Controllerism Goes… Live!

The guys from the G4 network’s  “Attack of the Show” have been cool enough to shine a little spotlight on our corner of the musical world. In the aptly named segment  “musical play time,” I will be explaining our very own Arcade Edition VCI-100 and doing a short controllerism demo.  I filmed the show in LA today, and it will be airing this Thursday at 7pm 4pm PST on the G4 network — so tune in and support your favorite DJ community! Check out more photos of the awesome set and the host Kevin Pereira getting live on the controller after the jump.


Look Ma: It’s a real studio!


Kevin’s a sick drummer, so he was getting live on the arcade buttons and jumps in at the end for a little controllerism tag-team duo.



I imagine a lot of our readers are fans of the show, so tune in and show your support!

Big ups to Pance Party for providing the musical parts that were used in the performance on the show.

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