What’s The Best All-In-One Traktor Controller? Kontrol S2 vs S4 vs S5 vs S8

In a rare video with Ean, he answers a question that we get almost daily here at DJTT: what’s the best all-in-one Traktor controller? There isn’t one answer, but in this video Ean shares his experiences from DJing with each of these controllers in real life situations. After the jump, watch him compare and contrast the Kontrol S2, S4, S5, and S8.

Every All In One Traktor Controller Compared

This article compares the MK2 versions of the Kontrol S2 and S4 – but doesn’t take into account the new MK3 versions released Fall 2018. See Ean’s review of the Kontrol S4 MK3 here.

Why compare all the Traktor Kontrol units against each other? The truth is, there aren’t a lot of all-in-one Traktor controllers being made specifically to use with Traktor. (Yes, you could MIDI map almost any controller to work with Traktor if you’re up for the challenge.) If you’re a Serato or Rekordbox user, there are tons of options out there.

Ean has spent countless hours DJing with the Traktor software – so it made sense to shoot a complete round-up review sharing his experiences with each controller. To find out what controller he likes the most – watch the video to the very end! 

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What’s The Best All-In-One Traktor Controller?

Each of the all-in-one Traktor Kontrol units (to scale)

Ean’s recurring point in the video is that each controller that Native Instruments has released for Traktor has unique purposes. Not every DJ will have the exact same types of gigs or requirements.

From a purely feature-focused standpoint, here’s a quick roundup of the key features that might matter to DJs making a decision when buying a Traktor Kontrol DJ controller:

  • Jogwheels: S4 and S2 only
  • Touch strips: S8 and S5 only
  • Displays that show track decks, effects information: only S5 and S8
  • Work as a controller for Traktor DJ for iPad/iPhone: only S4 and S2
  • Loop recorder controls: only S4
  • Four channel mixer section: all but S2
  • Dedicated per-channel filters: all but S2
  • Can be USB bus powered: S4 and S2 only
  • Turntable inputs / Traktor Scratch compatible: S8 and S4 only
  • Comes with Traktor Scratch Pro 2: only S8
  • Simple loop length display: only S4
  • XLR Output: Only S8 and S5
  • Mic input: all controllers
  • MIDI Input/Output: S8 and S4 only


If you really want to comb through all the specific difference in the features, there’s an official comparison chart here on Native Instruments site.

Have your own experiences using the Traktor Kontrol units? Share in the comments below and start the conversation!

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  • Sam Bourgein

    hi all…. amazing article and it’s seriously helped me (V ALMOST!) make the decision as to what to purchase whilst travelling around asia and nz. back home i run a z2. macbook, traktor pro, 2 x 1210 technics and a f1. i want to be able to control deck a/b + remix decks and so thought I may ship over my f1 and grab a z1 to do this… however the faderfox dj3 (or 4 which is now out) looks like an interesting choice. what do you think? i also wondered about the pioneer WeGo and numark edge… travelling with only laptop speakers is almost important as i want to cue tracks and not require additional amplifier / self powered speakers (in built amp).

    any advice would be awesome!

  • Dj Blacktz07

    how mach kontral s4

  • Luka Sorina Botescu

    The S2 mk2 is a gem if properly configured. Have also the F1 to control one remix deck. I love the way they both fit in a backpack with my laptop. I usually plug it in the venue’s mixer on one dedicated channel or directly to active speakers when I go mobile. Honestly, I never expected to do so much with so little. Definetly a small controller with big sound. <3

  • Debayan Mukherjee

    S2 MK2 has dedicated channel filters and XLR outputs.

  • Leonel Antonio


  • Jim Hansen

    I have an S2 and an X1, mapping the X1 as a mini mixer has always worked for me when I go out and play a few bar gigs, hell i’ve even played club gigs with the X1, the S2 I keep as part of my home set-up, i’d never dream of rocking up to a gig with a huge controller under my arm, I’d find that the height of rudeness expecting a promoter to accommodate my space needs for that.

  • Luka Erzo Erznožnik

    Hello 😉
    Im DJ Ima DePoca and i am rocking oldies goldies house on my S4 MK2.
    All i can say for S4 is this : its very easy to learn and to masterpiece cuing tracks. Everything a DJ needs is on that controller.
    I will not say that S2 and S5 and S8 are not so good but i have a S4 and its really rocking :))))
    Take care ya all 😉

    Ima DePoca

  • Dinos Georgiou

    After my second S4 mk1 broke i tried several controllers. Best so far is the Denon MC7000 with official mapping by Native. I need the jog wheel and the tempo slider so i can’t use s5 and s8.

  • Edgard Benitez Fuentes

    Tengo la S4 hace mucho tiempo y es muy buena, acabo de hacerme la misma pregunta pero a pesar de que la S4 no es la ultima en salir, si soluciona muy bien los requerimientos del programa y da muchas posibilidades en escena… ademas te permite unirla a otras cosas y cambiar de analogo a digita de manera muy sencilla…

  • Tony Mitchell

    They lost me when they ditched to Jog-wheels. S2 and S4 are outdated, S5 and S8 caters to a different type of DJ style. And no.. I don’t want to lug around TT’s.

  • Awesomer

    It’s pretty easy to put a small, inexpensive, battery-or-USB-powered headphone amp inline with the headphones on the S4. Kinda surprised that Ean didn’t mention that workaround.

  • Bobby Duracel

    I love my S8, but it’s a tricky thing. I use my Technics 1210s alongside the controller so I can have the complete control, but when packing for gigs it’s a lot to carry, and takes up a lot of space. Often I wish the S4 and S8 would make a baby to include solid jog wheels and tempo faders. At least then it would cover 100% of the bases with no need for external decks/CDJs. I’ve been looking at the combo of Z2 + a pair of D2s, just to get a modular setup with more flexibility over a variety of needs, but even that has a compromise (lack of full knobs/faders for the C/D decks). It seems like the S4 is the best “portable, all in one” controller for folks who really still feel the need to manipulate the BPM, but the compromise is the lack of stem control, lack of remix control. Hmm. There’s a ton of options out right now, but the one in my head still doesn’t exist.

    I’ll second the other points though – we should expect a USB hub on the next model (preferably 4 USB ports), and SND/RECEIVE would also be nice.

  • frankle

    I’ve got an S5 for exactly the same reason, it’s my go to unit for smaller gigs or where I need to take a console and I’m the only one playing. For my larger club gigs it’s a choice between my pair of X1mk2’s or my D2’s depending on space and what they have in there already (it’s normally a DJM-900NXS and 2 or 3 CDJ-2000NXS).

  • Steve McMullen

    Love my S4 MKII.. there are no true “stand alone” Traktor controllers.. all still need to have a laptop.. add USB inputs.., Put the jog wheels back (with the screens also), make the S8 bus-powerable and boom..

    • Bobby Duracel

      Agreed. S8 plus jogwheels and tempo faders, plus USB hub x4 ports!

  • S. Doherty

    @13:00, Ean says “I wouldn’t take it (the S5) to a huge club…”

    Does that have anything to do with the XLR output quality, or is Ean just talking about the headphone output still being too quiet?

  • CUSP

    This article was moving the goalposts to drive toward the author’s destination (after the question was posed) *NOT* what the article states: “What’s the best All-in-One Traktor Controller?” Yes, the S8 is more expensive, but does price determine what’s better? When considering features, does size determine which is better? Clearly, the S8 has everything including the kitchen sink, and is the only controller with remix deck faders (among other features). The S8 is the flagship controller because it has every feature but (according to Ean) price and size puts the S5 ahead of the S8 despite having fewer features than the S8.

    I tried out the S5 and the S8, and I chose the S8 because it is the All-in-One Traktor king.

  • Tony Mitchell

    S2 and S4 cannot be compared to the S5 and S8. They cater to different DJ styles.

  • tony corless

    I originally started using traktor with the x1 and the clib mixer.Great setup easy to use and easy to fit in a cranped dj booth.I found with the x1 I could more or less do everything and more that I could on a pair of cdjs minus scratching and spinbacks.

    For mobile gigs and often in bars I now use an s4mk2.I find it great with a few exceptions,as Ean mentioned the headphones are a bit low.

    The gain controls are a bit bizzare I wish they were like gains on a regulur mixer.
    Are there any workrounds for this?

    I wish the mixer was standalone especially for mobile gigs then if the laptop packed in you could still run a backup source through the s4 whilst you sorted things out.I don’t think this is possible but maybe someone on here can enlighten me?
    This would remove the need to run the s4 through a regular mixer in order to have backup on mobile gigs!

    Also its great that traktor are doing stems but thats not for me,therfore I feel that NI are leaving behind and not catering to a heck of a lot of their users.

    I’d like to see the browser improved in particular the favorites bar at the top, I wish we could have banks of favorites that we could scroll through so for example you could have 10 playlists in a favorites bank for house,scroll or click to next bank you have 10 playlists for mobile gigs,scroll to next bank you have 10 playlists for rnb and hip hop.etc etc,this IMO would be a massive benifit to people who play different types of gigs.

    And finally great to see a video of Ean and traktor again,would love to see more of these in the future. all the best T

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      The mixer portion of the S4 uses direct though in the software, you are right. The only model that I know of that allows routing through hardware without needing to toggle direct though in software is the S8.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Oh yeah, Z2 has analog through as well.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    It should also be noted that the shift functions on a Z2 technically make it an All In One as well. It’s a little uncomfortable as far as workflow, but completely functional.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Can you pause/play with the shift function on the Z2?

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Shift + rel/intl button… if memory serves me right.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        I think the workflow was to use the cue to initiate it then shift + rel/intl to have play take over.

  • Scott Frost

    Were those the MK2 models in the review ? I so wanted an S5, but am hoping an S5MK2 will surface with a few dedicated outs (2 would be plenty). I can live without the jog wheels, but I would like to be able to change the pitch faster. Those are my only 2 gripes with the unit.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Yes, the S4/S2 are MK2 models. I would not expect a MK2 S5 anytime soon 🙂

      • Scott Frost

        Oh ya? So you know something we don’t ? haha … S6? I think the VCI-400 was actually the best of everything. Too bad Vestax couldn’t have released an MK2.

    • CUSP

      You can change the coarse/fine assignment in your controller editor.

  • djkoki

    I’m still rocking it with my old tank MK1 S4 :). I play twice at bar and many weddings and small gigs. I love the option to scratch, the visual of the loops and faders.

    I’m a Latin dj and I mix various genres. All Latin genres, RNB, House, Rap, Etc…

    For years I play with Serato until I got my hands on S4 and Traktor :). It was love at first sight :)… S4 is so convenience for an all in one controller and so reliable:). 7 Years later, I’m still waiting for the next S4 but nothing has come close :'(..

    I agree with the head phone volume its very very low 🙁 and not well placed also not booth out but I manage to fix it on my first gig 🙂 by getting TC Electronic Level Pilot Analog Stereo Volume Control. This little volume control is a life saver that is if you like mixing with monitors :)..

    I have been debating to switch back to Serato but has not convince me yet. I kind of like Pioneer DDJSX2 and Pioneer DDJSZ. This controllers are loud but they dont have all the feature that I love from my S4.. I just wish that NI would announce something Equivalent to Pioneer DDJSZ or DDJSX2. I would rather have something kind of big with power but knowing that I will be satisfy me for the next couple years :)..

    I just wish NI would of made two S5 one with with job wheels, no search strip (I use the loop knobs for that ;)), Visual on the loops, a usb hub, volume faders for remix decks :), more inputs, and loud head phones out put….

    Nice video 🙂


    • The_KLH

      I’m in complete agreement with this post. I love my original S4. Got it when it was launched and it’s still going strong!

      • djkoki

        For the past couple month I have been playing with the DDJSX2 but still not convincing to make the switch. I have try it with Traktor and Serato but I just cant get use to it :(.. I’m currently looking for my next controller and dont mind paying $1400 (well I do but 😉 it is what it is) but it needs to have a good sound card like the pioneers and dual usb and a hub. Something like a hybrid of Denon MC7000 with S4 :). I would love to see something like the pic bellow may be like the left side but much cleaner lol my ms paint skill are horrible lol…if NI is so worry about sizes try this for the ones who loves the jog wheels and may be one for the screen lovers. One last thing may be have the back of the Denon MC7000 ;)..

        Traktor was years ahead of Serato and Virtual Dj. All the features that we had and love, Serato Dj’s just wish they had back couple years ago.

        I go excited when Traktor announce 2.11. I though they where ready for the next wave of controllers and that stupid audio bug that everyone had for years…But no, in my personal opinion they fail to deliver. Also in my opinion S4 mk2 is more like a S4.05 (biggest disappointment ever to me) they fail to fix some issues like sound card, head phone jacks, booth out (thats not a fix! thats a patch just like windows lol ;)) , usb hub, pads (Roll/Slicer), and some other minor ones…

        I do understand they are a software company but damm look out for Serato, Pioneers rekordbox and all the other small companies coming out with software lol (cmon NI). You already started to loose ground or I should say market $$$$……

        For years I have visit this site and the other two big sites and never had put my two cents lol.. Phew! I feel good now lol. I will provably talk to all you guys in couple years lol.

        On a side note, now lets wait couple years to see (hope!!) for better hard ware and new software T3 🙂 ;).. Long ways to go boys 2.11 to 3.0 :'(…

        Cheers and keep on mixing!!


    • Rodrigo Costa

      I so agree… I made the opposite journey went from an S4 to a pioneer ddj / Serato setup and even though it does everything I need I kind of miss the rock solid combination of Traktor Pro and the S4 controller. I’m a jog wheel fan so no S5/S8 for me but damned NI bring out a S4 MK3 with jogs and screens it will sell like cupcakes! It would certainly make me hesitate…
      And yes cool video Ean as always, nice to see those S4 promo perfomances blend in 😉

    • David Soto

      I completely agree!!! I had the S4 for about 5 years and just switched the the S5 and damn I wish it had jog wheels! I do miss the scratching! But traktor is hard to leave right now.

  • No Qualms

    I’ve used every dedicated Traktor controller (except for the S5) and my favourite one ever was the Numark 4Trak.

  • [Clever Alias]

    I’ve used the S2 MK1 and S4 MK2 for a few years. I like them both. At one point, I loved them both. The S2 still feels solid, after many adventures on the road with me. The S4 started developing a strange hiccup around subwoofers, a few months ago. Besides that, I’ve enjoyed them. They feel like toys, when I compare them to CDJ’s and TT, even some of those Pioneer controllers. But, for the price, they have done well for this traveling laptop DJ.

    • Mark Smith

      I am right there with you man.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      What do you mean by hiccup? Faders moving on their own?

      • Arron Dulay

        Yes! This happens all the time.

        I’ve been through 3 S4 MK1s. Even the one I have now, I can’t use deck C because not only does the fader move on its own (which can be fixed with a hoover, albeit temporarily) but using the filter from low to high causes the track to pause like you’ve put your hand on the jog wheel plate… Not to mention my phono out just, stopped…

        I don’t know if I’d ever buy another one 🙁

  • Clever Alias

    I’ve used the S2 MK1 and S4 MK2 for a few years. I like them both. At one point, I loved them both. The S2 still feels solid, after many adventures on the road with me. The S4 started developing a strange hiccup around subwoofers, a few months ago. Besides that, I’ve enjoyed them. They feel like toys, when I compare them to CDJ’s and TT, even some of those Pioneer controllers. But, for the price, they have done well for this traveling laptop DJ.

  • Rolfski

    Believe it or not, a single Kontrol X1 will get me through the day for most gigs. Even my Traktor Scratch set up is eating dust most of the times. And that’s coming from someone who plays a lot of different styles at a lot of different tempo’s.

    At the end of the day the Kontrol X1 is the best Traktor controller bang for the buck Native Instrument has ever released imo.

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Agreed, an X1 is a powerful piece of hardware. Although, one can barely call it an All-In-One controller with the lack of mixer control and audio interface.

      • Rolfski

        If you bring your own audio card, I’ve found out that you can actually do very well without a mixer, even on X1 factory presets that is. Filter (and other FX-) knobs are the keyword here.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          The article is clearly labelled as “What All In One controller…”. If you read a little farther down you can read what I put as my personal opinion.

          • Rolfski

            My argument is that more often than not, the X1 is really al you need for an “all-in-one” controller.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            …and my argument is that you really can’t call it an all in one controller without an audio interface.

          • Rolfski

            I never said the X1 was an all-in-one controller. I said you often do not need to bring in an “all-in-one” controller and be fine with just a X1, especially because many of the mixers you typically find at your gig will have a soundcard already build into them.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            If this discussion was about “what’s you favourite modular piece of hardware?”, but it’s not. If you want to discus this, why would you even need the X1? Even if the mixer doesn’t have a soundcard, you can plug in the CDJ’s that are pretty standard anywhere and use the DACs in them as you audio interface… when I don’t use my A10 or my DJM 850 I just hook up my CDJ’s. Honestly, the only time I touch my X1 is for browsing and loading tracks when I switch to DVS.

          • Rolfski

            In case you forgot to notice, Ian specifically mentioned in his video using the X1. Which what I was referring to, so yes, it is a relevant comment to the video.
            As for “favourite modular piece of hardware”, when it comes to mobility I rather carry a X1 with me than a CDJ or worse, a pair of CDJ’s as controller. Especially because again, in most gigs you’ll typically already find a pair of CDJ’s set up for you.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            “… when I don’t use my A10 or my DJM 850 I just hook up my CDJ’s.” This isn’t using the CDJ’s that are standard in any club as just controllers, it’s advanced audio routing through the decks and using the individual DAC’s as an audio interface. Now one of your last comments was about using the DAC in a mixer plus an X1… that’s 2 USB cables in a modular set up. I’d use the same 2 cables for the CDJ’s and occupy the same amount of space in my gig pack as your X1 with an RMX-500, since most of those club mixers have SND/RTN. All-In-One = 1 USB cable.

          • Pop UpDJ

            An X1 mk3 with built in audio interface would be the best ever micro controller to rock a party!

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            I’d like to see a Z1 with the transport controls on an X1. It would only be about 4″ wider and would make a nice little All-In-One starter for beginners.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            He doesn’t mention the X1, he says” full disclosure I use this in a club…” and shows a modular set up.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            BTW… explain this comment where you specifically say “My argument is that more often than not, the X1 is really al you need for an “all-in-one” controller.”

            Looks a lot like you are back peddling. I kept the typo so you can see that it is in your own words.

            Look back to my original statement of “Agreed, an X1 is a powerful piece of hardware. Although, one can barely call it an All-In-One controller with the lack of mixer control and audio interface.” You just seem to be confirming it over and over… when you make statements like “Believe it or not, but a single Kontrol X1 (MK1 version that is) will get me through the day for most gigs.” then follow it up with “especially because many of the mixers you typically find at your gig will have a soundcard already build into them.”

            Over and over you keep describing a modular set up.

          • Rolfski

            I’m making an argument for a modular set-up vs all-in-one because in reality that’s often all you need. It should hopefully make people think before they consider spending serious money on an all-in-one, thinking they absolutely need that. How hard is that for you to understand?

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            “My argument is that more often than not, the X1 is really al you need for an “all-in-one” controller.” is your opening statement.

            To which I replied “Agreed, an X1 is a powerful piece of hardware. Although, one can barely call it an All-In-One controller with the lack of mixer control and audio interface.”

            At that point you continue to defend you All-In-One stance as I repeatedly tell you that it’s a modular set up.

            Your back peddling is worthy of a political campaign.

          • Rolfski

            Stop being a circle jerk pls. Going all nazi about semantics is completely irrelevant for the discussion. What technically defines as an all-in-one is just not the point here, it’s about what you really need to get the DJ job done. And the X1 will serve as well most of the time compared to all-in-ones.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            I am German and was raised by a German Engineer. We tend to be very literal…

            First of all: I resent being called a Nazi. My Grandfather almost had a bullet share space with his brain on 3 different occasions for saving lives, instead of taking them.

            Second: If you are going to use a word like semantics as your big word for the day, learn it’s meaning. This will help, the meaning that you are after is 3b


            Third: This was never about what “technically” defines an All-In-One controller, it has been what literally constitutes an All-In-One controller. Not my fault that you can’t wrap your head around the literal meaning of “All-In-One”, maybe the concept is beyond you… After all… the title of the article is “What’s The Best All-In-One Traktor Controller? Kontrol S2 vs S4 vs S5 vs S8”.

            One last thing… get bent!

          • Rolfski

            See? You’re doing it again

    • Anteater

      I had an epiphany about 3? years ago, I was doing a gig with 1210’s, a Z2 and an X1 Mk2 plugged in which I was using just for effects and cue points.

      Anyways, night was going well and the audio lead on one of my TT’s failed so DVS timecode signal was lost.

      I initially panicked then thought it through and started djing with the Z2 and X1- took me a good 5 mins to remember how to change BPM on the X1 but got there pretty quickly.

      Moving the story on, turned out to be a great night and I got on with the the work flow. Never used the turntables out at a venue since and bought a second X1 to give me some 4 deck loop flexibility.

      That was me for ages, a happy guy who had overcome RGAS; X1’s rock.


      Then the D2’s came out……….. I had to have them.

      X1’s are now gone & I use D2’s constantly. Love them 😀

  • zendoo

    I think I’ll buy the one with jog wheels and 8 cue points. …The hell you say! 😉

  • Kamza

    I fell out of love with my S5 after the most recent update didn’t include the step sequencer feature. That felt like a slap in the face by NI. Currently moving over to Serato…

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      It’s still accessible, just not visible on the screens, right? Haven’t looked at the S5 in a few months…

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        Hey Dan, this is a little off topic for the S5. I’ve seen the S8 “in the wild”, a friend of mine has one and I’ve briefly checked it out. It was my understanding that this is the only unit in the line that is mixed externally, if so, I was wondering if this feature was overlooked in the write up?

        • Tricksta

          I know it is an external mixer like the S4 but I didn’t know that it externally mixes like use a club mixer

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            External mixer more like a Z2 as it doesn’t need software direct through, but built more like a DJM with a DAC per channel streaming raw audio. Externally mixed is an important feature to some of us as it has 0 latency.

      • Bert Patroons

        If it’s accessible, I would really like to know how 🙂

  • Mark Smith

    An S2 update with dedicated filters. I’ll continue to dream for this to happen ?.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Most S2 owners I know have the mapping modified so they by default can use the gains as filters- no shift required. But yes, an S2 update would be nice 🙂

      • Chris Bartholomew

        ARGH, I can’t stand the gain knobs as filters! I tried, honestly I did but the stepping drove me mad, ended up remapping the highs on each channel – but then I’m more using it for live shows with remix decks than for straight up a/b mixing

        • Spacecamp / Dan

          Yeah, agreed – stepping sucks. Doing the highs or mids instead is a good alternative.

        • CUSP

          Good thing you can reassign them to sliders with Traktor.

      • Mark Smith

        It doesn’t require any mapping as it is a selectable feature in the S2 settings menu in Traktor. I really would like to see the center section of the S2 Mk3 if such a thing will exist to essentially be just like the Z1 configuration. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be possible. Everything else is awesome! If they do this I’ll have an S2 Mk3 as soon as it launches just like when I bought my S2 Mk2. Thank God I cancelled my order for a Pioneer ERGO and changed to the S2 Mk2. One of the best decisions I have ever made as a DJ.

  • Oddie O'Phyle

    If my DJM 850 were to die today… I’d probably end up grabbing the Xone:92 that I originally wanted.
    If I had to pick one of the NI AIO units I wouldn’t settle on anything less than the S8, the only problem that I personally have with these units is the fact that they don’t have SND/RTN.

    • CUSP

      You’re talking individual decks that aren’t program, right? I think I did this a while back with Maschine and a live deck. You can assign any input or output in Maschine, just route all sound through Maschine.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        I use SND/RTN for my RMX-500.

      • Oddie O'Phyle

        I figure you’ll be one of the few that’ll understand this technobabble…

        I got away from a lot of these units due to sound, my standard for analytics has become a TI PCM1792 and for leisure listening I prefer a TI PCM5102.

        With my kit, it’s my preference to have the audio stream pick up some colour from the analog circuit paths, I find that it gains warmth giving it that “club sound”. When I had my old S4 and my Z2 I found that it leaned more toward an analytics model of sound, I figured that it had to do with the Cirrus Logic DACs they are using.

        I’d really like to see some TI PCM5102, TI PCM5202 or even something like a TI PCM1792 if they don’t want to use 32bit DACs, instead of these cheaper Cirrus Logics.

        • CUSP

          Nice, I know that Native Instruments has quite a few “tube warming”effects. I’ve used them a couple of times and they’re really rather good, but I’ve noticed two downsides to using this: 1) I need more space than my S8 while DJing (gah!) for my Maschine to be plugged in and routed through Maschine (I honestly haven’t tried to hack Maschine through my Kontrol S8 because) 2) During my sets, many people have complained that the songs sound “fuzzy”, which may have been just too much of an effect.

          BUT! Since I’ve changed up my format a bit (new crowd), you’ve prompted me to try this again. I’ll do some experimentation and report my findings to you after I analyze my results. Maschine really is an amazing platform to create and effect sounds through.

  • OScar

    When do we get an upgrade of the S4 (S8 with jogwheels) ?

    • Andrew Nicoire

      you r rite s4 with s8 will be a monster controller ,they need to come up with new traktor 2017

    • CUSP

      Probably never. The thing is, jog wheels are stand-ins for turntables. If you want to rotate something spinning, get control vinyl and plug in your turntable. The touch strip gives the controller a lot more space to do things with.

      • Bobby Duracel

        The S8 plus two turntables is my home setup, but it’s MASSIVE. I would point to the new Roland DJ808 as an example of a controller that NI needs to surpass on the next iteration. If the S8 came out with 16 pads, even if they were a bit smaller, and the jogwheel/tempo faders of the S4, I would buy that monster. I love my turntables, but for most EDM sets they are only there for tempo control, not much in the way of scratching.

  • Maurício Lopes

    I was wating for more reviews like this a long time…