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Can the Midi Fighter Pro Survive a 3 Story Drop?

While I was in LA shooting a new super secret video to be released next week, the guys in the Dj TT Labs decided to have some fun and see if they could kill a Midi Fighter Pro. What better test than dropping the controller off a three story building onto concrete? Even I was surprised to see that it fully survived with only a few scratches to boot. At your suggestion – we are giving away gave the controller to a lucky reader. The Pros are back in stock, so if you are down with the program and want to support this site, check them out here. There are also some brand new clear/black glowing arcade buttons that look wicked! More photos of the buttons after the drop.


At the great suggestion of a commenter below, we are giving away the Midi Fighter Pro we dropped off the building. Yes, it still works perfectly! The controller has also been signed by everyone in the office. How can you win it?

  • Create a Facebook video of your own (it can be of anything, be creative!)
  • Post it on our Facebook wall
  • In the video you should tell us why you want a Midi Fighter Pro
  • The most compelling video wins! (video cut off is at the end of August)


Dj TT had some custom arcade buttons made up by Sanwa, a Japanese company that makes the best performance buttons in the world! These exclusive black and clear buttons pick up the LED lighting creating a modern twist on the arcade classic.


The popular Midi Fighter Pro’s are back in stock and are available for purchase with the brand new clear buttons. Click here to customize your own Midi Fighter Pro.

Along with the Pro’s, our classic Midi Fighters have been out of stock due to high demand for quite some time. The are now back on shelves and shipping out with the fancy new buttons.  Click here to customize your own Midi Fighter.

Legal Disclosure conveniently translated into Brogramming Language for the legally challenged.

“Yes, this article is basically a promotion for our products – which we think are pretty rad actually. I mean who drops their gear off a building?  So, back to the point, why the hell are we promoting our product in a post on a blog that we own? (rhetorical question right)  Because it’s through the sale of those products that we pay our staff of kick-ass writers who work their butt’s off  for next to nothing to bring you great new content every day.  I think it’s a fair trade off. You- our awesome readers, get free content and we occasionally give a shout out to some cool gear. Plus, who doesn’t like glowing arcade buttons? Rabid trolls – that’s who.”

Want to have a good chuckle? Check out facebook’s terms of service translated into brogramming language.

  • Josete_tuning6

    ¿Hasta que fecha de límite hay para entregar el vídeo?

    Deadline to submit the video?Thank’s!Greetings from Spain

  • it wont let me get the cool NEW buttons

  • Maniacmedina

    is the contest over already? id REALLY like to enter a vid if not, i could really use this thing…

  • Maniacmedina

    is the contest over already? id REALLY like to enter a vid if not, i could really use this thing…

  • welikethatmusic

    Here’s my video contest entry! Check it out and give it a “like” on the DJTT page if you like it!

  • welikethatmusic

    Here’s my video contest entry! Check it out and give it a “like” on the DJTT page if you like it!

  • Sinewave3

    Cool vid, but I am most excited about the clear Sanwas!!!  Thought I would have to grab some Seimitsu ones from somewhere else…

    Hope they show up in the DJTT store so I can show my support

  • Wikked, going to put a quick vid together before the weekend

  • DJ Doughboy

    Ean and crew: I feel absolutely horrible for you guys….. Having to defend  yourselves from people trying to hurt your reputation or question your integrity after EVERY single post. I might not find EVERY single post relevant or helpful, but is it really necessary to take shots every opportunity they get. I would recommend this site to any DJ going the digital route especially traktor inclined users and a MF would be the next ideal upgrade to my set up. Keep up the good work.

  • Quiggers

    So the controller can do it, but can a dj operate the controller mid fall and also survive with out missing a beat?

    • Wongaling

      thats why he’s wearing a helmet ;P

  • Dj Villanus

    This is a post I’m very happy to see. I enjoyed the video and appreciate seeing members of DJTT. Watching Ean is cool. His videos got me on board. I really appreciate getting to see more of the team.

  • Chris P

    Sorry to post here but I can’t get through any other way. I’m trying to order an S4 through the website but getting nothing but errors, and keen to catch the Scratch promo. Tried to contact you via the support pages but neither of those worked either. Please email

  • DJBuddyLove

    Try Something like this..

  • Jobby

    It seems as though my post has been removed???? very strange as I was asking if there is any possible way to view the midi fighter hitting the ground from a Wide Shot? Obviously you guys had multiple angles and wide shots as the camera’s were rolling wide from the start. How Is it possible to proove that the midi fighter was actually dropped and survived as shown if the camera cuts away at the last minute and then moves into a C/U?

    All common trickery techniques used in Televison past and present. Love you guys but really don’t believe what I’m seeing as I’ve worked in Film and television all my life and used these tricks B4.

    • Ean Golden

      it looks like your comment is at the top of this list now- it was not removed. There were no camera tricks used in this video at all. It was cut that way for dramatic effect- not to mis lead people. Dj TechTools would NEVER manipulate or lie to people about the quality of our products. The MF was dropped off a building and it survived – bottom line. 

  • Anonymous

    Ah, BTW, the next step in the MFP evolution to the cool black and clear buttons are multi-colored LEDs and also different colored buttons with the clear ring.:)


  • Jobby

    Any chance of some wide shot footage of it hitting ground? quite strange the camera cuts away? hmmm

    • Dj TechTools

      it was not removed. There were no camera tricks used in this video at all. It was cut that way for dramatic effect- not to mis lead people. Dj TechTools would NEVER manipulate or lie to people about the quality of our products. The MF was dropped off a building and it survived. 

      Dan will upload a single non-cut shot on monday to prove it. 

      • Jobby

        “Dan will upload a single non-cut shot on monday to prove it.”
        Don’t mean to hassle but er, umm? give us a looksie 😉

    • Spacecamp

      Here’s the uncut shot.

  • Anonymous

    Hehe…nice vid and promotion.:) Those new buttons look mighty interesting and make me want to buy an MFP.

    The preemption with the legal disclaimer for the “legally challenged” or the “Man, your blowing your own horn” sayers is funny too. I find it nice you are explaning it to them (again) that you can basically write and post what you want on your blog. I agree. Keep up the good work.


  • ReiGBorD

    i don’t know witch mfp i need… please make a video with the differences to choose one

  • sorry.but.true

    so why couldn’t we see it fall?
    common sense would be to film the full drop.. 1) more interesting then watching just the toss and landing  2) actually credibility.

    The only reason I could think not to show it drop would be because its fake.

    • Spacecamp

      We did film the full drop. All of the elements are included in this edit. 
      Common sense would be to make a video that’s more interesting than one shot. 

      Nevertheless, quit hatin’ and watch the uncut shot:

  • R3 Bonaire

    I have seen similar drop test with Crown Itech amps.Cost over $3k .Anyone likes to try a CDJ2000 or a Sl1200MKII. But a 3 story Midifighter drop. Must be Ninja equipment….
    I Like DJTT

  • Anonymous

    What a great publicity stunt!
    The midi fighter still rocks whether or not you drop it three stories or if the stage you are performing collapses two stories to the ground.
    I would have love to see the video from another angle as another person wrote, watching this thing fall all the way down. 
    They have a show on Cartoon Network that my kids love to watch is called “Dude, What Would Happen”
    I would love to see CN throw DJ turntable, CDJ and mixer being thrown from 3 stories too and compare the impact to the midi fighter pro to the rest of audio dj equipment.

  • MarioJHinojosa

    Great video. Most controllers out there feel like you need to touch them with kid gloves. But this video makes me want to add this to my setup.

  • paw_20

    those buttons…are so cool. if you could get them in different colors…i might make a mess of my pants

    • MrSteve81

      You can. Sanwa have recently released 4 or 5 different transparent coloured buttons. All you have to do is decide what colours you want.

  • there is working with corporations an then becoming 1 djtt we learnt  a lot off you as a whole creating mappings, techniques, but time goes on djtt ??? mean from the forums cuz im dun…??? as what more can you teach…
    I know traktor in side out, not leds to layers n every time I’m there just
    there wana say we wish we under stood firmware in the same way as the ddm 4000  this is the nxt gen because of midi not controllers midi mixers and sound cards now… and not plus pioneer set up  is not in every day sticky floor clubs aint gunna pay that ty djtt… so much love xxx n ean get doorly on the phone we want you in HUD @2468bc4d3e74035d129fe08d878c20e1:disqus  afterparty n then we down we want u  in uk

    • What…? lol

      • basically djtt modded firmware to the vci100 i which i could do the same to the ddm on the faders to create super faders we have a crude version mapped to the ddm but this kina info wont get leeked eva cuz it would hert djtt as a biz… as a whole plus. am from huddersfield uk and worked with a dj called martin doorly a few years back whos from our town  he and ean played together in san fran ir mem serve me right wana see ean uk side dat all at martin club night in our town, but,djtt has got to be a biz now not a blog any more great recourse for thouse who need to learn but when you know all there is to learn what is left as a dj frm djtt what is left wont give up djtt just takt a back seat and play the forum cuzthe blog aint there no more

        • JayFurnace

          What…? lol

    • SwIftninja

      No one understands what you’re talking about.

  • Ben

    Next up… Will It Blend?

  • djtt, seriously, guys, i would have 1 if it wern’t so much…??? bicth please!???! ddm 4000 map ir right. play the music… n you got honeyzzz…lol

  • Anonymous

    This was heart wrenching, tear jerking, and awe inspiring. When does the giveaway window end? How much time do I have to work on my awesome video? 😀

  • Kleva

    I’d catch that shit and run!

  • No Left Turn

    Good to know that I have nothing to worry about in case the DJ stage is ever 3 stories high. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    now this is a tank

  • deejaesnafu

    i noticed that they dont ever show one whole shot of someone throwing it, and it hitting the ground.

    • Spacecamp

      Hey. Dan here, videographer and editor of this video.

      I knew someone would bring this up – and I’d be happy to upload a complete shot if there’s interest. The single shot by itself is frankly not anywhere near as exciting as this edit, so I opted to go with something more fun. 

    • Spacecamp

      As promised, here’s the less-fun single shot.

  • Djkoki

    if you guys dont have anything to talk about, why dont do give aways instead wasting a good product..!!!

    • Ean Golden

      nice one- I like the idea. Post updated. 

  • So Ean, how much did this come out of their paychecks??

  • Lknslknds

    wtf can’t watch it

  • Spacecamp

    Video reuploaded….to Facebook! 

    Should work fine now – let us know if you’re still having problems. 

  • Dj TechTools

    we are uploading to vimeo and FB to get around our good friends at EMI who believe people should not listen to streaming music over youtube. Post will be updated shortly 🙂 

  • Klintala

    new buttons cost the same!?  Dang..  I ordered mine only a few weeks ago.
    I would’ve waited if I had known this.

    • Klintala

      $15 for 4 buttons   :/   I think I’m gonna have to pass on the fancy new buttons!

      • Toontown

        what?? that’s cheap as shit…

    • Ean Golden

      sorry but high quality sanwa buttons cost us a lot of money – they are very expensive to make but you get what you pay for. They are rated to last 5 million presses- so basically it’s impossible to break one. 

  • Fusor010

    emi shit for me to

  • Coldfuzion

    Hahahaha, yep i’m in the same State as them and can’t view it either :).

  • Eric Skiba

    my purchase of a new midi figther solely depends on the outcome after a 3 story fall…thanks EMI from preventing a sale 

  • Michielygil

    EMI is preventing me from looking at you trying to break a midifighter. You’ve gotta love old industries vs new on the interwebs…

  • wtf im inthe same state as you guys ad it says I cant veiw it  in my country