• Madeon

    I’m sorry but the price is bullshit, and so is the DIY thing. This is an assemble kit, all you allow is modding the source, which I agree is neat but the price makes this another utterly overpriced product.

  • I need one of these!!!!!

  • Hey Keats,

    its going to be a little while on the MF instruments :(

    we are carefully crafting prototypes and exploring lots of directions. Rather than just throw some faders and knobs in a box (ala most controllers) we are developing an instrument – which takes a lot of iterations before you get it right.

    I would encourage folks to grab a midi-fighter DIY kit now as it might be at least 2-4 months before we offer a different version with more controls. you can add your own analogue controls now and those experiments will help us decide on which elements we ultimately offer to everyone.

  • january 27th now… any news on the MF-T1 yet?? :)

  • Dom

    january 5th now… any news on the MF-T1 yet??

    i don’t want to buy a midi fighter now only for a better one to come out the next day.


  • RCUS

    Pulled the trigger! I thought about getting a mixed batch of buttons but decided that the neon green is the way to go. Hopefully this will be a nice sturdy replacement for my nanopads for juggling and effects. Damn nanopads just break too easily.

  • ian d

    do any of you konw when the MF-T1 will be available?

  • Ian T

    Got one woohoo!
    Black on black.


    got the vci arcade but always wanted to have access to extra cue points..so i ordered this first release…
    hope when the t1 comes out i dont regret not waiting…
    another question is i have a macbook with 2 usb ports so how do i connect the midifighter when my 2 ports are being used by my vci arcade and audio8???
    what does the t1 do? how do i connect this midifighter
    good questions?

  • Levi B

    So excited for it to come out! I hope I can get one!

  • [quote comment=”24566″]”Release Date: November 30th”

    Hey, any update on when this will be available? Should’ve been here 2 days ago.[/quote]

    Hey Guys,

    Announcements coming next week! :)

  • DA

    midi fighter…

  • Jared-F

    Are you guys gonna be doing a 64 button controller? Unfortunately I need way more buttons than 16. The akai is nice but just too damn big =]

  • seeMARTINbreak

    any price on the MF-T1???????

  • Tim

    “Release Date: November 30th”

    Hey, any update on when this will be available? Should’ve been here 2 days ago.

  • DAV3-G

    I just want to give it up to Ean Golden for coming up with the Ideas for these controllers. After watching him rock out on some of these midi controllers, gave me some great ideas + inspired me to add a lil something extra to my DJ setup…Also to all you guys out there who take there time to post some reliable information on this stuff. peace

  • DAV3-G

    I have yet to play with any midi devices but i’ve had my eye on this for a minute. I feel like a kid in a candy store. I really like the idea of the arcade buttons. I can’t wait till you guys release this thing!

  • Are black buttons going to be available?

  • joe

    i want to get one of these when i can order one







  • pcdj-cash

    I just put $150 into my paypal account , this sh!t is mine!

  • Hey Ean the new midi fighter looks amazing I am extremely happy with my vci arcade and can’t stop using it dj-ing but I can’t help but think I always want another controller dedicated to the 3rd and 4th decks. This would be amazing if it had the possibility to control the other decks and cue points, and I would love to see a video on this topic when it is full working order.

    Thanks again Ean keep up the amazing work !!!

  • seeMARTINbreak

    # CouldntThinkOfAName

    November 22nd, 2009 at 7:08 pm Quote

    What programs or software will it work with.

    ….”””The finished controller is plug-and-play with super high-quality, low-latency drivers and will work with all MIDI-compatible software.”””

  • CouldntThinkOfAName

    What programs or software will it work with.

  • Rob

    Thats sick. I cant wait to get my hands on one

  • seeMARTINbreak

    will there be black arcade buttons offered too??? cause im getting tired of seeing them but not being able to buy them. are you holding out on us Ean?? lol

  • Paco loco

    Any idea how much shipping to the uk will be?

  • ize009

    Arcade buttons. The buttons are time tested; with thousands of kids beating on them for years, they hold up. They are lightning fast, responsive, near indestructible buttons perfectly suited for controllerism. The idea of implementing them in a DJ controller is brilliance in its simplicity- a perfect match of time tested reliability and precision with the new generation of DJ hardware.

    Anyone who thinks there is a favorable comparison between the arcade buttons and buttons on units like the Launchpad just doesn’t get it. At all.

  • Oh god oh god oh god oh god

  • archies’bald

    I would also like to know if shipping to Europe/UK is a possibility, and how much (approx.) would it cost?

  • Abyrne7

    This will sure turn heads in the clubs! haha very cool

  • Armando

    wow Ean, unbelievable response bro. That really brought the big picture together man. Thanks for the candid response. Actually everyone had a really good point of view on the idea. Looking forward to seeing the release and actually building one.

  • kenwaldek

    interesting product,but what about an arduino based midi instrument
    also opensource

  • Double DutchDj

    Wow! I’m really love’n how simple yet, soooo well thought out (for production and consumer) the midi fighter is. And it looks great!! what really gets me excited is seeing how much ground techtools has covered in the last 14+ months and where/what this site will be knocking out this time next year. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Priscilla

    I dig Ean’s response. Honest, thoughtful, and no BS.

  • awesome!

    i agree, the customization potential is exciting. can’t wait to see the directions this goes.

  • Baptiste

    Hey Ean!
    I’m really excited about the midi fighter!
    Will you ship it to europe???

  • Devmani

    So getting one of these, damn it’s gangstah!

  • [quote comment=”24056″]Don’t get me wrong this is great.. but when you add up the kit plus the amount for buttons wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy the novation launch pad instead?[/quote]

    This is a completely fair question that deserves a good response. If you are just going to compare the price per button then the Launch pad gives you more button per dollar. Its a great controller for triggering clips in live but not so great for controllerism and cue point juggling/ loop mashing because of the feel and size of the buttons.

    Comparing these two controllers is like comparing a low cost guitar, mass manufactured in china to a custom made boutique guitar which has been designed for optimal playability and is made by hand in a very limited number. They are just very different beasts and one is obviously going to be more expensive.

    The buttons are the really big differentiating factor with the feel and response of the arcade buttons being a one of a kind experience.
    The launch pad is a good basic ableton controller if you want the lowest cost possible for a grid of buttons but If you require high speed playability and a one of a kind controller then we believe the midi fighter is a really special instrument.

  • Ean – You and your team are definitely carving out a niche for yourselves in the controller market. Well designed, open source, and support from the DJTT forum. Awesome! Keep up the great work.

  • Fatlimey

    [quote comment=”24056″]Don’t get me wrong this is great.. but when you add up the kit plus the amount for buttons wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy this instead[/quote]

    Price per button, yes. But it doesn’t have analog inputs, it’s not expandable, it’s not hackable at the lowest possible level (like building in your MIDI map right into the hardware), it’s not nearly as repackageable and customizable and it’s not a complete MIDI hacking platform that many other people in the community will be working on, expanding and sharing their open source updates for.

    So, in terms of a simple device, yes, go for the Launchpad. If you want to join the open source hardware movement, get a MidiFighter.

  • Armando

    actually mate, launchpad just became OSC :)


    arcade buttons are definitely a plus.. just not 40 dollars worth of extra costs to play like its 1980 all over again.

    I guess you can’t knock it until you try it :P

  • man, what a look. i bet that feels amazing, too. me want.

  • Anonymous

    . . . the playability of arcade buttons is unmatched.

  • Joshua

    The Launchpad does not have arcade buttons, customizable case, or open-source firmware.

    They don’t look the same to me.

    I really like the look of the midifighter. It looks like a remixed monome. And I think it would look good next to my 128!

  • Everything is Free

    Yeah DJTT, not to lie but Armando is right for that 125$ plus the other random costs i could easily get a Launchpad or even like 2 LPD8’s

    Still looks AMAZING dont get me wrong, and not to lie even though its 125$ i know i will end up buying it

  • kilbot

    did anybody see, this got posted on gizmodo this morning too!

  • DJ Phaidon

    Damn guys, AOTS yesterday, Make and Gizmodo today with this announcement. Completely awesome!

  • Armando

    Don’t get me wrong this is great.. but when you add up the kit plus the amount for buttons wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy this instead: http://www.novationmusic.com/products/midi_controller/launchpad

  • dennis

    am new to these midi controllers, just got my first vci 100 arcade a month ago.

    got one question, when you say “The first instrument will be the MF- T1, a Traktor Pro focused controller designed for playing cue point chords and totally destroying your 3rd and 4th decks.”

    so the midi fighter would act as 3rd and 4th deck? i could put acapellas on 3 and 4 and use midifighter to control the cue points, while i mix instrumentals on 1 and 2 with the vci 100???

    that would seriously be the best thing in the world! def getting the MFT1 then!

    all i need to figure out then how i get two more arms attached to my body…

  • osoner

    one word: WOW !

    (and finally mouahahahaha)

  • Just the kinda thing I was looking for but have a launchpad-esque already in the mail…

    Damn right I’m gonna try and get one anyway though!

  • gfocus

    Because I’m definitely not the only one who wondered…

    Footprint: 15×15 cm
    Height: 3,8 cm
    Weight: 340 g

  • Maybe this will be nice throught your store and with your customization ideas.



  • Nice, very similar to a build of mine http://www.larsby.com/johan/?p=47

  • Dr lebosqui

    midifighter yeah yeah yeah

  • Bwaha


  • frank

    =u have to ressrve one for me. Iam a veteran, i left, got back and got introduced to Midi controllers

  • duerr

    [quote comment=”24027″]Would be nice to see a midi box which JUST has 4 X 4 of analog rotaries, and maybe little kill butttons next to each. Further a fader under each row of knobs. This would be the perfect solution for a dedicated 4 deck eq! simple, yet effective.

    Who’s with me[/quote]

    why not just buy a UC-33e ?

  • duerr

    looks amazing. i’m really excited to hear that the djtt fellas are taking on the controller market. can’t wait to see the MF-T1 !!

  • timinya

    Would be nice to see a midi box which JUST has 4 X 4 of analog rotaries, and maybe little kill butttons next to each. Further a fader under each row of knobs. This would be the perfect solution for a dedicated 4 deck eq! simple, yet effective.

    Who’s with me

  • Ian T

    My (early) christmas present to me.
    This is awesome.
    Also, like that guy up there said;
    Would be a sweet brand, and I’m glad to see that printed on the kits.
    Any chance you could do a package deal with a shirt too?
    That would be my version of heaven.
    Rock on.

  • Roberto

    Congrats! what imaginative and great looking pieces of hardware this series represents. Really diggin’ the walnut flavor, any chance for mahogany and gold accents?

  • Some updates and answers to questions:

    1) Price. I updated the post with rough pricing. $125 for the kit + arcade buttons.

    2) THe subscription list should be working now. Follow the ALT LINK if you have issues.

    3) Dimensions are:

    6″ X 6″ Inches Square and 1.5 inches tall. Its also about 12 ounces assembled without the wood case.

  • jorge

    any idea on the dimensions?

  • Pier

    That is amazing Ean!

  • midian

    Huge! Seeing this develop over the past two years finally coming to fruition is fucking amazing! Massive ups to Mike (Midifidler) on the Build & Ean n DJTT crew.

    Canna wait to get the new pro model, been thashing my MF-MK1 for a while now. Still <3 it.

    This will explode no doubt, 200 wont last.!

  • Shahidil

    im looking forward for the mf-t1 woohooo

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait to see the final MF-T1! Great job DJTT!

  • Abyrne7

    That shit is epic!

    Im not sure if the suscription list is working properly?

  • Abyrne7

    Man that shit is epic thats all i got to say! haha

    Im not sure if the suscription list is working?

  • spazticmidget

    glow in the dark buttons? siccccc

  • EnGramicK

    God cant wait to get my hands on a pair of these :P

  • ifizzy142

    glow in the dark buttons would be HOT, also, whats the word on pricing djtt?

  • ifizzy142

    glow in the dark buttons would be HOT

  • Adrian

    Hmmm… I was thinking of getting an LPD8 now I have another option :). Waiting on price though..

    This has probably already been said but I think that it would look a million times better with those see through light up arcade buttons =O (that would be bomb). I wanted to put them on my vci but they don’t fit so I had to go with the normal ones but I think you should definitely do it up on this!

  • Oh, this is it. You guys are on the way up. I can feel it!

  • n:deuce

    i would like to get one of these hooked up with my ssl. looks great either way.

  • Fatlimey

    Beautiful pictures. Sexy.

  • ???

    This is rad! Looks like someone got a business degree..
    Seriously though, Midifighter.com
    Yeah, it’ll blow up!
    Nicely done.

  • looks quite nice

  • Epic! Never gonna be able to get my arse in gear and get one on time – but I’m looking forward to owning one of these puppies in the future :)

  • DJ V1ckz

    does DJTT need investors! This shit is awesome, if this community wasn’t already on the map, it will be once this is released. fuck yeah ean/collaborators, this looks sick as fuck

  • J450N N4M3

    This is groundbreaking! I’ve really been toying with the thought of doing this but I don’t have time to add this to my already busy schedule. I love that it is all together yet still open for when I do get enough gusto to start adding on controls. I think I speak for all of us when I say we really appreciate what you are doing to get us to be more creative. Maybe that’s truly why you had the rabbi beard on for Attack Of The Show (nice job by the way, you rep us well).

    Thanks again Ean

  • This looks really nice and i’ve been waiting for something like this from you, too bad i come from Iceland and have no money at all!

    But still, PROPS!

  • hmm no word on pricing yet…

  • pickin this up asap