DJs + VJs Rejoice: Denon DJ Has Teamed Up With Resolume

It was a bit overshadowed by last week’s announcement that the new Denon DJ SC5000M would be a motorized vinyl media player, but Denon DJ put out another press release all about visuals. That’s right, the company has teamed up with one of the biggest names in live show visuals software, Resolume. In a new update, VJs will be able to see exactly what’s going on in the media players and DJs will be able to automatically control and trigger actions in visuals software just by mixing on their media players. Watch the videos and keep reading to learn more.

Prime Hardware Now Sends Data To SoundSwitch

We’re pretty excited when we see visuals tech mentioned in DJ hardware press releases. For too long, the two worlds have been fairly disparate: a DJ mixes music, and a lighting and visuals desk follows along. There have been some recent developments that have started to allow DJ technology to communicate directly with lighting and visuals software – and SoundSwitch was a big step forward. The SoundSwitch software was acquired by Denon DJ earlier this year – and now the Prime Series of hardware can send data directly to SoundSwitch:

Resolume + Denon DJ have linQ’d up

But even better than InMusic championing their own software is the news that the Prime series’ StageLinq communication protocol can now send data directly into Resolume. Resolume is an incredibly popular software in the visuals world, and they’ve added new integration into the software that allows VJs to directly see what’s happening on the players – as well as create automated transitions based on fader position:

“Arena can not only play video in perfect sync with the playing audio tracks but it will also recognise the songs being cued and automatically start the corresponding video. Just plug in the ethernet cable and you’re ready to go. The DJ has full creative freedom, scratching, pitching, looping and firing cues, the video in Arena will stay in perfect sync.” – Resolume’s official blog

The new update to Resolume with this integration, version 6.1, will be out “in a couple of weeks”.

This seems like a brilliant step forward by Denon DJ – they’re paying attention to more than just one element of the club/festival/party experience, and really trying to create a complete ecosystem. Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, Serato, take note – and let’s see more attention to lighting and visuals!

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