output.

    The 2.6.2 wasn’t working vey well on my laptop ( CPU overload when loading/analysing tracks, for example ), so I went back to the 2.6.1. But the 2.6.3 is more than stable, it’s working fucking well!!!

    Above is another and very important thing for me ( As I’m really having super fun with the multi-touch technology !!!! ).

    I’m using the Stanton SCS 3 full system ( 2 Scs 3D and 1 3M ) and a control F1, this way I can adapt my setup as I want ( Mix, performances ). I’ve read over the web that Stanton stopped technical support and update for my system, wich isn’t true!!

    They updated a tsi file supporting remix decks in december 2012. Now I can scratch and have super fun with the remix decks, wich wasn’t possible ( I mean scratching ) when I was using the Kontrol S2 ( Weird, isn’t it? )

    I’ve also read that my set up is facing a lot of bugs, wich isn’t true! You just need to know the basics about computing.

    What I found out is you need to connect your set up on usb port 2.0 and not the 1.0 usb hub that Stanton provides to connect your devices. ( When I was using the 1.0, I encountered a lot of bugs, like freezing buttons/sliders and problems of midi.

    Siy communication between my devices, etc… )
    So now, I’m using a 2.0 hub connected to my powered usb 3.0 port. And it works well! Another tricks is to connect every device, one after one. Connect first the SCS 3 M, wait untill it stop lighting, then connect a SCS 3D and wait for the blue light layout and then another one, and so on.

    Another trick, keep your system update ( bios, drivers from your manufacter, windows, etc… )

    And if you need help to fix your problems, please at least give some informations about your set up ( Platform : Windows/OSX ), audio devices, controllers, etc…. )

  • Holmes P

    Had exactly the same problem Robbie, had to go back to 2.6.1 for a gig on Sunday. Very nervous few hours before I remembered the backup folder!

    • Robbie Lackey

      yeah. At a wedding I was sweating bullets. Rolled back to 2.6.1 and no problems. Ran 2.6.2 last night at the club and it worked fine, but it’s damn confusing because favorite tabs and playlists are not conversing back to 2.6.1 lol

      anyway, I’ll run the 2.6.3 on Sunday, tonight is to big of a gig to risk it. (Djing the tracks for 4 hip-hop artists tonight live, can’t have a crash tonight so 2.6.1 it is)

      Keep you posted

    • DJ LexaKhan

      Hi Holmes,
      Where is the backup folder? I need to roll back to 2.6.1

  • Vilmar

    Some have reported problems when analysing tracks. Resulted in Traktor crashing.

    • Bas Curtiz

      Traktor 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 don’t like my acapella’s nomore (FLAC format processed with Platinum Notes 4) – It keeps crashing over several files when analysing.

  • Richard

    The other thing that has changed and not documented is that for External mixing, the headroom option is now disabled.
    I’ve had it confirmed that this setting is now locked at -3dB

  • Robbie Lackey

    I hope it brings a fix to the awful error I encountered at a wedding event this Saturday.
    I know it seems redundant, but I finally caved and started to use iTunes to manage my catalog which is teeming with over 75K tracks. I store these on an external drive, for the most part.

    2.6.1 no issue with reading from itunes. 2.6.2 however would not read any tracks managed from itunes. I was at said wedding, 1 hour till the ceremony, with the inability to read or play and tracks in my set playlist, controlled once again via iTunes.

    Extremely frustrating and with no wifi in the area, I was at a loss as to why this would be.
    Reverted to 2.6.1 and no problems.

    Let’s hope this version update addresses that issue. Or if any users know of why this may be happening clue me in please!