Introducing Chroma Cables Audio Series

A new member of the “Chroma” family has arrived. This time, a beautiful set of audio cables join the popular line of Chroma Cables and Caps that have been popular with DJs and producers for several years. You – our community – asked for them, so we have delivered a set of stylish audio connectors that are affordable and practical for real life stage use.

Chroma Audio Cables

Today we are launching Chroma Audio Cables after several years of development and fine tuning. They are available immediately through our online store with very low-cost shipping to nearly all countries and affordable pricing for everyone.

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  • Price: $25/cable (buy more than one = discounts down to $18/cable)
  • Length: 5ft / 1.5m
  • Colors: Blue, Neon Orange, Red
  • Variations: RCA, 1/4″, and RCA to 1/4″
  • Specification: Stereo, unbalanced audio cables
  • Available: Now in the DJ TechTools store

The Backstory

It all started when our supportive readers asked many times for cool looking, colored audio cables.

So in 2016 we began prototyping early versions and testing them at our own gigs. The first question was “how can we to re-think the classic RCA connector with a modern, functional style?” The resulting octagon plugs echo barrel plugs of the past with a unique twist on the shape and great handling.

Then we went to work on the cable itself. We wanted something that felt like the classic high quality Mogami cables in production studios. They are beautiful, soft, well-made, and incredibly expensive – up to $50 for a single cable. After much trial and error, we found an option that had durability and softness without a giant price tag. The result is flexible and pliable, while still standing out in bright colors

Built on cable ties in matching colors were an easy choice – we discovered they are a must have from our popular USB cables with the same design.

One detail that was overlooked at first was the strain relief. This little section makes sure you don’t split the stereo pair apart, and it is very important for reducing strain on the cable ends. In certain setups, it’s common to need a little more cable width, so strain reliefs get cut off, then eventually the cable separates entirely and is ruined as a pair.

After scrapping three separate designs over four months, we eventually landed on a clean and very robust strain relief that can slide up or down the cable, adjusting to the width you want.

By far, the most challenging detail to get right was the markings on the cable. How to distinguish left and right on the cable in a simple, clear, and stylish way that would not add clutter or expense to the cable? We tested and threw away five different options including clip-on markers, different colored tips, various colored inserts, red and white wraps, etc. This process took many months, but in the end, subtle printing of +/- on the sides of the strain relief were the most straight forward and easy to understand without adding any extra colors.

The entire DJ TechTools staff and I are very proud to offer these new Chroma Cables to you. They’re simple but deeply thought out tools that we hope you will trust with the audio connections that send your music out into the world. Thank you for your support, feedback and the demand that inspired this project in the first place!

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