Must-Join Facebook Groups For DJs

In spite of everything negative one can find to say about the privacy track record of Facebook, it remains the world’s largest-ever social network. We’ve found that, more than ever, there are unique, highly specific communities cropping up on Facebook for DJs, audiophiles, music lovers, and so on. In this article are some of our favorites.

Have a quality Facebook group that you think should be featured here? (“Quality” = active community and useful/unique intent.) Drop down into the comments and share a link, as well as a quick description.

Editor’s Note: some of these groups are closed – meaning you’ll have to be approved by an admin to join, or maybe answer a few questions to prove that you’re legitimately interested in the content of the group. 

DJ Playlist Workgroup

  • Members: Over 1,500
  • Activity: very active (>1 post a day)
  • Link:
A typical discussion post on the DJ Playlist Workgroup

In this group, DJs are sharing playlists and exchanging ideas about what to add/remove from potential playlists for other DJs. We’ve seen examples of some pretty unique gigs in this group being workshopped – including older birthday parties, store openings. There’s also a lot of requests and exchanges of regional information – for example, Greek music, Texas country music, etc.

Great DJ Setups

  • Members: Over 6,300 members
  • Activity: very active (>1 post a day)
  • Link:

This is a pretty amazing group – full of mobile DJs showing off DJ booth setups that they like, offering advice for each other on how to improve their rigs, and giving each other (sometimes constructive) criticism. Highly passionate user base. People share photos of their own rigs in comments when people ask about certain things (i.e.: asking about how to do video in a mobile rig that looks nice – many people reply with their own photos)

Bad DJ Setups

  • Members: 15,000
  • Activity: very active (>1 post a day)
  • Link:

Ever wanted to learn from other DJs’ mistakes? We’ll be honest, this isn’t the most positive and encouraging group out there. It’s designed explicitly to share and critique poorly designed DJ setups, usually mobile rigs or DIY booths. Often members will share their own old setups that they can look back on and laugh at.

DJ DIY Network

  • Members: 3,700+
  • Activity: active (3-5 posts a week)
  • Link:

This group has people sharing “DIY” modifications to their DJ gear. This term seems to be used pretty loosely – there’s mobile DJs trying out wireless speaker solutions, people showing off unique scaffolding based DJ carts, controller DJs modifying their crossfaders, homemade gear cases. Essentially, it’s DJs who want to push things forward on their setup in a way that doesn’t just involve buying a new bespoke piece of gear.

Ableton Live.. No B.S.

  • Members: Over 6,900
  • Activity: very active (>1 post a day)
  • Link:

This group is open to any discussion about Ableton Live. It’s a great place for troubleshooting of individual issues, asking for advice on instruments/VSTs, requests for help with specific features, etc. People often share their own pro-tips in a way that you might not find on other community platforms.

Identification Of Music Group

  • Members: 95,000+
  • Activity: very active (>1 post a day)
  • Link:

This group has been written up in VICE, Wired, and other international media outlets – as a result it blew up in size. It’s essentially human-powered Shazam – someone posts a clip of music (usually video, sometimes taken by the user at a show, sometimes from a livestream, etc) and everyone tries to help the user figure out what track is playing.

Serato DJ

  • Members: 24,500+
  • Activity: very active (>1 post a day)
  • Link:

This is a general Serato DJ group. Lots of users asking each other about technical support issues, or if certain setups will work, or to explain certain features. Not much substance here aside from individual Q+A – but if you have a Serato question, this seems like a great place to get help.

Traktor DJ’s

  • Members: 4,000+
  • Activity: active (3-5 posts a week)
  • Link:

This is a general Traktor Pro group – like the Serato DJ group above, it’s a place mostly for technical support help and Q+A, as well as gear suggestions.

Rotation: Classic & boutique DJ mixers – Custom modifications – DJ culture

Warning: you might want to buy an expensive rotary mixer after joining this group.

This is a group where everyone loves analog and rotary mixers. There’s equal amounts of sharing of gear they’ve discovered (historical or for sale) and DIY modifications and projects.

Mobile DJ Network

This is a mobile DJ group – lots of great debate about mobile DJ issues, sharing PA advice, gig stories, lighting advice. There’s a fair amount of Buy and Sell going on in here as well! The big distinguishing factor between this group and other mobile-oriented groups is this is very UK focused – and the membership seems to be UK heavy as well.

Over To You: What great groups are you a part of on FB that are great for DJs? Share in the comments.

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