Mixed In Key 10: improved key detection, cue point exporting, & a UI update

With fifteen years of key detection software under its belt, Mixed In Key has become a household name for many artists. Its latest iteration, Mixed In Key 10, celebrates 15 years of the software – and introduces a number of new features that DJs and producers can utilize in their creative endeavors. Major ones worth noting: an improved key detection algorithm, the ability to export cue points to RekordBox, and a new UI.

Better key detection

Mixed In Key has always been one of the most reliable softwares for key detection, and we’re happy to see that their algorithm – which uses a combination of machine learning and data science to accurately pull keys – keeps improving. As their team explains it, “the latest version combines the work of American, British and Swiss data scientists to create an algorithm that exceeds the previous version’s results by 10%, which already had the highest-ranked key detection in the world.”

Export your keys to Rekordbox

Quite a step forward in terms of making flow even easier for DJs who use Rekordbox – Mixed In Key 10 now allows you to export its cue points into the flagship Pioneer DJ software (directions on how to do so can be found here). Those cue points are automatically generated by Mixed In Key using its music analysis capabilities, and can include up to 8 per track.

How Mixed In Key’s cue points look when exported into Rekordbox. (cc: MIK)

A new UI

The new version comes with a new design – or, let’s say, a new-and-improved one. You may find it familiar, as it’s a nod to the classic look of Mixed In Key 5.5. The MIK team chose to pay homage to this version because, as they explained, “coincided with the rise of EDM, and was one of the most beloved versions of Mixed In Key in history.”

Mixed In Key 10 is out now, and available for $58. If you’re a previous owner of MIK, you can upgrade for $39. Nab it here.

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