Routine: “I Am Asian Hawk” Vocals + Turntablism + Traktor

We’re excited to feature another video routine from Asian Hawk, who first released a routine back in March that featured his unique style of live performance. This time, in “I Am Asian Hawk”, he takes a more aggressively vocal-forward approach to the routine. Watch the full thing now!

We’re particularly impressed by how Asian Hawk is able to keep up an intensely multi-faceted routine. It might not be as high-paced as some other traditional turntablism routines, but he’s switching seamlessly from cue point triggering, to cutting and scratching, to remix cell triggering, and singing (and effecting his voice with the TC-Helicon box).

These types of live performance routines are exciting because they show how performers who aren’t track-to-track DJs can take advantage of digital DJ software as high-impact performance tools. We expect to see more of this style in the future.

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