Routine: DJ IZN 38-Minute Controllerist Mix

Continuing our digital DJ routine series, we’re highlighting a mix from a reader who put together an extended 38-minute mix with loads of controllerism elements on a Maschine and two Kontrol F1s heavily sprinkled throughout – as well as a collaborative overdub audio/video track from a drummer. DJ Izn wrote to us:

A few months ago I created a fairly unique project in which I sample around 50 house tracks in 38 minutes using the Remix Decks in Traktor. This project also features national drumming champion Chris Dimas. I have also been playing gigs in this format around the country and have received a great deal of of praise at my shows.

Watch the video below:

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  • danny

    so there’s no chnace of the remix set’s? just saying what everyone else is thinking…did you sample all the one shots from the original tracks (in ableton)? just trying work out how ya got them sounding so clean like the man in red face 🙂

  • Dr Beatz

    YES. This may be the coolest thing I have seen on DJTT. Not that the other content isn’t awesome, but on a site dedicated to “how to DJ” it would be nice to have more videos of people showing you how they actually do sets (building, performing, and descriptions) This info is invaluable, and for me, is the easiest way to wrap my head around these concepts.

    I would love to see many more videos like this, with some in depth explanation of the processes involved. I realize some people don’t want to give away all their secrets, but it sure would help the community. HUGE PROPS DJ IZN!!!!!!

    • Izn Shahab

      I appreciate the kind words man! If you have any questions at all, just shoot me a message on facebook or on djtt and I’ll be happy to help! I also started a thread with this mix on djtt a while ago and talked about all the prep + performance in there. I’ll try to find it and send it to you if your interested.

      • O

        Mate I would love to read this thread also. For a while I have been wanting to get a live musicians involved in my sets but getting the balance right has been my main issue. Would be interesting to read about the prep you did for this and how you incorporate the drummer

  • Alexander

    Can’t view this in germany 🙁

  • O

    Was just so happy to see it wasn’t another Brotep / glitchy controllerist performance. Very enjoyable

  • Galvanix

    This is so dope! I really want to get a live setup going on similar to this.

    Big ups to DJ Izn on the set. There’s definitely a lot of time put into being able to do a performance-oriented set, but I’m sure once you get it all under your fingers it’d open the doors for a hugely flexible set.

    The only extra addition I could see is a midi keyboard of some sort, can that be run through maschine at all? Or would you need to go analog?

    • Izn Shahab

      Thanks man 🙂

      I really like your suggestion at the end and I have messed around a little with using fl studio with a midi keyboard so that I can play synths during my set. I was having trouble working out a good workflow with that set up though. What worked better for me was creating a synth in fl, then exporting individual notes and loading them up in the remix decks. It doesn’t offer the same flexibility as a keyboard but makes the work space a lot less cluttered!

  • danny

    loving ya work dude, just what i’m trying to do now but definitly not as good, what mapping you using on ya maschine + f1’s?

    • Izn Shahab

      Hey man, I’m glad you enjoyed it! For the f1s, I have one running with the default mapping, and one being used to control all the meat and potatoes stuff (play, pause, etc.). I have the maschine mapped to play different slots from the same row in a remix deck; if your using quantize to go from one sound to another, I find its a little cleaner when the sounds are in the same row (I don’t know why, its likely some software issue)

  • Graham Thorne

    I’m not even a fan of this style of music (not hating!) but watched this all – loved it. Amazing!

  • David Wujcik

    Every time I see a controllerism mix of X minutes long, I just know there’s probably at least 4x the track prep time behind it and probably another 2x of practice time.

    • Shigh

      No shit dude, the whole point is that it’s taking djing beyond the level of playing songs to production/performance. You think bands don’t spend hours writing and practicing their songs?

      • Jason Wang

        dude. im pretty sure he meant that in a positive way. sit your ass down.

    • Dan White

      I’ll see about getting IZN in this thread to speak on this – it seems like in *some* of the instances he’s prepared a ton of stuff, and in others it’s more on the fly…

      • Dee Jay Park

        I love this kind of things as much as I love knowing how they’re made so I hope he’s available to speak about it!

        • Izn Shahab

          At your service :p

    • Izn Shahab

      Hey dude! The amount of prep behind this was insane. With that being said, I learned a lot along the way and I’ve gotten fairly good at improvising now. For anyone wanting to get into the live remixing performance side of things, I highly recommend learning some basics of production, it helps loads!

  • Paddway

    Awesome mix and great vid too!’

  • Marquee Mark

    Cool to see such a long controllerism mix….. Ean should def record a long set at some point and post it up. Just a thought

  • Aken

    Oh, a new NI ad