Video: DJ/Producer MK On The Future of DJ Technology

Native Instruments put out a brand new interview video earlier this morning focusing on house legend and 20 year DJ veteran MK. In the video, MK waxes poetic on the state of DJing and it’s transformation to digital – as well as sharing his own feelings on how software and controllers like his Kontrol X1 MK2 have changed his approach to the craft.

Interestingly enough, MK’s main wish for the future of DJ technology is for the boundaries between studio production and live performance to continue to crumble:

“I can use Maschine and make a song and import it over to Traktor and use it, but I’d like to almost see it where I can create a song live. That’s where I hope it goes, because that’s obviously my expertise is (in) making songs”

We’ve been waiting for years for Native Instruments to have a proper convergence between Maschine and Traktor – perhaps this video is hinting at it being something that might actually happen in the not-so-distant future.

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