Fred Falke: Live Performance Interview

Last month, French house producer Fred Falke came to San Francisco to perform at Mezzanine. We jumped at the chance to chat with him in the DJ booth about his Ableton Live performance setup and how he plays live (occasionally self-accompanying on bass guitar). Watch the interview inside to learn how he lays out his performances in Live, and why follow actions are some of the most important tools in his arsenal.

If you have any difficulty understanding Fred’s accent, turn on YouTube captions! 

If you’ve never heard Fred Falke’s work before, listen to this great mix he released for EDM.COM last week to get a taste – with tons of his own remixes and edits throughout:

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  • sstrut

    I really can’t wait to explore integrating live bass with my setup.. one of these days i’ll find the time. for now, I’ll leave it to the pros.

  • John Clark

    one of the true kings of the ‘french touch’

  • Santiago Paramo

    Great insight. genuine guy, amazing producer!

  • Ray BlackRabbit Brown III

    Does anyone have a track ID for the first song that’s playing in this video?

  • BadData

    Actually ran into Ean at the Mezzanine show mentioned in the article 🙂

  • Swier

    such a great DJ and producer!

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Know your limits, work as a team… AKA the Anti-Hipster slogan.

  • Best Legs

    one of my favorites! get Touch Sensitive to do one of these 😀

  • LoL

    Wow…. 4 track clip launching… how… inventive.

  • killmedj

    Love this guy!

  • Kamza

    One of my favourite modern day producers and DJs…need to see him live!

  • RedBeard

    he’s an amazing person and artist! I’ve had the opportunity to meet him and even open for him in Costa Rica.

  • djsamibop

    Totally agree.

  • yeahdef

    what a genuine guy. he’s right on with all his remarks.