This is the DDJ-FLX10, with new Track Separation and Mix Point Link features for mashups and more

The latest in the DDJ-FLX series from Pioneer DJ has arrived: the DDJ-FLX10, a 4-channel controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. With the expected timeline of a late March in-store availability, it’s a $1,599 piece of gear that comes with a swath of new features. A few of these particularly focus on making it easy to create mashups on the fly, like the addition of track separation technology and the Mix Point Link feature – both built for rekordbox users.

Split your songs into stems with Track Separation

This addition to the FLX-10 allows artists to separate out a track’s vocals, drums, and instruments with the intention of making it easier than ever to make remixes and mashups on the fly. Each part has its own color-coded button. Once a track is split, this feature offers a number of ways to uniquely adjust the layers – you can add FX to one part solely instead of the entire song, isolate a part and scratch it on one of the decks, and adjust the volume on the individual pieces. The track separation technology is a unique add-on for the FLX-10 that opens the door to quite a bit of customization and creative abilities for users.

Connect points on tracks for smooth transitions: Mix Point Link

Mix Point Link allows you to set points on two tracks and connect them with each other. The feature was added to the FLX-10 with the intention of providing a route to a smooth transition between songs automatically rather than hitting play manually, which gives you the opportunity to add effects or intermix stems via Track Separation to create your own mashup.

Other features worth noting

Beyond the addition of Track Separation and Mix Point Link, the DDJ-FLX10 comes with a number of capabilities including:

  • On-Jog Displays with 4 modes – which notably is also an offering that can also be found on the CDJ-3000s. You can choose from Deck Info mode – to keep track of the overall waveform and track details, Waveform mode – to see the zoomed waveform on each deck, an Artwork display, or a DJ logo display. The jog wheels are also multicolored for the first time.
  • A 4-sensor MAGVEL Fader system
  • An internal DMX output to connect lighting programming effects via rekordbox
  • A USB-C terminal that’s functional with a sole plug
  • Software compatibility with rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro

You can check out the Pioneer DJ website for more details on the DDJ-FLX10, which will be up for grabs at $1,599 plus tax later this month.

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