DJTT’s 2013 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Week

TechTools supporters have been asking us in the last week if we’re doing another massive Black Friday sale this year, and the answer is a strong “Yes!”  Avoid the lines at Guitar Center and the other megastores by supporting your favorite DJ community this holiday season. The entire store is getting a giant discount between 15-40% , so take advantage of it while supplies last.


The annual sale is on at DJ Techtools – and instead of making you wait for a specific time or lining up outside a storefront, we’re running our annual sale from now until next Monday night- December 2nd at 11:59PM.

This is the only major storewide sale for DJTT all year, so don’t miss your chance.

Here are a few examples of the best deals.

 To see all discounts click here to visit the DJ TechTools Black Friday page


Our own motion-detecting MIDI controller the Midi Fighter 3D is $150 – regularly $219. 


Pioneer’s awesome standalone DJ effects unit is discounted to $679 – normally $799.


Now compatible with iOS Traktor DJ, the new S4 comes with Chroma Caps for just $679 – normally $799. 


One of the first major Kickstarter-funded DJ products, we’re dropping the QuNeo to $159 – regularly $200. 


Paired with an iPad and Traktor DJ, the ultra-portable Traktor Z1 is $149.99 – regularly $199.99


Encoders, super knobs, fatty knobs, and faders – they’re all 20% off

Have questions or need help? We’ll be on Livechat 24/7 throughout the sale – just look for the widget in the bottom right of any store page. 


Surprisingly few of our readers know that we sell a small selection of carefully curated DJ equipment. In fact, the store fuels almost all of our operations – from product ideas to smartly written tutorials and online tools like Maps or the (currently closed-beta) Sounds.  Check out the video above, in which our founder, Ean Golden explains how the business only works with the support of our community. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider supporting your “local” dj store.

  • Sales are the driving force behind the free content, community services, and future DJ products on this site (last year’s sale helped pay for and bringing the Midi Fighter Spectra, Chroma Caps Encoders, and soon, the Midi Fighter Twister to market)
  • Our customer service is legendary and priceless
  • Each product in our store has been tested and approved by the DJTT staff – we stand behind every product and only sell things that are “way cool”

Thank you as always for everyone’s support on the site, we simply could not operate without contributions from this great community in both monetary and non-monetary forms so pitch in any way you can!

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  • Brandy Spain

    Ean, is there anyway you can extend this sale until the end of December?

  • Justin Hess

    Everyone make sure to share this vid and others from djtechtools, on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and anywhere else you can. This is a great company that has helped me a lot!
    Let share the love

    • Ean Golden

      Thanks Justin! I really appreciate your support and kind words

  • swizzy

    its Chanukah and I am jewish…..if you could please drop the MF3D down to $139.99 I would be happy.

    • Shilock

      living up to negative stereotypes

    • Dan White

      We’ve dropped it as much as we can – Hanukkah Sameach!

  • Name

    Black Friday *yeah*

    most Dj’s have Problems in her country with the law, about loud music.
    So i will give you a small piece of believe:
    King David was dancing in front of the ark of god (1Chr 13,8)
    And in the Psalm 150 we can read our true life reputations.

    Life without music is such boring.
    Everything is sound and vibration.
    Let the good vibes roll, over your city

  • djfreesoul

    I¨d love to support you even more as soon as the Twister is out! 🙂

  • Andrew

    Aw man… that’ MF3D looks tempting..

  • ben

    Urgh really want the x1 mk2s but sold out!

    • Flashflooder

      The X1 Mk2s should be in stock tomorrow or Friday and will still be on sale so you can get ’em! They have been on backorder from NI for the last week

  • Coldfuzion

    Some of the items aren’t 15% off, they’re only 10%! Maschine Studio for example. And above you show an RMX, and next to it is written 159 underneath is 679 :O.

    • Dan White

      Yikes, fixing now.

      • Coldfuzion

        Dan,(I believe) the pricing on the Maschine Studio is off as well.

        • Chris Kenestrick

          Indeed! 🙂