Kreasound: A Hub for Project Files and Remix Contests

Producers can easily spend hours looking for remix projects, samples, e-mastering, and project templates to dissect. Deconstruction and construction are two great practices that hone in one’s skills as a producer, but finding quality project files can be difficult. Kreasound is a website that is making that process easier by offering complete and open-format projects, templates, and audio files. Read on to find out all the resources available at Kreasound for novice and experienced producers.

Project Files and the Importance of Deconstruction

Electronic music production is a very technical form of creative release. While there is no set-in-stone direction behind imagination, there is a science behind making a sonically sound track. Tim Ferris is an American entrepreneur who has written numerous self-help books articulating this concept.

In cooking, for instance… it’s also a matter of realizing that cooking isn’t just one skill. For most people it’s shopping, prep, cooking, and cleanup. So you need to take those away so you’re only focusing on the cooking in the beginning.

Music production is like cooking. Compression, EQing, mixing, and all other technical aspects of music production are key concepts to learn. The project files offered by Kreasounds come from professional producers and allow for this learning to take place. A producer can organize files by DAW and genres with everything from ambient techno to tech house. The current artists include Pat Lezizmo, Pheek, Moshe Galactik, HG, Banditos, Ben 9mm, Dorian Parano, and many more. Each template runs from 10 to 20 Euros ($11 to $22 USD).

Remix Contests

Another business unit behind Kreasound is their remix competition hosting and collection service. For free, users can engage with the pages of remix contests that are currently accepting submissions. Each page includes the original song, rules/about section, and links to the contest page. Sometimes, Kreasound does host the competitions which also allows for users to create their own competitions.

Producers and labels will look towards remix competitions to release more content and scout potential artists/collaborators. Kreasound makes the process of hosting a remix competition painless. Free users can use Kreasound’s free hosting service which includes:

  • Creating a contest using just an online form
  • Creating a playlist of all the submissions
  • Allowing contestants to submit via Soundcloud
  • Voting system for listeners
  • Comment section

For more extensive contests, there is a paid premium service (price varies) which includes additional options such as:

  • More SoundCloud followers by obliging participants to follow the artist on SoundCloud in order to access the remix stems pack
  • Contest pinned to the top of the Remix Contest page to increase exposure
  • Prizes for winners provided by Kreasound’s partners
  • Visuals created by Kreasound
  • Contest statistics: number of views, number of stem pack downloads, localization.

Mixing, Mastering, Arrangement

Kreasound will also help producers mix, master, and add final touches to their projects via their in-house team of audio engineers. Pierre-Emmanuel Braux handles the mastering and works 1 on 1 with artists to capture a sound. Producer Pheek helps artists finalize their tracks and song arrangements. Both services offer artists a way to get in touch with professionals to personally work on a project. The prices vary from project to project for mastering with Pierre-Emmanuel. The finalization of tracks with Pheek costs $100 per track.

Kreasound and Producers

Kreasound is offering a unique service to producers that encompasses the essence of remixing. There are project files and samples packs available to download and dissect. Then, a producer can go back to Kreasound for mastering and the final touches of their tracks. This website is in its infancy and has a lot of room to grow. However, the concepts and the type of services they offer presents a new opportunity for producers to learn and create.

Check out Kreasound for more information.

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