Gemini DJ Launch Standalone SDJ-2000 DJ Setup

There’s another standalone DJ setup coming today at NAMM, a new launch from Gemini DJ, the SDJ-2000. This is a four channel all-in-one controller/mixer, with a 7-inch screen above the mixer section for loading and playing tracks. It looks pretty similar to the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX and the just-announced Denon MCX-8000; keep reading for more details.

SDJ-2000 Standalone Controller

What we know so far: Gemini’s new standalone gear is very inspired by other gear out there on the market, but Gemini has developed their own accompanying Mac/PC software, VCase, to act as the music management software (like Engine or Rekordbox). There’s also the capability to expand the control of the hardware by plugging in Gemini MDJ-1000 media players via Ethernet, allowing control of four decks in that way instead of swapping decks between 1/3 or 2/4.

The main SDJ-2000 features include:

  • two decks with large, flat jogwheels
  • Loop control, effect knobs and pads 4-channel mixer
  • 7 ” screen for onboard software (track data, etc)
  • 4 deck control, onboard or by plugging in two Gemini MDJ-1000s
  • 6 analog stereo inputs
  • 2 master outputs (XLR & RCA) + Booth output

No mention of price or launch dates yet from Gemini – we’ll find out more later today at the NAMM show floor. See all the NAMM updates here, or follow us on Twitter orInstagram for up-to-the-minute updates and unique insights. 

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  • Tony Mitchell

    Standalone? I’d gladly lug a laptop around rather than be limited to a screen the size of a smartphone like this unit. Plus (if you are using windows) you can use the laptop as a SP-6. Selecting and searching for music is lightyears ahead of this “Standalone” unit that doesn’t even have a keyboard. Good luck searching for tracks with that thing. But at least it’s “Standalone”.

  • couic

    can’t wait for similar but smaller setups. carry-on luggage size.

    • Luc van Vliet

      Buy a second hand Stanton SCS 4DJ, cheap and a great machine.

      • couic

        it has no pad 🙁

        i’d rather have no jog.

        • Luc van Vliet

          Well it has..

          • couic

            I mean pads like in “2*8 big RGB pads”

  • djas

    2 channels USB playback only?

    • L. A.

      Yes. Seems like the author of the article doesn’t even know what he is writing about.

  • Stephen Nawlins

    Can you please stop calling this stuff Standalone ’cause I don’t see Turntables and CD-Players built in. For me it is standalone when it allows to Play Music from all common sources and this one only allows to Play files from an USB drive.

    • Mr Wilks

      Stand alone being that it stands alone from a dependant software source. It’s intelligent enough to not sit there looking at you like a dumb box of switches and buttons. It’s a stand alone player.

      To “play music from all common sources” is a multi-format player (like a CDJ). like this:

      What would you call a USB device that can be used untethered to a computer? Where the source of the music isn’t generated by a remotely connected computer program but instead generated INSIDE the actual device? Where the computer doesn’t need to be used? That’s stand alone as it doesn’t need to be coupled up to anything to work.

      • Stephen Nawlins

        I agree with you…but the only Revolution seems that Gemini finally got one in that case…so there’s no Revolution as for example Stanton got it with the SCS4 since a few years now.Well even Gemini allready has Standalone gears the CDMP-7000 for example….so I just don’t get the exclusivity of this gear…sorry

        • Mr Wilks

          I got my Stanton SCS4DJ as a backup to any controller/laptop failure and it sits in that “break glass” mode and it a great device (if not cheap plastic). I’m sat looking at it now and was ahead of it’s time by four years.
          This is (or was) was a great all in one as it runs a Linux based operating system meaning it scans the tracks inside and doesn’t need that extra “Engine/Rekordbox” style laptop file scan. It did come with software called Quickgrid that speeded it all up as it was painfully slow on the SCS4DJ unit but didn’t need it.

          Denon really have pushed the “stand alone” side of it with the new MCX8000 and there’s a reference to it in almost every line over at

          looking over it I don’t think there’s anything exclusive with this as far as features go but it’s a unit that runs their own exclusive firmware like Pioneer do with the XDJ-RX. That’s neat as there’s no Serato/VDJ/Traktor in sight.

          I think we are now in a new area of stand alone units and if the Pioneer DDJ-SX was stand alone it would be great. I think now the Denon MCX8000 has been revealed it will be harder for Pioneer to bring out another controller that still relies on a computer exclusively and would need USB ports to be attractive as it will be the norm soon.

          • Mr Wilks

            Although this is pretty exclusive to a controller and a great feature: “There’s also the capability to expand the control of the hardware by plugging in Gemini MDJ-1000 media players via Ethernet, allowing control of four decks”

          • deejdave

            Seems to me that Pioneer is leaning away from standalone units and are going full steam ahead with Rekordbox DJ. In other words the trend will now be leaning right back to laptops and software as Pioneer tends to set the trend. Not saying I agree with it but I am certainly saying it is a fact. I think the XDJ (excluding the XDJ-1000) series was a perfect example of how standalones will not make it.By far the most asked question by the owners of such devices is does Serato, Traktor or VDJ support it. Ultimately I have seen this path lead right to Serato’s door and their very next purchase is a medium range software exclusive controller. Denon’s Engine and Gemini’s media management software will be lost with the other countless attempts of the same variety. As a matter of fact I think Engine is already there, no? 🙂

          • Mr Wilks

            I think with the current influx of standalone players now we’ll see most controllers in the higher end support a media player inside and will be the norm, if Pioneer don’t add to it they will look even less value for money than they currently are… even if they aren’t used.

            I do think the RX as a stand alone hasn’t made an impact as they didn’t have the Serato option with them. The performance pads should really have been an SX style 2×4 grid and had Serato but it would canibalise sales of their other products.

            I think Pioneer are currently in an awkward position with their controller range. The SX was (and still is) amazing and use it daily at work but it needs a revamp with the current crop offering so much more for only a little outlay, it seems an SX3 is on the cards. But at what price point?
            They won’t ditch Serato for RB totally. They couldn’t. Making an RX into the shape and style of an SX is what they could do but they’d have to come in at around about the original price of the SX which would make the RX look under-specced and overpriced… and a one trick pony (RB).

            As the new Denon Engine reads Serato data which I like. For me, beach gigs, cruise ships and backup uses appeal. There’s times when a laptop just isn’t needed but brought along and these controllers fill that gap perfectly. Personally I’d use the device 90% with Serato but having the option is great as I’m an A to B mixer with very few effects. I travel on planes into Europe and this would give me a good option.

            It would be interesting as to what this Gemini software is like. I can see it just be a scanning tool to make analysis and crate building quicker like the others. I can imagine there’s no waveforms without it.

        • max

          He’s not calling it revolutionary and he’s not calling it a CDJ. He’s just calling it a stand alone device, which it is. Stand alone doesn’t mean it plays every music format available to mankind, it just means it is untethered from a computer.

        • Smokin J

          It’s called evolution…

          The revolution won’t be posted on the Internet.

    • Smokin J

      It’s stand alone because it doesn’t require a computer. Sounds pretty stand alone for a all in one unit. Most people who use turntables or CD players today use them with time code. Which hmmm…

      Playing off a external drive (thumb drive) has slowly become the new media source over the last 5 years. I cannot think of anyone who actually plays on CDs or records unless they are time code. Hell now days you don’t even need a time code cd. The CDJs connect via usb and control the DJ software. Gotta love midi and hid. The next media change is going to be playing your track via cloud and music service. Streaming media is the future of DJing

    • couic

      standalone = no need for a laptop to play.

      you’ll have to get used to this term because it’s used more and more. some DJs are fed up to have to carry a laptop in addition to huge hardware like the s8.

    • Chad Lehew

      WOW….I would hate to see the size of the device your describing

  • Anthony Alonso

    Looks pretty. Interesting to see if there will be timecode support.

    • deejdave

      Nobody has ever offered time code with their players and if there is one thing we know about Gemini it is that they do NOT pioneer technology or design. They copy, repackage, then sell using inferior materials and older technology.

  • Agungald

    Lookslike Pioneer have a party in their hq and make love with all of the numark, denon, and gemini then those unfortunate babies born (ie. Mcx8000 & SDJ2000
    But they are cool babies tough ? can’t wait to see how the software in use..