• Chris

    The new EKS Otus Raw looks great, I recently purchased an Otus and the loop buttons are way too small and the touch sensitive pitch is slightly annoying but other than that it's a great controller. Wouldn't switch to the Otus Raw though as I like the fact I have a built in soundcard which you lose with the Raw. Anybody know if EKS are planning on updating the Otus after the Raw is released? If they do I hope they lose the touch sensitive stuff and replace with proper fader, mpc-style pads and make loop buttons bigger.

  • Do you remember the "Ean Reunion with other djs and vestax guru"?

    They said Future = tactil.

    It cost me a "flame" with him (because I leave an "or" in my comment)


  • The whole "Djs want to do things manually" is laughable.

    Djs like options and by not giving the user options like this i wouldnt be at all suprised at all if this unit is an epic flop. Its a shame because wacom could have come onto the market with a more innovative solution than this, while also sticking somewhat to their market of computer users.

    Sounds like they should have more closely listened to what Ean had to say in the earlier days.

  • Dj Anarchy

    [quote comment=""][…] reviews and more information about these controllers at the DJTechTools […][/quote]

    [quote comment="17390"]VCI-300 has cuepoints on each deck since day one. What do you mean?[/quote]

    my bad dude.. didn't know.. hmmm I'm trying to down size my set up.. but damn I love my tables.. but the vci 300 looks like a good controller… damn.. small space.. save my back .. from all the weight I gotta carry.. fuck.. well see… u guys think the itch program will support video .???

  • Cool wrap up Ean!

    By the way, what's the name of the song used in the vid? It's awesome!

  • VCI-300 has cuepoints on each deck since day one. What do you mean?

  • Dj Anarchy

    damn the economy is hitting hard… not too many controllers… any news on vci 300 getting cue points like the ns7…. ???

  • Grizu

    As far as I know they are still working on the new 05 and 08 mixers with MIDI. And I saw a video today that says "the tank" (an audio-interface with xlr-outs) is on sale in Japan now.

  • fdisk

    Anything new from Vestax?

  • jimspree

    No video of me swimming across the sea of blue! haha

  • Anonymous

    [quote comment=""][…] reviews and more information about these controllers at the DJTechTools […][/quote]

    The Next Beats Price is LAUGHABLE, what a joke

  • I completely disagree that Djs want to do everything manually. Don't get me wrong there are some things that Djs love (and need to do manually), but there are some things that I would actually want a better automatic feature to implemented. Matching BPM is definetly one of them.

    Traktor Pro does an ok job of it, but I wish it were better. Beat-grids help to, but I have a large selection and I don't have time (either at home or live) to sit and beat-grid every song.

    If auto-BPM-sync worked better, it would free up more time for me to play with the song I am now, instead of worrying about the BPM of the next song. I could drop in more samples, play with more effects, etc.

    What is even more absurd to me is that the product tempo fader is even that great. If you are gonna make a statement about doing things manually, then that manual interface needs to be spot on.

    The detachable part is very cool though…

    This is one product I won't be buying (unless they do some major overhauling)

  • ToS

    Hey, let's post here all QUALITY youtube videos from Messe.

    Hercules has a great idea by adding a USB hub to the unit. I like it.

    That MidiFighter case is really nice work. I hope many will want to build one themselves (for the sake of experience gain and new/different interface solutions). Hopefully, there will be enough market for MidiFiddler to sell some (idea: signed and numbered units).

  • delirious86

    Here's something on the Stanton scs.3m

  • I filmed almost the complete set at the Vestax booth but my cam only shows me some blue screen 🙁 Hope to see some footage of the Battle and the Messe showcases soon. Midi Fighter is dope and I should try to fit in some arcade buttons into my vci-300.

  • wavegroom

    No word about the stanton scs.3m?

  • mekon_ca

    whats the name of the song in first video?

  • kilbot

    no write-up on the 'Reloop'? it looked rather interesting in the video…

    was it that entire controller? or just the sound interface portion showed by itself? or both?

    also, when the interface part was showed by itself, when the camera pans down there is a fancy looking white controller(?), what was that!?

    ahhh, the video was a big tease

  • davemex

    Ean, make sure in the next VCI-100 TSI file to include a button that toggles email on/off, after all, isn't that why we all use laptops to DJ?

    I think these companies that are making all of the self-contained hardware are missing a major component of the popularity of digital djing, and that is that now almost everyone has invested in a laptop for one reason or another. We already own the computing power so what we need are the tools that allow us to creatively interface with that device! Ok I've got to get off my soap box now before I type up an essay in the comment box.

  • luv2xra

    OTUS is making a great controller

  • nan

    Great… I can't wait for the mappings on the new remote!!! I assume this mapping in traktor pro will work also with the older version of the remote? at least involving minimal adjustments right?