• Anyone else having problems with midi feedback using loopbe1? The only way I can get Ableton to respond is to set midi port to loopbe (in MIJOY) then turn on remote for loopbe in ableton preferences, but then loopbe tells me I am hooking up the input and output within the same application. This, however is the only way I can get a response from the joystick on a ableton “knob”….anyone else dealt with this problem/has quick tips?

  • The MidiHID link at the top appears to be broken. Was the location removed completely, or is there a new link? Thanks!!

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  • hannes

    I tried to make this work in several different ways on my powerbook g4. First i tried to connect my xbox360 controller to midi, then i tried a normal gamepad and different drivers/apps that makes it possible to connect this to your mac. just for fun i configured the joystick on my hercules mk2 to control the mouse, which worked. but i didnt find a good way to convert the hid to midi, except for junxion, but that is kind of expensive, so i gave up.

    I connected the hercules mk2 to my traktor 3 again, but it didn`t recognize it at all, well, it did recognize the audio interface part, which i could use, but there was no connection at all to the midi part.

    I think this has something to do with all the other drivers i installed. So i uninstalled all the apps and things that were added in the system preferences pane with a uninstaller called amnesia.

    reinstalled the latest drivers for hercules mk2, but now i have no connection at all to the mididevice. not even in the standard midi software that is in the system utilities in mac osx.

    i searched the web for a couple of days now, but i cant find anything about this. ive tried the NI and djtechtools forums, and the hercules tech support, but no luck.

    So this what we could call my last resort, does anyone have any idea what is wrong? are there some drivers that are interfering with my mk2 even though i uninstalled the apps?

    Is there some special folder for drivers on mac that i can get to and manually delete something?

    Is there any way to just reset the drivers?

    please help me out on this one, im out of ideas. and sorry for posting this here, if anyone has a knows of a better place to turn to, just tell me and i`ll be gone.

    thanks in advance

  • I´ve bought MidiHID. Now I connected my Guitar Hero Guitar (Wii) over Bluetooth with my Laptop (Mac). Is I press a button on the Controller it will be shown in the log. If I press a Button on the guitar nothing will be shown… What´s wrong?

  • Fat Elvis

    If you’re looking for a Windows program that does the same thing, check out GlovePIE:


    The “Glove” part comes from it being useful with VR gloves – but it actually works with mouse, keyboard, MIDI, HID, Bluetooth, WiiMote, and VR glove input.

    It can output events as MIDI, but also as Keyboard, Mouse, or Joystick events.

  • [quote comment=””]I’ve been looking something like this – that allows scripting but for MIDI input. And I was curious to see if the VCI-300 also sent HID data.

    Nope. VCI-300 is MIDI only.[/quote]

    actually the vci-300 sends midi and HID.

  • sgb

    I’ve been looking something like this – that allows scripting but for MIDI input. And I was curious to see if the VCI-300 also sent HID data.

    Nope. VCI-300 is MIDI only.

  • [quote comment=”18464″]Just a word. Mac only![/quote]

    Sadly yeah 🙁

  • Priscilla

    AWESOME! I hope I win but if i don’t I would totally buy this. Good luck everyone.

  • Monika.mhz

    Just a word. Mac only!

  • f0tif0

    Anonymous i dont have it i play with itch plus two other cdj’s
    i dont want to go traktor yet since new fx coming out for our vci
    but for right now i most of the time play on cue points since we can do 4 of them in itch.
    No metter what people think if i play with itch everything is easy
    i literally do a lot while i play on itch seems more work than dj who use cdj( well i do use it too) ;]
    so dont struggle with traktor SERATO will pick it up soon.
    try using cue points as much as u can ;]
    cue point juggling and cue point playing ;]

  • Anonymous

    f0tif0, do you have your vci 300 mapping posted in the forum? I’ve been trying to map mine and its taking forever. I’m new to Traktor Pro and the learning curve for midi mapping is steaper than I thought.

  • Yes This is very cool….hope I win…

  • f0tif0

    Ableton here i come

  • f0tif0

    this is what i was always dreaming about in my preformances
    i hope i win!
    because right now i gonna start to get gigs really often and if i do that with the glove here in DC everyone gonna go crazy
    since i already do crazy stuff with vci 300 i got
    Bigs up guys

  • Quite cool. I’ll almost definately buy a copy of this if I can’t win one.