Remixlive 3.0 for iOS Brings Sequenced Finger-Drumming

Mixvibes is releasing an enhanced update to Remixlive for iOS devices. This update reinvents the app with a dedicated 4×4 grid for finger-drumming as well as total design overhaul. Remixlive 3.0 claims to be easier to use and more intuitive for iOS musical endeavors. Read more below to find out the new features and how they work.

Enhancing Sequencing Capabilities

What is probably the most attractive feature in the latest Remixlive update for iOS is the ability to sequence patterns directly into the Loop grid. In the video above, we notice the musician starts to lay down a beat at 0:28 and the loop recorder catches it all, sequencing the play back as he builds his beat. This type of functionality is usually seen in controllers that cost over $100 and it is all baked into the new software update.

A More Creative Workflow

Mixvibes also took time to completely overhaul the UI to improve users’ workflow within Remixlive 3.0. For instance, each pad can be routed to a specific mixer line and then displays an associated color. The mixer features the standard EQs, volume, filters, and Mute/Solo controls on each channel. Performers can also finely tune samples in the sample editor which has controls for gain, pan, ADSR, transpose, and reverse to name a handful. Producers can also record sounds through the iOS devices external mic. Then share the audio between apps using Inter-App and Audiobus.

Remixlive is also compatible with Ableton Link which allows the app to be a part of a robust Live setup. Traditional tempo controls are available as well as synced FX (Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb, etc.) and beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2 bars.

Remixlive 3.0 for iOS devices unlocks the potential for a lot of creativity and performance abilities. The app is free with in-app purchases and the Full Feature Pack is available for ~$12 USD.

Check out Remixlive 3.0 on the Apple App Store.

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  • Ztronical

    On vacation very little WiFi. I want to try this right now. Darn
    The ADSR feature is a necessity in my opinion, for any finger drumming of sampler. It is what is missing from Traktor for the remixing. Remixlive already was more versatile. With separate quantize options for samples. Can’t wait!

    • Louis-Pierre Baudry

      Sounds great! I hope you’ll enjoy it and we are looking forward to your thoughts on this new update. Louis @Mixvibes

  • Charlie

    Amazing what an iPad can do these days.

    • Louis-Pierre Baudry

      Indeed! Feel free to let us know what you think of this new update if you have the chance to test it. Louis @Mixvibes

    • Dubby Labby

      Similar apps and “do” were available for iPad since ages. If you want to see what is possible on “this days” check the BeatMaker 3 on 15th this mont.

      • Louis-Pierre Baudry

        Beatmaker 3 seems promising. I would say both apps have different strengths and deserve a shot. Some people might prefer having more advanced workflow/functionalities right from the start while others might be into more accessible apps like Remixlive.

        • Dubby Labby

          It wasn’t my point… my point is that apps like remixlive aren’t new or depend on newer iPads (maybe timestretching realtime in the worst scenario but even your first version came with it) and Remixlive being a great app isn’t “the best” an iPad can do nowadas.
          If we take in consideration than even Mixvibes doesn’t takes the iPad version as a priority (focusing first in desktop as it was stated at Audiobus forum) then the BM3 comparision is fair IMO. Intua will release a game changer for the platform first in iOS later in desktops so “the best” you can expect from iPad will came from developers like Intua or indie devs such Kymatica, AudioBus team and so.
          Said that obviously better device, better performance and maybe Remixlive will work on older devices than BM3 due it cpu demands. It will be great know those performances and minimum requirements for each one but then if we want to choose the “focused approach” that ou point the an app like LooptunesHD could be better example than Remixlive since it does more or less the same but it has some features that Remixlive don’t own (like better file import and midi remote control support includding launchpad hardware if I remember right…)

          The surprise is not what iPads can do these days due to RemixLive3… the surprise is how many great apps (like this) are in iOS but web like this doesn’t review them. I could understand it related to dj apps but as Arkei set clear to me in the past (and also we discussed ataudiobus forum) DVS is not going to come to this (as alternative for Traktor Remix decks) so… if we are talking about different “djing” approach based in clip launching and live sequencing why not to wrote an article about BlocsWave or Launchpad app (the last with over 7.000.000 downloads at appstore)?

          There are “some” potential users which maybe will read an article about that and help to other develops like Mixvibes to achieve wider audience too, no?

          • Louis-Pierre Baudry

            Hi Dubby, thanks for the detailed response, don’t take it personal if my answer is slightly shorter 🙂
            Without going too much into the specifics, the first iOS version has been released prior to desktop and therefore this platform continues to be a high priority for us. I understand that some of the features you had in mind aren’t there yet or aren’t likely to be implemented soon, but expect to see continuous improvement from us in the coming months. In the meantime, it’s a good thing to be compared to other apps/developers as it pushes us to builder better apps 🙂

          • Dubby Labby

            I said that based on AudioBus forum discussion and our chats Louis. I don’t take it personal as I expect you and Mixvibes didn’t took my opinions a rant. I like Mixvibes and have huge respect for the brand and that’s why expect a bit more from it 😉

          • Louis-Pierre Baudry

            I didn’t take your views as a rant and I love to read them 🙂
            (btw the AB’s developer advice thread and there thesis were excellent readings)
            I just wanted to show our commitment to improve Remixlive. Matter of fact, some of the features recently required on AB’s forum will be released (very) shortly.

          • Dubby Labby

            I will love see a hardware partnership and dedicated controllers. If you check the tesis at that topic you will find some of my opinions reflected alongside more key findings.

          • Louis-Pierre Baudry

            My favorite extract too 🙂