The DDJ-FLX6-GT from Pioneer DJ: 4 channels, Merge FX + Virtual DJ compatibility

Pioneer DJ announced their latest controller today (just days after the release of their DDJ-FLX4): the new DDJ-FLX6-GT. It’s a 4-channel version of their original DDJ-FLX6 with additional upgrades and feature add-ons as well.

Sitting at a pricetag of $649, the FLX6-GT takes on a matte grey coloring and most notably includes the introduction of support for Virtual DJ software, a step up from the first FLX6’s software compatibility for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. (Worth noting: if you have a DDJ-FLX6 already, you can update the firmware to be able to use Virtual DJ as well.)

Key Features

Along with the 4 channels and Virtual DJ usability as perhaps two of the most major additions, here’s a run-down of the DDJ-FLX-GT’s core features:

  • Merge FX – a new effect knob artists can turn to transition from one track to another regardless of BPM or key (we’re curious how well this’ll work, so let us know if you try it out). There are 8 presets usable with Merge FX on rekordbox, and four on Virtual DJ or Serato DJ Pro. You can also create your own samples.
  • Jog Cutter – users can turn on this new feature and finesse the jog wheel to create a scratch effect that will apply to the previous playback position or hot cue. It comes with 10 scratch patterns to choose from.
  • Software compatible with Virtual DJ and TRAKTOR PRO 3 with a license key or subscription, plus free access to rekordbox Core and Serato DJ Pro
  • Comes with license keys for Serato FX Pack, Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Packs and TRAKTOR PRO 3 TSI file (you’ll need to import this to use the software)
  • Full-sized jog wheels
  • Built-in sound card and performance pads
  • Powered by USB Bus

The DDJ-FLX6-GT will be available for purchase at $649 later this month, according to Pioneer DJ. Grab yours from the DJ TechTools shop.

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