Neural Mix stem separation control with Midi Fighter Twisters + djay

For the last few weeks, we’ve been working on a project in collaboration with Algoriddim, who launched their own Neural Mix stem separation technology inside their iOS djay software back in August. The goal: to build the ultimate mapping to control the djay Pro AI for our Midi Fighter Twisters.

The project is complete and launched today. The djay for iOS software now includes bundled support for the Midi Fighter Twister to control the Neural Mix vocal/instrumental stem separation feature.

Ean mixes techno with Twisters + Neural Mix

Let’s kick things off with a mix. In the video below, Ean’s put together a short demo performance of this stem separation style mixing:

Ean Golden mixes techno in a new way: 4 deck layering with Neural Mix

Ean Golden taking his latest DJ rig for a spin: two Midi Fighter Twisters and an iPad Pro running Algoriddim’s djay. We’ve also got a video on our YouTube showing exactly how it all works:

Posted by DJ TechTools on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

An in-depth explanation of how Neural Mix in djay works

Above, Ean dives quite a bit more into the djay Pro AI technology and explains how it can be used on the fly to create unique mixes.

It’s a new way of thinking about mixing. Instead of just cutting out frequencies, the technology is designed to isolate parts – vocals, instrumentals, drums. It gives the same functional style of control that you would with an EQ. That’s what makes the Midi Fighter Twister the ideal controller for Neural mix – you need some incredibly versatile knobs to take advantage of these features instead of tapping on hard glass iPad screen.

These features are available to anyone with a djay Pro subscription on iOS. Algoriddim has noted that because of the chipset it uses, the latest iPad Pro does the best job of separating stems on the fly and making it sound good in a mix. Other iOS devices work, but you might experience slightly different results.

How the Midi Fighter Twister mapping works

We genuinely think we’ve built one of the best possible mappings for Neural Mix. The mapping has both 2-deck and 4-deck options, loop/sample control, filter control and more. Ean explains the full mapping in this video:

Already own a Twister and want to get started trying this out? Here’s how to set up the Midi Fighter Twister with djay.

Adapters used for Audio Out with an iPad Pro

If you’ve got a newer iPad Pro, Ean mentions in the video that he’s set up a way to power the Twisters and audio out via USB-C (since that is the only port on the iPad Pro).

Here’s what he used, with links to get the gear yourself:

If you just want to connect directly to a single Twister and don’t need additional audio out for cueing (just to play around solo), you can just grab a USB-C Chroma Cable.

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