New HID-MIDI Converter- Wii Guitars Rejoice

An old friend of Dj TechTools, Pierre-Olivier Latour, has created a fast and powerful HID to Midi translator program called MidiHID that you may want to check out. This translator allows you to take any HID device out there, including such devices as the Apple Remote, Rock Band guitar or a P5 Virtual Reality Glove and control dj software and create complex presets for each controller.

While there are already several HID to Midi converters on the market, most of them are under-supported and the only decent one for mac, Junxion , is over $60.  To fill the gap, Dj TechTools worked with Pierre last year in creating our own Guitar Translator, a simple but powerful program that serves one purpose: connecting guitar controllers to dj software so you can get your axe on in da club.  Since creating Guitar Translator, things at the TechTools office have been out of control busy, so we delayed the release until I actually had time to support it.  Instead of waiting around in the wings, Pierre went ahead and built a full version of the software that supports all HID devices and allows anyone to customize their own presets. Pierre, who was also the man behind Quartz composer and PixelShox, is a very good developer so his HID translator is super fast with low latency and very reliable performance.

Just a word of warning, MidiHID is not plug and play software like Guitar Translator. Every HID compatible device will work but you need to have some basic scripting experience to write your own configurations. The advantage to this is that anyone will some basic Lua scripting experience can make a HID device do almost anything imaginable.

As is always the tradition, we have secured a few copies to give away to our readers. You can enter to win them here. We will announce the winners here in the comments next friday!

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