Serato DVS Game Changer – New Affordable Hardware

Before the release of Serato DJ 1.7, DVS (digital vinyl system) options were limited. The only way to use turntables or CDJs with Serato was to have either a Rane soundcard mixer, the Pioneer DJM 900SRT, or the Pioneer DDJ-SZ. These options were all pretty expensive. With the release of 1.7, Serato has expanded their DVS support to a range of affordable hardware. Today we’re going to look at four Serato controllers that are now DVS-compatible to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Looking for more info on the latest Serato update. Check out our article on the Serato DJ 1.7 update. Also check out some cool techniques for using Serato DJ’s slicer.

Serato DJ DVS compatible hardware roundup:

In the following article we have looked at 4 great Serato DJ controllers including:

  • Akai AMX – (Very portable and affordable)  – $249
  • Numark N4 – (4 channels, high resolution MIDI)  – $499
  • Denon MC6000 MK2 (Solid build quality, includes Serato DJ) – $699
  • Pioneer DDJ-SX2 (Full featured) – $999

Akai Pro AMX

Price: $249 (available in the DJTT Store)

Number of inputs: 2 phono/line switchable

Ships with: Serato DJ – full version (Editor’s note: this previously incorrectly said Serato DJ Intro) 

Bus Powered: Yes

Standalone mixer: No

Dimensions: 10.7” x 5.3” x 1.7“  (LxWxH)

This portable mixer would be the perfect starting point for first time Serato users looking to explore DVS or for anyone that’s looking for a second stay at home mixer. There is a ton of value in this mixer: 2 channels, transport controls, adjustable mini innofader, and touch sensitive eq’s and fx. It also includes a free license for Serato DJ. This mixer will be available in November for $249.99. You’ll need to purchase the DVS upgrade ($99) through the Serato app, but even at $349 this is the most affordable Serato DVS setup that has ever existed. Consider that the most affordable Serato soundcard, the Rane SL2, starts at $499, this makes the AMX a steal.

Numark N4

Price: $499  

Number of inputs: 2 phono/line switchable

Ships with: Serato DJ Intro

Bus Powered: No

Standalone mixer: Yes

Weight:7 lbs

Dimensions:22.5” x 12” x 2.4” (LxWxH)

The Numark N4 has been around since September 2011 and it just recently received DVS support with the Serato 1.7 update. This means you have the option of using turntables, CDJ’s, or sticking with the jogwheels for portability. The N4 has 4 channels, high quality XLR outputs and RCA booth output, and it also has a mic input as well. Even though it’s 4 channels there are only 2 switchable line/phono inputs. It can also be used as a standalone mixer, meaning you don’t need to have a laptop connected, allowing you to mix 2 analog sources. There are a lot of controls for fx and loops however it is missing a pad section for hot cues. The N4 ships with Serato DJ Intro so you’ll need to purchase the upgrade to Serato DJ ($129) and the DVS upgrade ($99) which will bump up the final price. The N4 is $499, and if you want to DVS support that will bring the total to $628.

Denon DJ MC6000MK2

Price: $699  

Number of inputs: 4 line (2 are switchable to phono)

Ships with: Serato DJ

Bus Powered: No

Standalone mixer: Yes

Weight: 9.2 lbs

Dimensions:11.1″ x 18.1” x 2.0”(LxWxH)

The MC6000MK2 is a good step up from the N4 and AMX. The controller is really solid and weighs in at just over 9 pounds. The MC6000MK2 gives you 4 channels, 2 mic inputs, hot cue controls, and it includes a voucher for Serato DJ. The controller has 4 line inputs, and 2 of them are switchable between line/phono. This would allow you to connect a combination of 4 turntables/CDJ’s to Serato if you have purchased the DVS upgrade. The MC6000 MK2 scores points for build quality however certain areas feel cramped on the controller. It’s available for $699 and with the DVS upgrade it would be $799.

Pioneer DDJ SX2

Price: $999 (available in the DJTT Store)  

Number of inputs: 4 line (2 are switchable to phono)

Ships with: Serato DJ

Bus Powered: Yes

Standalone mixer: Yes (require’s power supply)

Weight:12.79 lbs

Dimensions:13.91” x 26.14” x 2.77” (LxWxH)

At the top of the range for Serato DVS supported hardware is the Pioneer DDJ SX2. The SX2 is a pretty modest update from the original SX. It now has RGB backlit pads, improved led feedback on the jog wheels, and it can now be used as DVS mixer and also operate as a standalone mixer. The original SX was able to be used as a standalone mixer but it was not DVS compatible. With the SX2 you get a ton of control over Serato DJ’s feature: hot cues, loop roll, slicer, sampler, and the recently added Flip. Similar to the MC6000 MK2, the controller has 4 line inputs, and 2 of them are switchable between line/phono. DVS support and RGB pad were first available on the DDJ SZ. Now that the DDJ SX2 has these features it adds even more value to this controller.


Serato has been aggressive with their product updates ever since Scratch Live and Itch were merged into Serato DJ. We’re starting to see a lot more flexibility, and DVS is now a far more affordable possibility. If you disagree, compare these controllers to the price of the first DVS mixer from Rane, the TTM57SL. When it first launched, it was $1499! There has truly never been a better time to explore a Serato DVS setup than now.

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  • Bobby Jams

    Seems like small town local Djs use Serato. You never see any top names using this platform. Any thoughts?

    • brassprophet

      Hmm, never really noticed. Serato is pretty much PnP. DJs that do not want the hassle to customize or troubleshoot their controllers tend to pick Serato. Traktor Pro is more complex in different ways, and I’d say it’s usually picked by DJs that are comfortable with computers.

      I have an IT background, and done some programming before doing DJing. I purchased a DDJ-SX and returned it because of Serato. It’s too plain and simple for me. The DDJ-SX is great, but the software killed for me, and yet it sold amazingly well for Pioneer. Traktor Pro is more of my kind of flavor.

      • Bobby Jams

        Yeah agreed…Traktor is definately where it’s at!!!!

      • DjRom

        I’m technically inclined. But don’t want to waste time setting up what works out of the box with serato. Though I will admit traktor’s customization is a bit of a turn on.

      • dj flip

        Traktor has a Tsi file for the DDJSX works great

    • sinesthetix

      The majority of bass music headliners I’ve seen in the past couple of years have used Serato for DJing over Traktor. That being said, the majority over either has been CDJ2000s with USB drives.

    • Foxy Davis Jr.

      Maybe in house music/EDM. Hip-hop and open format headliners are still overwhelmingly Serato users (Jazzy Jeff, etc.).

    • // Swamp Thing //

      Revolution, Klute, Mark de Clive Lowe, John Tejada, Vadim, Jeff Milligan, J Rocc, Grandmixer DXT, Jazzy Jeff, Kenny Dope, DJ AM, DJ Spinbad, DJ Rectangle
      ?uestlove (The Roots), DJ Muggs, A-Sides, DJ Spinbad, Cash Money, Vikter Duplaix – To name a few…

    • Luke Thorne

      Seems like in the past year, if headliners arn’t using standalone cdj’s then their doing dvs into serato

  • Gabriel Diggs

    The AKAI Pro AMX would be perfect if it had at least one
    Microphone input that could be routed/recorded internally through
    the software.

  • Seratoad

    Serato sending out a big F-You to Rane 57SL owners with this DVS upgrade not being available to them to upgrade to Serato DJ DVS.

    • bkbikenerd

      That pissed me off too but instead of spending more money on Rane/Serato products I switched to Traktor/Z2 haven’t looked back. Rane is now in the nickel and diming business with, PnT, sound effects expansion packs, DVS expansion pack, Video Plugin & etc. Ain’t mad at them for making money but not supporting them anymore.

      • DJ FYI

        You’re confusing Rane and Serato here my friend. Rane is a hardware manufacturer and a separate company from Serato. Rane is a hardware partner with Serato, just like AKAI, Pioneer, Numark, Denon, Vestax, Novation, Reloop, etc. Rane has NOTHING to do with Serato’s software development OR their business practices.

        • brassprophet

          Good point. So, I guess it’s a Serato’s scheme.

          • bkbikenerd

            Might be Sertato’s scheme but, honestly, I think Rane had their part in it too. They needed to sell new mixers to make money and having the 57SL supported in SDJ would mean people would not run out and by a new Sixty-One/Sixty-Two. In the end it’s business decision and we can complain and still buy a new Rane Mixer or go with the competition.

      • Serato nickle and dime's

        Yeah. You mean serato is in the nickle and diming business. I totally agree. They’re getting greedy and Traktors now a great cheaper alternative. Thinking about making the switch myself.

  • x

    more junk in the trunk

    • x1user with serato

      agreed .. i bought mine right before the announcement .. now .. wish i went traktor and when I do buy new gear .. thats the way id go ..

  • CUSP

    I think it’s somewhat important to list the features you lose when you disconnect the mixer from a computer (aka stand-alone). This will help buyers understand what they are getting should they choose to not use a computer (or their computer fails to boot).

    • Luke Thorne

      thats why im gonna set up dvs with a supported mixer so that i can play cdj’s and timecode vinyl on laptop, and yet easily unplug it and play with usb and records

      • CUSP

        I’m missing something here, I suggested companies list features a mixer loses by becoming unplugged from a computer, and Luke says that’s why he’s setting up a DVS. I really hope he doesn’t disconnect anything during his sets, because Hardware handshaking is not instantaneous, nor polite.

        • Luke Thorne

          As in you can continue playing from a vinyl or a cdj whilst swapping laptops

          • CUSP

            I see, that’s not usually very easy to do without hiccups. There are some boards that will do this easily, because they are designed for it. I’d suggest trying this at a local music shop first, especially if you’re swapping DJ computers on a DJ Mixer and not a Production Mixer that the DJ mixer is plugged into. I’m trying to save you a little pain here.

  • bkbikenerd

    That’s a $100 DVS license per computer so sharing it with people cost them $100 each. Doesn’t even throw in serato control vinyl. In that respect it’s mainly a steal for Serato. Surely a genius move for Serato selling one controller and multiple licenses for DVS.

  • ItsWesSmithYo

    Nice run down guys…the DJTT writers got me to explore a range of controllers a minute ago and I think it’s great to see your coverage continue to expand on the options. I’m still a Serato junky, and personally, flexibility of DVS is for me, but both sides of the DVS/All-In-One coin have kept me on my toes and looks like it’s starting to balance out some of the market barriers to entry. Now if we can just get those Pioneer guys to drop that CDJ2000NXS cost;)

  • gigglekey

    How is the Numark N4? I used the MixTrack a couple years ago, and it worked great, when it worked. But it would freak out if you scratched the platters too hard, and randomly lose scratch control with Traktor. It’s midi was shidi. But when it worked, it was tight!

    • andrewg798

      I’ve had a N4 for nearly two years with traktor, no complaints, works great. Has never failed me!

      I do have an F1 for proper effects use and remix decks

      • Daniel Gibbs

        Same here…But then I moved over to the Numark 4TRAK with the F1 alongside for Remix Deck control.