Pioneer DJ Launch Interface 2, A Rekordbox DJ DVS Soundcard

We’ve been wondering when Pioneer DJ was going to add proper DVS support for all hardware to their Rekordbox DJ software. The answer has come in today’s announcement – the Interface 2 is a two channel audio interface that will allow Rekordbox’s performance mode to be controlled by any pair of DVS decks and output back to any mixer with audio ins. No Pioneer DJ approved mixer or controller needed to make it work!

  • Gear: Interface 2
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ 
  • Price: $299
  • Availability: Early July 2017
  • Includes: Rekordbox DJ + DVS licenses, control vinyl

Interface 2 = Rekordbox DJ Is Open To Every Mixer

Why is a sound card so exciting and interesting? Quite simply, it means there’s an officially supported device that allows Pioneer DJ’s software to work with any setup. DVS interfaces are critical for any DJ who doesn’t have a mixer with a certified sound card for their software. They take the audio signal from turntables, pass it into the software, and back out to mixer channels of your choice.

Pioneer DJ shows off the Interface 2 in their hero video alongside an older DJM-909, a favorite classic mixer for turntablists – but of course it’ll work with any brand of mixer. That’s the whole point.

Key Features Of The Interface 2

Wondering what makes this unit worth the price tag? Here are the features that Pioneer DJ noted in their press release:

1. High-quality sound: You can use the INTERFACE 2 at gigs thanks to its crystal-clear sound, inherited from our professional DJ gear. Supporting audio up to 96kHz, it features a high-quality D/A converter and the S/N ratio exceeds 110 dB, so it’s well suited for use in clubs.

2. Compact, robust chassis: Take the INTERFACE 2 out on the road with confidence. The unit is compact, portable and its seamless aluminium casting makes it highly robust, while the extended edges protect the terminals.

3. LEDs indicate signal flow: Connect the INTERFACE 2 to any DJ set-up quickly and easily, even in a dark club. After plugging into your laptop via USB, LED indicators on the INTERFACE 2’s top panel show signal flow, giving you a visual grasp of the setting status. You’ll immediately see if there’s a signal failure or a problem with a connection, or if the signal level is too low or high, for example when a turntable is incorrectly connected to the line input. The LEDs flash if a signal is in mono only.

4. Includes control vinyl plus licenses for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs: The INTERFACE 2 comes with bundled license keys for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj and the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, so you can control and scratch digital tracks stored on your computer. Using the engine of rekordbox dj, which uses the same audio signal processing in our professional DJ mixers and multiplayers, you can enjoy high-quality audio and low latency response.

5. Other features:
• Mains or USB power – choose your preferred source
• Stand-alone audio interface – use the INTERFACE 2 for recording audio to your computer or to send audio to speakers
• Large signal GND terminal – firmly holds turntables’ ground wires to reduce noise. The knob stays attached even when fully turned, so it can’t be dropped
• High-quality audio – supports 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz / 96 kHz signals
• DVS options – use time coded vinyl (included) or custom control signal WAV file for use via CDs or USB drive (free download available)

DVSinterface 2pioneer DJSoundcard
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  • Charles Cushman

    Does it have audio pass through if you play a record? Doesn’t look like it.

    • The Fantastix

      I think I read somewhere that it does, it needs to be powered though.

  • Luther Kusi Ayarkwah

    how can i use the dvs interface2 on cdjs. i can see there are no control cds for cdjs use.

    • Jay Tee

      Read the article..: • DVS options – use time coded vinyl (included) or custom control signal WAV file for use via CDs or USB drive (free download available)

      • Luther Kusi Ayarkwah

        It means I have burn signal wave file on a CDs and use it on cdjs…..if am correct .

        • Dubby Labby


  • OneCrazyDJ

    Rekordbox DJ is $129, Rekordbox DVS plugin is $99, 2 control vinyl is $25. so Pioneer is giving you the box for $47. Not a bad deal. Only thing they have to fix with there Rekordbox DJ software and DVS is needle dropping in relative mode which they haven’t fixed yet since I bought the software. So I wasted over $250 for all their software only to find out that NEEDLE DROPPING IN RELATIVE MODE DOES NOT WORK.

    • Anthony Alonso

      does needle dropping in rel mode work in traktor or serato?

      • Dubby Labby

        In Relative mode isn’t possible. In Absolute enabling loops or similar functions which require momentary “relativity”, yes it works.

    • Dubby Labby

      Needle dropping in relative mode doesn’t work but I think but another comment that you expect is Absolute mode to engage loop (active psedo-relative) dissengage (back to Absolute). In Absolute mode it could work but in Relative (the side B) never since there is no absloute info on relative mode.
      Said that, if Rekordbox lacks in that kind of option (in Absolute) it’s just a matter of time and adress the issue to the correct channel (Pioneer support) and understanding what is and what is not Absolute and Relative modes.

  • Be

    Is it USB Audio Class compliant?

    • Hetto Vennik

      I want to know too!

      • egorpe

        No, absolutely not. Tested and verified.

        • Hetto Vennik

          Thnx. Yes, heard that in the meantime as well

  • andreimatei

    Last I checked, scratching on Rekordbox DJ still sounds very “digital” and not like realistic vinyl like on Serato and Traktor. Have they addressed this? I assume not because you can still hear it in the video too. Odd they are ok releasing stuff like this without fixing root problem. Someone correct me if I’m wrong…haven’t gotten hands on with RBDJ in 3-4 months.

    • Anthony Alonso

      The second from last update fixed a world of DVS problems.

    • Dubby Labby

      If it sounds correct for mixing that’s it. Really not, but you know… true emulation of vinyl behaviour and sound isn’t top priority for Pioneer and never was NI neither. That pursuit was a bit better in the beggining (Stanton days) but since timecode upgraded signal into 2Khz the “scratch” specs where ditched over mixing accuracy. NI expend a lot of money in demos and make users upgrade soundcards to minimize the “issue” (and market it as “twice resolution than competency (Serato 1Khz)” but it bring us here. NI ditching jogs, etc etc…

  • Dag Sonikku

    Glad to see Pioneer finally filling in the gaps with hardware. Now hopefully they can get Rekordbox software closer to Traktor capabilities. Being a decade long Traktor user I am just waiting to switch. But can;t do it without all the same capabilities.

  • antmaper

    Now they can integrate their 2cdj + 2turntable setup in a way to load tracks on CDJs and play on turntables without need a laptop.

    • Dubby Labby

      How? What?
      Cdj could be “host player” throught its ethernet port ATM (maybe). These units haven’t any other bus to connect a timecode signal into them…
      Pioneer could develop a standalone cpu (like Tour series) with an audio interface like this (and maybe shaped like Numark dashboard) to allow what you point for 4 decks (cdjs or turntables whatever) and step up the game… but they don’t need it and “that” product probably will have very low revenue and high r&d cost (nowadays). Maybe Serato/Numark could go that route…

      • Christopher Allen

        that product would probably make a lot of money seeing the number of vinyl and controller users without USB inputs for their music…and R&D would be cheap seeing as all one would have to do is add a screen to a soundcard and have it boot to Rekordbox. it just kills the incentive to upgrade products

        • Dubby Labby

          I will love to believe it but the first number seems not justifying the second group requeriments. I’m agree it should be “easy” for them but even the Tour line (which includes a mixer perfectly cappable to accomplish that) has not DVS support and are out of “cheap” category. So it’s a small market or cospiracy :V

    • Anthony Alonso

      I already do this in my home setup. XDJ’s are connected in HID mode and can be used to browse, load tracks, cue points, looping, etcetera.

      • Dubby Labby

        “…are connected in HID mode…” to what? Mmmm I think you get the point wrong, sir.

        • Anthony Alonso

          Ah, you mean to connect the DVS soundcard directly to a cdj? That would be pretty cool, but seems redundant. Pluging two USB’s into your laptop and leaving off to the side with the lid closed while having access to your entire library is less work than prepping playlists, exporting to usb, and praying you dont want to hear anything you forgot to export.

          • Dubby Labby

            Well it depends on POV. For some users the laptop itself is the problem so an standalone solution makes sense to them.
            Anyways plugging a soundcard into cdj or mixer isn’t possible ATM so it’s only wishful thinking. First Pioneer (or anyone) should release a Host machine with that specification and probably audio interface will be included…

  • bkbikenerd

    Question: With the Rane SL2/SL3/SL4, & Denon DS1 anyone running Serato DJ do not need a license. Does ‘DVS Licenses’ mean if you install the Pioneer Interface 2 in a club DJ’s just need to have the latest version of Rekord Box?

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Just another In-app upgrade. Just like Serato DJ upgrades to Serato DVS or Traktor Pro to Traktor Scratch.

      • bkbikenerd

        Not quite correct. Anyone with Serato can just plug in and use the DS1, SL2, SL3, SL4 without buying anything a DVS license. With the NI Scratch A4, A6, A10 you still need to buy a full version of Traktor.

        What I am asking is if me and my dj group go to a club with a Pioneer Interface 2 do we need to buy a DVS Rekordbox license still? With the DS1, SL2, SL3, SL4 you just plug in and that it’s.

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          4th bullet down, under the video… Includes: Rekordbox DJ + DVS licenses.

          • bkbikenerd

            So you are saying we can just plug in?

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            I would think so, as long as you have the DVS upgrade. My knowledge of the software extends to Rekordbox DJ. That being said, I can use my CDJs in the same way as advanced auto routing in Traktor. Although, when using the audio interface in my DJM 850, all I require is the DVS upgrade to use that feature… I would think that I could just walk up to one of these Interface 2 units and run the software in the same way that I’d be able to use an Rane interface with the copy of Serato suite that I purchased for use with my mixer.

          • bkbikenerd

            I am talking about plugging in without buying purchasing the DVS plugin/license.

            I’m taking about DVS Enabled vs DVS Ready when using Serato terminology. See here.

            It’s all a bit confusing when it comes to Pioneer DVS. Maybe Dan White can chime in.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Serato Ready, the way I understand it is Serato DJ + the DVS expansion bundled together and sold with an OEM peice of hardware since the marketing model change from SSL. As stated in an above comment, this hardware comes bundled with both Rekordbox DJ and the DVS expansion license.

          • ?The Other Denzel?

            I think what bkbikenerd is asking is whether he can turn up and play without spending money.

            I personally use traktor with a Denon DN-X1600, but when I play at clubs with an s9 , Rane 62, or Rane Sl4 i just load up serato, which i didn’t pay for, and plug in.

            My assumption is you cannot do this with any of the pioneer products. you’ll have still have to shell out for Rekord Box Dj + DVS License.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            I’ll repeat this again… You don’t have to buy it again, the software comes bundled with the hardware. I didn’t have to buy an extra license to use my DJM instead of my CDJs, the only extra I have to buy is the DVS expansion if I want to use my turntables… but again, both licenses come bundled with the hardware.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Taken directly from the above article…

            4. Includes control vinyl plus licenses for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs: The INTERFACE 2 comes with bundled license keys for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj and the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, so you can control and scratch digital tracks stored on your computer. Using the engine of rekordbox dj, which uses the same audio signal processing in our professional DJ mixers and multiplayers, you can enjoy high-quality audio and low latency response.

          • ?The Other Denzel?

            I get it dude.

            I don’t own any serato hardware, yet I use serato on a weekly basis.
            I have never given serato a dime for anything besides time code. I’m a traktor user who uses serato occasionally because a spot I gig in has a rane mixer.

            You can’t do this with Rekordbox Dj, in any of it’s forms.
            I don’t own any pioneer gear, therefore I cannot use Rekordbox Dj in a club that’s equipped with a pioneer box, unless i pony up some money to buy the software.

            This isn’t how serato works.
            This is the answer to the homie’s question.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            I get it… I ran Traktor Pro (the license from my F1) for about a year and a half without a sound card, using my CDJs in advanced audio routing or using my DJM with an X1 and an F1.

            My license of Rekordbox DJ, I acquired from Worxmas a year and a half ago. It’s not like VDJ in that you have to purchase support per piece of hardware. I can use either my DJM or my 2KNXS as the audio interface, I can even walk up to daughters’ kit and plug her CDJ 350’s in and run those. I’m not understanding why people would think that it would cost more money to use a different supported piece of hardware.

            As for Serato, I bought the suite edition when it was on sale about 2 months ago. I installed Serato DJ and then had to add the serial keys to open each of the expansions. It’s not like the old days, where you just install SSL. I don’t have an interface for it, but my mixer is part of the club kit.

        • nprev

          Serato DJ, likewise Traktor, you need a license.

          Serato Scratch Live, you don’t need a license.

  • WRONG!

    Will we see an update to software? Pioneer’s DVS software is rubbish compared to Traktor, missing essential functionality like needle drop in relative mode. I also hate the way you can’t automatically use relative functionality (sync, loops, etc) without manually switching to relative mode, in traktor if you hit any loop buttons, sync etc it automatically switches to relative, then back to absolute on lead-in, great workflow where Rekordbox completely misses the boat..

    • Linz&Mars

      I didn’t know Traktor worked like that.
      That’s great. Traktor does do a lot of smart little things that I really like.

      I’d get a little more use of my cdj800’s if Serato did that.

  • Steve Riot Philipp

    Way to expensive, as everything from Pioneer.

    • Baron Parrillüsky Vön Hueven

      expensive? how much it cost traktor scratch or serato?

    • Oddie O'Phyle

      Way too expensive? This 2 channel DVS interface is exactly the same price as the Denon DS-1 and the NI A6. Same price point and features.

      • Hetto Vennik

        DS-1 is about 100 euro more !?!

      • DAVIDOF

        REKORDBOX DJ sucks …Traktor(for real pro’s not for kids who think Pioneer is the greatest and never ever used other stuff Pioneer, TRAKTOR IS BETTER THAN REKORDBOX DJ just face it .

        • Oddie O'Phyle

          …and what does that have to do with retail pricing??? This article has nothing to do with a side by side comparison of software and their features. Opinions are like butt holes… everyone has one… nobody wants to hear yours.

          • Traktor pricing community

            oh no buy that crap thing whats matter of it works wel .noob .fuck the price i wanna reakerdbox dj . i gave you info .no your complainin over the price … rekordbox dj will eror like always even with I20 processor and a 1000 gb ram memory .rekordbox dj is crap it falls out by almost everybody .i head recordboxdj for 2 years and whent over to traktor and yes i got cdj2000 nexus and yes i plx 1000 and yes i got djm 900 nexus and yes i know what the best thing is( cannot speak about serato i dont know) I got traktor Audio 10 because i bought an xone 92 .Butt Holes .and the biggest gay country in the world Is USA .USA Is Gay!

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            You may have to go back to school for classes in comprehension and geography…

            You gave no FACTS… voicing a personal preference is called an opinion. My original statement isn’t an opinion and is based off of promotional literature from the OEM companies listing the MSRP.

            This isn’t a side by side comparison of softwares… if it was… I personally run Cross, Rekordbox, Serato and Traktor to switch things up and so I can have a deeper understanding of the software, updates, function and features. I’m the person that will help someone find what is good for them, instead of telling them what is good for me. Like I said, opinions are like butt holes. Everybody has one, no one wants to hear it. When is the last time you wanted to hear someone fart beside you?

            As for your kit… good for you. I have the same CDJ’s, my daughter has the 350’s. I didn’t get the 900NXS, the 850 that I have does nicely with the RMX500… I don’t even miss the 2 extra beat colours. I didn’t bother with the PLX1000 as they are garbage… my STR8 150s serve me well. Sorry you got the Audio 10, I traded mine in and got a A10. The MKII model has a few improvements, was so happy with mine that I got my daughter the A6.

            Now, lastly… it might surprise you to know that there is more than 1 country in North America… check a map, you might be surprised.

          • Oddie O'Phyle

            Just a heads up for next time… when you call someone a NOOB, make sure they haven’t been slinging techno vinyl for the 20+ years, been an organizer and promoter of parties or host a weekly 3 hour radio show. Chances are if you are under the age of 30, I was playing house and techno before you could grow your big boy hair.

          • Danny Oliver


    • junox02

      Get outta here dude u don’t know what ur saying. Their product is getting cheaper now

    • Anthony Alonso

      Its comparable to both similar DVS packs currently on the market for NI and Serato

  • Sean Fernandez

    Who else is waiting for Pioneer to drop serato support now… lol… If serato want to stay in the game they may want to consider talking to Technics, and making a sl-1200 midi controller, with a spinning table and all the buttons you need. Maybe a screen as well. But make the controller serato only. Then the midi controller game is finished

      • Sean Fernandez

        This is not a midi controller. It still uses a timecode. Although I do believe that this mod when used with a DVS fixes the crappy platter problem. But this, as a midi controller would be nice.

        • Dag Sonikku

          There were even more problems than just the platter. This thing was a cool idea but had tons of issues and will never good a reliable source to play on(sadly).

          • Sean Fernandez

            wasn’t the other problem to do with the playback, which was sorted out by the use of DVS? Was there another problem?

          • Dag Sonikku

            Pitch control ran, the sd cards had issues, and just all-round not reliable. The only people I ever knew that actually enjoyed these, had to do tons of work arounds to get them to even work correctly.

          • Sean Fernandez

            I heard that to get it running good was a lot of work… thats right it was the pitch control that wasn’t crash hot… didn’t know about the sd card, except you needed that software no one had

          • Dubby Labby

            But I linked a MODded one not the og sldz…

        • Dubby Labby

          There is a version with hybrid mode like denons and midi control if I remember right. Check their fb for further info 😉

        • Dubby Labby

          Also take in mind that “midi” (or HID) controller for platter control isn’t so better than timecode (from resolution POV and performance) and Traktor doesn’t allow platter control from 3rd party (and its midi implementation sysex or midi timecode their mapping was limited by themselves after SCS.1d was released) like Numarks Ns7/V7 (ask DjQuartz about that) so that’s the reason behind Denon 3700 can be full midi in vdj but only hybrid mode in Traktor…

    • ????†?????? ???? ??

      first, Panasonic is terrible, and won’t do anything innovative at all with their decks, especially with the abysmal failure the 1200dz was. Secondly, their CDJ platters are highly coveted amongst Pio users, why screw that up with a change that Numark NS-7/Denon already has. Lastly, Pioneer has a LOT of bugs/stuff to work out with Rekordbox before they can drop support for other DVS. A LOT.

      • Sean Fernandez

        You make a fair call. You’re right…