Flow: Mixed In Key’s DJ Software Launches, Free Demo Version

Mixed in Key stirred up quite a lot of interest when they announced an upcoming DJ software based around energy detection + cue jumping last month. Today the new software, dubbed Flow, is exiting the private beta and launching a 1.0 release to the public. While buying the software outright will cost $58, there’s a demo available that allows use of all of the features in Flow, with the only limitation being a 150 song cap on importing + analyzing tracks into the software’s library. The “Pro” version allows unlimited imports and analyzing.

Download the free demo here on the official Flow website.

Since the launch of the beta, Yakov and the MiK team have added looping and cleaned up all of the bugs and issues we encountered. There’s still numerous items on the roadmap, including effects, which aren’t present in this release.

Finally, you can watch their just-released video overview of the software’s workflow below:

We’ll have a full review of Flow next Wednesday on the DJTT blog. 

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  • Paramnte

    Timely comments , Coincidentally if people are interested in a TX Reg Guide 4.3 , my secretary edited a fillable version here https://goo.gl/Piv1P6

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  • Tobey Cook

    I’m disappointed there’s no easy way to test out a $60 piece of software without paying up front. I’d love an actual demo on the page even if it’s a time limited or feature limited version just to test the inner workings. Expecting people to pay that much for something this radical and practically untested is a bit ridiculous.

  • MidVinter

    Not having a Demo for the programs, is the one thing that will make me NOT buying this program, im using MIK and PN, but the Mashprogram is utter crap, and there was no demo for that to. and that feels fishy, they say the will refund if your not happy, but that can be questioned.

    Flow?, maybe if you are an untalented / ungifted vegetable that can make yourself heard with curses, abbreviations or just noises.

    If you are a true dj that love and respect what you are doing, there are several platforms conforming to the word DJ.

  • Aaron DJaarone Ettinger

    Bought “Flow” through PayPal yesterday (recommended through their site) but I never received a download link or product key. Anyone else have this issue? -DJ Aaron E

  • Dario

    does this replace mixed in key 5? when i have flow. does it write the keynote as mixed in key in the key text ?
    this would make mixed in key useless and i would replace it with flow

  • Lufusol

    Mixxx started out with no FX (Well, it has one perplexing phaser/flanger which seems to do nothing) but still a very solid cross-platform project gaining momentum in the open software community so I’m sure this will enjoy similar popularity and growth, especially since the price is right… $60 or, free, if your sets only have 150 songs or less… very possible.

    • MidVinter

      They should make a program for djs thats called CLEAN, this mean no overrated or overused effects, you can only play HQ files, like Wav or Aiff, but that’ll never happen as many guys enjoys crap and don not much care about quality, in that case the S4 never would have seen the light of day!

  • Darrrio

    hey i have a question.

    when i have flow. do i need mixed in keys ? in other words. the support offered me to change my mixed in keys with a flow cd-key.

    i read that mixed in keys is integrated in flow. does flow also write the keynotes in the id tag that i can see that in traktor ?

    can i replace mixed in keys with flow ?

    greetings 🙂

    • MidVinter

      Its the Mixed in key 5 built in the software, do not forget to be online the time you want to analyze as the algorithm is to “hahahah” complexed for offline analyzing.
      yeah right, this is made only to get the info from your computer and sniff about what you are palying and why.

      Call it spionage if you want!

  • Flow Tester

    I’m checking out the demo and two things are getting in the way of my “Flow” off the bat! One…how do you adjust the play screen size…right now I can only search and see 2 songs at a time on my laptop. Two…where is the Key information found (saved to) so that I can know the key of my tracks outside of being within Flow program??

  • tr4gik

    This and mashup should be merged into one product.

    • MidVinter

      Correction, they should be skipped, you can do all this with other software and with a much better result,

  • Shuffle Sam

    Way to limited… not impressed. Makes me think of what would happen if i-tunes included a “Dj” function….

  • TorgeSantjer

    don’t get that software working with my s2

  • Duros

    I’m missing external mixing mode.
    I do like the cue crossfade stuff, but I’m more into the flux mode of Traktor. I just like it to have more control over my mix.

    • Yakov

      Just curious, what’s your favorite DJ mixer, and what’s your typical DJ setup? -Yakov @ Mixed In Key

      • Duros

        I like the Pioneer DJM 900 for it’s built-in sound-card and color-FX. I also really like the Korg Zero 4 for it’s onboard effects and midi map possibilities.
        Next to the mixer I would use a Xone:K2 and soon a Livid CNTRL:R to control Ableton’s effects and sequencer.
        At the moment I use Traktor in external mixing mode with 2 Decks just to play tracks with cues and loops. I don’t use it’s effects since I use them form the mixer or my own build effects in Ableton.

        I haven’t played that much with Flow yet, but so far I do like the dynamic playlist and the clean UI.

        Maybe it would be nice to add some send and return function. To use external effects within Flow and an audio input for external audio sources.
        So it’s able to record everything within Flow.

      • lZl Jody lZl

        I use a simple Allen & Heath 2-channel mixer with the Kontrol X1 and Traktor. It would be nice to use Flow with an external mixer. =)

    • Dan White

      Very much agree with this – having control with an external mixer of my choice is a must-develop IMO. Especially with no effects in Flow yet, want to be able to have isolated channel effects.

      • Yakov

        Makes sense. Our “Dynamic Playlist” relies on knowing whether the volume fader is up or down. It updates itself because it knows what song you’re currently playing, and it can load compatible songs from your library. If we enabled external mixing, the Dynamic Playlist would suffer a little bit, but that might be worth it.

        Our technology already allows for complex audio routing, so it would be really easy to make this possible. It’s just a decision to be made.

        • MidVinter

          Do what you do best, continue developing MIK, but scratch Mash and Flow, this is a crash and burn scenario, but hey it ´s not my company thank god.

  • Rhadoo RootBwoy

    So, if you reach the 150 songs limit, can you remove some songs from the library and add other ones?

    • Yakov

      The analysis stops after 150 songs because the demo VIP Code expires. Once those songs are analyzed, they are ready to play anytime, even a year from now. But analyzing more music would require a Pro version.

  • Yander Delgado


  • Dj Joscu

    With their track record of lazy updating and features promised in coming updates which take forever to come out if at all (MIK, MIK Mashup for example) -> no thanks.

    • taylor

      AMEN. Still waiting for a decent update to that.

    • Yakov

      I agree with you about Mashup, we need to get on the ball. The reason why we waited so long is because we wanted Mashup 2.0 to be perfect. The technology we developed for Flow will come to Mashup 2.0 for free, like the kickass new Audio Waves, performance improvements, and much more. Plus, we wanted Mashup 2.0 to have Mixed In Key 6.0’s key detection for free as well.

      That’s why the update took so long. It’s not because we’re lazy or unmotivated. I love all the products we’ve developed and Mashup is a really important one for me personally.

      So, you’re right that it took forever, but 2.0 will be a better free update as a result.

  • Gulli Johansen

    installed it yesterday played with it for a while and forgot about it until now you mentioned it. Thanks for reminding me now to delete it again

  • Ciaran Kelly


  • DJ Mad Linx

    So they really won’t stop until everybody thinks that ANYBODY can perform as a DJ.

    How about a program that puts the computer in a backpack, drives itself to the club, sets itself up, gets it own music & knows how to read a crowd since they wanna do everything else we do. FOH!

    • dirty lingua

      you sound kinda retarded… its only the dj’s that lack real skill that are afraid of technological advancement in the industry. The more computers automate mechanical tasks such as finding the key and beatmatching, the higher and more complex the experience we will be able to give our audience. That is what you don’t understand. Its not that anyone can be a dj. Its that now anyone can beat match, and key mix. THings which a few years back were considered a big time skill. grow with the technology rather than getting left behind. No one will care about your beat matching skills when a dj in the future is doing sick live remixing.

  • Andrea Omodei

    seems funny , but i’ve already mixed in key and another 60buks for another not necessary program its a bit higt