Splice Sounds: Subscription Sample Service For Producers

An important aspect of producing is finding the right sample – whether that be layering a kick or looking for a vocal shot to use as an instrument. Sample packs can be cheap or insanely expensive and a lot of the time a producer will only use handful of samples out of an entire pack that contains hundreds. Splice is looking to fix these problems with their new subscription service Splice Sounds.

Subscribing to Sample

Similar to Spotify, Splice is aiming to create a subscription service for sample collections. The sample library will be backed by reputable sample curators, such as Loopmasters and Sample Magic, with the hopes of licensing with other vendors in the future. The goal is to eliminate producers’ purchasing of unused samples while giving producers access to preview all the sounds of a sample pack before buying them. This isn’t common with most distributors where producers are only given a sample track that uses the sample pack with no preview of the individual sounds.

There will be two pricing tiers:

  • $7.99 for 100 credits per month
  • $13.99 for 300 credits per month
  • All the credits must be used within each month
  • Each credit is good for one sound (kick, bassline, melody, etc.) which comes with a perpetual license.

If a producer is looking to find that perfect sub-kick to layer with their 808 or a bassline for inspiration, they can find it within Splice Sounds’ growing collection of 500,000+ samples. Also, producers can browse and add samples to their library on their smartphones when they are on the go.

Splice Sounds is a golden opportunity for producers to preview hundreds of sample collections to find the right sound for a track without the gamble of buying a whole pack with limited information. Producers won’t have to shell out a lot of cash or resort to pirating to get their samples. Decide to cancel your subscription, and you’ll still have access to all the samples downloaded. The idea of subscription services for production tools (samples, plugins, etc.) is interesting and may prove to be a valuable asset for any studio.

Learn more and sign up for Splice Sounds on their website.

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  • Velvet U

    This is a great new trend getting samples on the web with just a browser, has anyone else been using mixola http://www.mpodz.com/mixola to sequence their stems/vocals/samples and share the mix? Its interesting because the mix you share can be remixed by your fans and reshared without anyone needing a DAW, (so it can go viral) its not going to replace a DAW anytime soon but its getting really interesting what you can now do with just a web browser.

  • Kris Coady

    I signed up for this to give it a try. There’s one thing not quite clear to me, though. Are the samples that you download, using your 99 credits per month, yours forever or do they expire after the subscription ends?

  • Alex Favilla

    I think its nice. But there are serious problems. Its really a beta. Lets say i Really want to download a whole pack: i cant do that. I will have to download ONE by ONE. Which really sucks. YOu have the ability to make custom folders (packs). but when you go to your folder you should me able to download the whole pack you just create. Its a pain in the ass to download piece by piece. hope they fix that. But it is a nice idea.


    YO! I signed up for a subscription today and HOLY FK! The ability to search for the exact sounds, hits, loops, etc. I want and then organize them into packs is insane. First impressions DOPE! There seemed to be some problems with me running it on Chrome, but I switched to Firefox and works perfectly. I will check the Chrome issue later. But yeah so many times I felt like I either got straight up burned on wack sample packs or they were good packs, but I only wanted a few sounds, so it was a huge waste of money. Splice Sounds is a GAME CHANGER!

    • Dean Zulueta

      Glad to hear you like it! What was the issue you experienced on Chrome?


        Hey Dean, At the time the sample previews would not play in Chrome, but I just tried Chrome again and everything seems to be cool and working now.

        • Dean Zulueta

          Glad to hear it!