11 Podcasts for DJs, By DJs

Podcasts are a staple of the 21st century, and many DJs, labels, and radio stations host podcast mix shows. These podcasts can be extremely valuable resources for DJs to find new tracks and hear masterful mixers in action. A DJ can find new gems through a podcast and a selector playing a gig in an unfamiliar genre can find out what tracks are popular. In today’s roundup, Dean Zulueta has collected 11 podcasts made by DJs, for DJs. Hear what we found, and be sure to share your favorites in the comments.

Fire & Ice: Drum and Bass Mix

  • Host: Johnny B
  • Frequency: Every 2-3 Months

Johnny B’s Fire & Ice podcast features a variety of drum and bass music from a DJ who has been in the scene since 2000. His track selection offers a good palette for DJs to find new DnB tracks. Many of his podcasts chart in the Top 10 on Mixcloud for DnB mixes, and his mixing is usually flawless.

DJ LeFtO’s Weekly Mix

  • Host: LeFtO
  • Frequency: Weekly

This is weekly mix by LeFtO is a great resource for DJs who are looking for “boom bap”-type beats, hip-hop, soul, etc. LeFtO digs deep for gems, exclusive releases, and curates all the sounds into a great 1-2 hour mix each week.

Find, Share, Rewind

  • Host: DJ Shadow
  • Frequency: First Saturday of Every Month

The legendary DJ Shadow is now spinning a monthly mix on the public radio station, KCRW, where he shares different tracks from across a wide-span of genres and from different decades. The first episode is a comprehensive look into the mind of DJ Shadow and for DJs it serves as a great resource to find obscure tracks.


Expansions May 29th, 2017 on KEXP.org

  • Hosts: DJ Riz, Masa, Kid Hops
  • Frequency: Sundays 9PM to Midnight PST

From Seattle, WA comes the Expansions radio show which has been featuring underground beats since 1995. As a brainchild of DJ Riz Rollins, Expansion serves as an escape from the burgeoning music scene. This radio show features a lot of underground music that DJs won’t hear listening to mainstream radio shows. For hidden gems and undiscovered artists, this is a good show to check out

Beats in Space Radio Podcast

  • Host: Tim Sweeney
  • Frequency: Weekly

Beats in Space Radio is a weekly podcast that is featured on WNYU, New York University’s radio station. The show features guest DJ mixes every week with every track posted in a comprehensive playlist on their website with the track name, artist, and label. Techno, trance, house, acid hop… this podcast covers it all.

Fact Mixes

  • Host: Fact Magazine
  • Frequency: Weekly

Fact Magazine is a household name in music media; covering a wide range of genres and releases. Fact Mixes feature a different guest DJ every week who spins a 1 – 1 1/2 hour mix while also providing a track list on their website. The latest episode features ghetto house pioneer DJ Deeon who lays down some really hard hitting tracks.

RA Podcast

  • Host: Resident Advisor Magazine
  • Frequency: Weekly

The weekly RA Podcast features exclusive electronic mixes from well-established producers and DJs around the world. Resident Advisor, est. 2001, is a magazine that showcases electronic music, artists, and events around the world. Each episode features a 1+ hour mix, interview with the DJ, and (usually) a tracklist.

Deeper Shades of House

  • Host: Lars Behrenroth
  • Frequency: Every Friday

Deep House in all its different shades is the main genre featured on Deeper Shades Of House. The podcast features brand new music and songs the listeners might not have heard in a while as well as guest mixes by known and unknown DJs.

DHA Mixes

  • Host: Deep House Amsterdam Magazine
  • Frequency: Weekly

Deep House Amsterdam is an online magazine dedicated to the underground side of dance music. Each week, DHA hosts a different DJ’s mix with a full tracklist on their website. This is another podcast to check out for deep underground cuts.

Expansion Broadcast

Expansion Broadcast #700 with K-Rai

  • Host: IllEffect (a.k.a. Erictronica)
  • Frequency: Every Friday

Expansion Broadcast has been delivering weekly podcasts since 2003 out of Washington D.C. The podcast features DJs spinning fresh dubstep, future garage, bass music, and drum & bass tracks. Full tracklists are available on their website and the podcast can be found in most major podcast players.

Keeping The Rave Alive

  • Host: DJ Kutski
  • Frequency: Weekly

Since 2012, DJ Kutski has released Keeping The Rave Alive every week to highlight harder styles of dance music such as hardstyle, jumpstyle, hardcore, happy hardcore, etc. The podcast is in a radio show format with interjections by DJ Kutsi periodically and comical DJ name drops. Past all of the commercialism, KTRA is a great place to keep up on harder styles of dance music.

What mix shows and podcasts do you find the most useful as a DJ? Share in the comments. 

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  • Walt Strain

    Love this show!

    • David Michael

      I hear this, but there’s something to be said for a podcast with staying power and a following. Unfortunately, most shows don’t make it past episode 10 or 25. Podcasts that deliver quality content over the span of years are only now becoming identifiable as such. And before a respected site like DJTT will put their stamp on it, I’m guessing they’ll probably need some solid numbers.

      As a content creator myself, I know that I’m in a constant internal struggle about numbers, stats, and how important they are in the grand scheme of things.

      By the way, I’m listening to Episode 154 of your show and the music is beautiful. Nicely done. This stuff is right up my alley. ?

      • Andy Structible

        Thank you for the nice words.
        Indeed, there are many “one hit wonders” also in the world of podcasts or radio shows. We both agree that DJTT is an important website and a huge radius. Probably every second “new DJ” will browse this website, sooner or later. So they do have a big impact. Coming along with this “big impact” is the responsibility. Maybe this is what I beleive went missing, at least in this article.
        Anyway, I must admit I’m not that kind of person who “needs to be inspired” by other websites. The only news I read is internatiol news, not DJ news. I prefer do dig around the internet and to find those hidden gems. That makes me happy. This is also the way how I find the music for my podcast.

  • Wisnu Wardhana

    Hello guys, just wanna promote my podcast here. Emotions In Motions is a well-mixed monthly podcast contains deep, bass, techno, and deep house in odd month also deep, progressive, and trance in even month.

    Feel free to hit me up!

  • DJTommy

    I’m letting this secret out but the Fish Go Deep podcast is a bi-monhly podcast by the dj’s of the same name. House is the recipe, deep, obscure, classics and fresh releases are the key ingredients. Two of the finest selectors on the planet. You can DL on itunes or support them on their website and get higher quality downloads plus access to way back mixes and future releases by them.

  • Bog Stomper

    Steve Lawler’s Nightlife Radio published at the beginning of the month is excellent. I usually find it on Mixcloud

  • Joe Pardo

    Missing the mark by not including The Passionate DJ Podcast into this list. 🙁

    • David Michael

      Hey Joe, thanks for the mention. I think this was centered around “music” podcasts, whereas we are a talk show. This is a solid post with some great recommendations that I’m gonna check out!

  • Christopher Allen

    is this a list of online radio shows or podcasats because it seems like the former? in that case, you have The Future Betas Show, Soulection Radio, RinseFM, etc. that do the same thing. As far as podcasts with talking and special guests you have the Team Supreme Podcast. All producers/DJs from the underground community that have recently gained fame working with big mainstream artists. Just my suggestions.

    • Christopher Robertson

      Yeah when I read podcasts I assumed they’d be downloadable on a podcatcher but none of these are. Thanks for the link to Team Supreme, I’m gonna give it a listen.

  • LarsLB

    Thank you for the mention 🙂 .. appreciate it ..

  • CUSP


  • jaxlore

    Beats in Space is still my favorite!!!
    Also check out my buddy Eden Shurman he pretty much posts new mixes on a weekly basis and is one for the real heads and he is really good about posting track lists.


  • Nicolás Kaniak

    Resident by Hernan Cattaneo

  • bkjphilly

    While I found the article helpful for finding podcasts that are available, but with a title like “Podcasts for DJs, by DJs.”, there is two podcasts, and one YouTube channel I think should have been included:

    The Passionate DJ Podcast:
    While they aren’t doing incredible track selection, or flawless mixes, what they are doing is helping those of us who are getting started, or we’ve been in the game for a significant amount of time. They talk about a lot of things that other podcasts aren’t, like what to do if you have a day job, and you’re looking to fit DJing into your everyday, as well as fun episodes like “Pick 3″, or getting an interview with someone in the scene like Disco Donnie, Egyptian Lover, and more.” I listen to David, Mo, Trip. and Tony for the answers to those questions that as a DJ, I would love to ask someone like Nicole Moudaber, or Mark Knight as they were coming out of the booth.

    Rave Curious Podcast:
    The interviews done here are fun, entertaining, and educational, and you get to find out from the big name DJs exactly what goes through their minds while on tour, or the funny things that inspire their latest tracks, all the way down to how they feel about the scene as a whole.

    DontKilmaVibe.com on YouTube:
    Kilma offers a wealth of advice on the importance of an EPK, ways to network, and more. She also addresses topics that are worth knowing about from both a female’s and a female DJ’s perspective. With the growing number of women who are DJing, it’s important that we ALL hear what she has to say.

    Check them out here:

    I have my own DJ podcast, which you can check out here:

    Brian K. James // The Engineer // brian@daibutsumusic.com
    Daibutsu Music // daibutsumusic.com // @daibutsumusic

    • Dean Zulueta

      Thanks for the contribution! I listen to The Passionate DJ podcast too. It is a great resource.

      • Trip Turlington

        Big up, Dean!

    • David Michael

      Hey Brian, thanks a ton for the mention. We’re about to hit Episode 100!

      Passionate DJ loves us some DJTT as well. <3

      • Trip Turlington

        That we do!

    • Trip Turlington

      Always appreciating your support, Brian! We are just ecstatic to be able to help people do what they love, by doing what we love!

    • Kilma Tempa

      Dude, you rock! I was just thinking, where is the Passionate DJ? And thanks for the mention of dontkilmavibe.com I’m glad it left a positive influence on you! KEEP on with your rad vibes mate!

      • David Michael

        Well, we figured the post was geared around “music podcasts”. Passionate DJ differs in that we are a talk show. We’re more than happy to receive this kind of love in the Comments section, instead!