Denon’s Engine OS now integrates with Virtual DJ directly on hardware

Denon DJ continues to push the envelope forward in the DJ gear world and today’s announcement is no exception.

Earlier this month, they released the newest version of their flagship DJ firmware Engine OS with SoundCloud/Beatport LINK integrations directly on any Engine OS-enabled hardware. Now, they’ve announced an official controller integration between Engine OS and Virtual DJ‘s desktop software.

A quick look at the new integration via Denon DJ on YouTube.

Yet another step towards the ease of connection between your favorite software services and your Denon DJ gear, this Engine x VDJ connection makes sense. After the last launch of linkage capabilities with two massive streaming services, the ability to use DJ software like Virtual DJ on-gear was the logical next step.

With Virtual DJ set up on your Engine OS-enabled gear, you’ll find a similar workflow to your desktop movements when using the program – as well as a completely customizable interface, full-color moving waveforms, and OLED FX feedback.

The new integration is available on an array of Denon products, including the SC6000 & 6000M, SC5000 & 5000M, X1850, X1800, Prime 2, and Prime 4. With one of these units set up and updated with Engine OS’s new v1.5.1 firmware, you just need to put the gear in Controller Mode to use the software.

You can grab the latest software and firmware you’ll need for the integration here: Engine OS’s v1.5.1, and VirtualDJ 2021. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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