The Rane Seventy: a new battle mixer designed to directly compete with the DJM-S9

InMusic is on a roll with product releases this NAMM. Rane DJ is the next brand inside of the company to roll something out: the Rane Seventy mixer. 

Look, we know the spec sheet already leaked over the weekend and everyone knew this release was coming. What we didn’t know was that Rane teamed up with DJ Craze for an absolutely epic routine video, which opens with one of the most relatable #DJproblems of all time: a club goer requesting a specific Drake song while Craze is DJing an all-Drake night:

Rane Seventy: A New Rane Mixer For Battle DJs That Feels Familiar

Rane Seventy Two (left), Rane Seventy (middle), Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 (right) – click to zoom

You obviously can’t talk about the Seventy without noticing the many workflow elements that make it feel far closer to a Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 than a Rane Seventy Two.

  • the re-positioned EQs and gain/filter knobs are almost identical to the DJM-S9’s mixing section
  • The spacing around the FX paddles has plenty of room – no knobs right next to them any more
  • The headphone cue fader instead of per-channel buttons
  • The lack of a waveform / touchscreen
  • A looping section that mirrors the layout on the S9

That’s not to say that Rane is stealing Pioneer DJ’s proprietary secret sauce and that it’s time to lawyer up. On the contrary, the original (pre-InMusic) Rane’s battle mixers helped defined the standards for many others that came after. These post-2010 battle mixer designs all actually pull heavily from the hard work and experimentation that Vestax did for years.

The full Rane Seventy feature list

Alright, enough commentary who looks like who – here’s what Rane DJ is saying is the most consequential stuff on the new mixer:

  • (3) MAG FOUR contactless fader
  • External crossfader tension-adjustment control
  • solid steel construction & front guard handle protection
  • (6) Dual post-fader internal FLEX FX engines
  • Serato DJ FX controls
  • Independent pad modes for each channel
  • (32) Midi-Assignable Pads
  • Browse and track select controls
  • Intuitive Instant Double buttons, toggle as Sync On-Off or Silent Cue mode
  • Dedicated loop controls
  • Dual diecast aluminum 180 ? rotatable FX paddles
  • RANE TWELVE Connection Hub
  • Dual microphone inputs
  • Industry leading signal-to-noise 114dB
  • Dual USB connections for DJ handoffs
  • 16 Akai Professional MPC performance pads

The new Mag Four faders feel pretty darn good, too – they’re incredibly light and has an external tension adjustment – and yes, Rane is planning on selling the faders independently for DJs who want to upgrade.

Watch Some Hands-On First Takes On The Rane Seventy

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