DJ Conversion Utility: Transfer Cues From Traktor To Rekordbox, djay

Small-time developers making unique utility apps for DJs often come up with some of the best ideas and most useful tools. Today we’re featuring DJ Conversion Utility – which enables DJs to move cue points, loops, key data, beatgrids, and more between a few prominent apps. If you’ve used Traktor for a while and want to try something new, this makes the switch easier to stomach.

DJ Conversion Utility

Designed and coded in the Netherlands by DJ MixMasterG, DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU) was born out of necessity – because until he took a pass at it, there was no way to easily move DJ metadata into Algoriddim’s djay and djay Pro. In a recent email update announcing the latest version and a new design, the full back story is shared:

We developed the djay Conversion Utility because we wanted to use cues set in Traktor Pro in djay about 6 months ago. The idea was just for in house usage, we never intended to go public with it. But when we spoke about it with other DJ’s it became clear that more people needed this functionality.
As such we released what we used in house under the name djay Conversion Utility. Just because we could, we introduced conversion from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox as well as other options while the utility evolved.

And then.. things went a little nuts. It turned out that hundreds of people needed the Traktor Pro to Rekordbox conversion. We never realized that. So we expanded options, de-bugged the utility you know the drill. The early adopters might recall december 31st 2016 when we released no less then 4 updates within 12 hours. Just to make sure that everyone could prep their gigs for NewYears eve.

So the core functionality is pretty simple: DJCU is able to transfer metadata (cues, loops, beatgrid, key info) between DJ applications in a few different ways:

  • Traktor Pro 2 to Rekordbox
  • Traktor Pro 2 to djay/djay Pro
  • Rekordbox to djay/djay Pro
  • (with some more steps and work) Serato DJ to Traktor Pro 2, Rekordbox, djay

We’re still waiting for even more cross-compatibility, but it starts to become a challenge based on how the databases are built for each software, and how well-hidden the actual metadata is. These types of utilities are often the product of hundreds of hours of hackery and reverse engineering – not an easy task.

The DJCU software (Mac-only, for now) is very simple in interface, and while there’s still a bit of work to be done on the UI, it certainly doesn’t need much more for now. It would be great to see an even more clear process in the app – clearly showing what it’s converting FROM and TO every time you use it.

The DJ Conversion Utility app is available here for $6.95 – and if you found this useful, it’s worth noting that the developer also has built a tool that allows you to quickly verify that all tracks in your Traktor Pro collection have a Camelot key associated with them. It’s called Traktor Tag Sync Utility – handy!

Editor’s note: Please always be sure to back up your music collection and DJ software library before using any type of mass-conversion tools like this. While we haven’t personally experienced any issues, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Doesn’t Rekordbuddy Do This?

Yes, but not with djay. Next Audio Lab’s Rekord Buddy 2 was launched last year, and it’s able to handle a number of conversions between Serato, Rekordbox, and Traktor Pro. They’re all kept synced using a central database – which is a bit different that how this single-shot tool works. Maybe these two apps should collaborate – although Rekord Buddy 2 is $59.99 versus DJCU which is just $6.95

Have an invaluable tool that you use to manage your DJ music library? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • ChrstvFerd

    I couldn’t get it to work 🙁

  • Alan

    Can we stop catering for the Mac users for at least 5 minutes and focus on a Windows app/program that does the same thing? Refuse to touch Mac’s unless I have no other choice.

  • Günter Dahlen

    Will you make a Windows version? If yes, when will it be available?
    I would even pay 50$ for a Windows version because rekord buddy is only for Mac too.

  • Deksel

    Ooh snap, i thought this would be a cmdr-like happy times post for Windows users. RekordBuddy has been ‘coming to windows soon’ for ages.
    I would pay for a stable version of this for Windows.

  • killmedj

    Star ratings synced across all programs would be amazing! Yes I know they all have different ways of dealing with them, but if somebody could solve that riddle I’d be a happy camper!

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Interesting – I would have thought that “Rating” was an MP3 metadata tag that would stay with the file… is that wrong?

      • killmedj

        apparently either iTunes or one of the other softwares has a “non-metadata” way of dealing with the star ratings. There was a 3rd party program that used to address this, but I got sick of firing it up just for this one operation. But yeah, Star ratings are a hassle

        • ATGR Production Team

          Star ratings are NOT standard.
          That’s one of the functions the Traktor Tag Sync Utility does synchronize (the list of sync’d non standard meta data is much longer then that).

          Ratings in Rekordbox and Traktor are of the same variety (technically its an integer each star is a value of 51 -> 5 stars max value 255)
          Ratings in itunes are itnegers in steps of 20 with half steps allowed (steps of 10)

          And they are ALL stored in different tags/frames within the files.

          There are a many tags that have the same name but are stored completely differently (or hold different metadata from what their naming suggests).

          In our video channel there are 2 videos on the subject. It’s not the most exciting to watch they were made to educate not to entertain 🙂

          demystifying tags etc

          and one on what my workflow is (You can see where the utilities came from)

          The main reason why we developed tools like DJ Conversion Utility and Traktor Tag Sync Utility is to have uniform metadata across all programs I use.

          And to respond to other comments that were posted here. We don’t intend to get rich out of this and our business is not creating apps. The low price is just a barrier to entry so we don’t get spammed by all kind jokers complaining about fake errors.


          • killmedj

            Fantastic! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain!
            I will def make sure to have my popcorn ready for the videos =-)

          • Denis Kolesnikov

            How about Traktor DJ nml?

          • Denis Kolesnikov

            I mean, can your utility convert Traktor DJ (iOS) nml file to Rekordbox DJ xml (cues, loops etc)? Thanks for the answer!

          • ATGR Production Team

            I’m not familiar with Traktor for ios. If you can use the Traktor Pro nml then you should be fine, but I cant guarentee.

            I would suspect that Native Instruments would use the meta data inside the audio track files instead of an nml which is harder to sync.

          • Denis Kolesnikov

            Any chance you will check and release it in near future? Got a big collection on my iPad. It would be helpful to convert it all to Rekordbox cues etc

          • ATGR Production Team

            Not likely, I don’t use it myself so only if there is a solid demand for it I would. But if I’m not mistaken then Traktor ios had some kind of sync possibility through dropbox with Traktor Pro. (it’s 4 years ago or some and I decided to go with djay which was way more flexible on iOS).
            You can use the Traktor Pro demo on MacOS (30 minutes then you have to quit and restart it) as an intermediate and try it yourself how well the 2 communicate.

          • Denis Kolesnikov

            You mean first I have to convert Traktor DJ nml to Traktor Pro 2 nml and then convert it to Rekordbox? Kinda a tricky, but I’ll try to.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      Just looked through Doug’s Apple Scripts for iTunes and didn’t see anything. I wonder if maybe Rekord Buddy 2 does it..

      • killmedj

        I have Rekordbuddy and unfortunately it doesn’t sync the iTunes star ratings. I’m pretty sure it’s a stupid Apple quirk.
        It’s annoying because the star ratings seem so simple, and useful. (Great for smart playlists for tracks you want to delete for example, in my case 1 star = delete).
        I’ve been gradually moving all my library duties to Rekordbox and thankfully Rekordbuddy does a great job of getting Traktor and Rekordbox synced up nicely. But I’m not there yet and iTunes is still my first port of call when importing new tracks =/

        • uncletones


    • Sky Makai

      I add star ratings as asterisks to the beginning of the comments tag. Star rating isn’t used as metadata across audio file formats. It’s really bastardized.

  • antmaper

    I think if Djay/Rekordbox wanna to conquer this market they need to have built in library importers.

  • Brock Dub C Stallworth


  • Brock Dub C Stallworth

    That is the standard now……..

  • Brock Dub C Stallworth

    I see……I thought every dj program came woith this option……………

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      With the ability to transfer DJ software metadata? Sadly, no.
      Really what _should_ happen is there should be an open standard….but getting every company to agree is a whole other can of worms.

      • Brock Dub C Stallworth

        This screams “poilitical red tape bullshit”

        • Spacecamp / Dan

          I’m pretty sure others have attempted a round-table compromise of DJ software – folks like Yakov from Mixed In Key and Damien from Next Audio can probably shed more light on this.

  • Michael

    Duuude my eyes are hurting wtf is this User Interface? We are not in 1997.

    • Spacecamp / Dan

      I agree that it’s not the best, but then the focus is on what the tool does, not what it looks like.

  • Ezmyrelda Andrade

    Interesting.. So much hate for a utility that is cheaper.. Even more interesting to note is how this is seen as a “business and concept” when it is stated in the article it was created as an in house utility and offered to the public after people showed interest.. Damn.. DJs can’t throw the price of a coffee/beer at a person who develops software? On the other hand.. throwing $60 bucks at a developer that wants you to pay to do his work for him.. is nothing.. hilarious.

    • Brock Dub C Stallworth

      This is how ALL programs start and people easily forget……..

      • Ezmyrelda Andrade

        That is actually my.. ehm.. shall we say concern about RekordBuddy. I have nothing against the guy and I wish him the best.. but.. I have absolutely no product experience with him. From nothing I can gauge real world coding experience to “hey buy my beta.”. It’s like ok.. uh.. maybe.. what do you have to show me that I can trust your abilities to make a utility that does one thing.. well. Then again.. I am the epitome of beta tester. I beta test to find good things and get the word out and to thoroughly run it through it’s paces.. beta software is the payment for me.. But I do have to admit that the grind hasn’t stopped yet and people gotta make a living.. So if people paid him and he is financially stable, more power to him. That said.. I probably will pay for this… cause like a beer.. the price of a beer.. for good solid work that is a STEAL.

        • Ezmyrelda Andrade

          Actually.. I think I get it.. If I’m not mistaken the guy wasn’t a developer to begin with.. which is interesting in itself.. we’ve crossed a threshold of coding where certain low level things are kept low level and tons of stuff is now abstracted. Again nothing against him or his coding style.. just.. By DJs for DJs actually says a lot.. about the way in which he proceeded.

  • Kevin Basher

    So after aggressively advertising his tool everywhere on the netz, he finally got some “airplay”. I’ll go for Rekordbuddy which will soon add Engine support.

  • Seanlab

    Disappointed on this business and concept. Will fail though.