I would mention Music FX Live, a real-time effect software for DJs. It is very similar to Kaoss Pad because you can activate and modify the effects by touching the built-in touchpad of your laptop and moving your finger on it. It has more than 20 basic effects (much of them with LFO) and the effects can be chained. You can use it together with your traditional DJ gear (vinyl, CD) or with your favorite DJ software. It stays between the output sound and your speakers. It adds effects to the sound which is flowing through it, no matter where the sound is coming from.

    URL: http://www.musicfxlive.com

  • Lg

    Anybody willing to share its cool bank of effects for stutter edits? Thx

  • Patch

    I’m seriously considering getting TSP2 & Audio 10 – is there away of using VST’s like these with Traktor while using control vinyl?

    • JuanSOLO

      YES. There are a few possibilities. With an Audio 10 you could make a Send/Return bus. You could also use something like JackOSX or Soundflower, and virtually route from Traktor to VST’s

  • @bartykutz

    great timing on the article, i’m trying to figure out how to make the most of my USB fx send on my new Rane 62

  •   does any of these work with traktor…???
    everything moves around ableton i think…

    • AZ

      I am pretty sure you could route Finger into the in on Traktor

    • Itsbentheboy

      here’s how to use any Ableton effect with Traktor :

    • JuanSOLO

      You can use some virtual cable routers like JackOSX or Soundflower to route to Reaktor from Traktor.

  • does any of these work with traktor…???
     everything moves around ableton i think…!!!

  • Patch

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention dBlue Glitch??

    It’s free, and as good as ANY of the above VST’s.

    • looks like Effectrix is an updated version of dBlue

    • Looks like Effectrix is an updated version of dBlue

    • Bloodhound


    • HansDaigle

      Only Windows  available ..

    • Landerz

      Dblue Glitch is the most basic generic effects generator out there. You obviously haven’t tried any of these or you wouldn’t be posting such a idiotic statement.

  • JuanSOLO

    I have used the Finger, Buffeater, BeatLookUp, Stutter Edit, Turnado, and Artillery. They all have their merits and downfalls. 

    I would say the Finger is really amazing because the effects are chained pending on what order you press notes. That alone makes it seriously unique, and stand out from the pack. I would say contrary to the above article, it’s very user friendly and easy to understand and edit. It has really nice squashy filters and great bit crushing. The “gating” tremolo does not always respond as nice as I want it too, but the ability to apply and envelope to the timing of the gating is awesome. However, the Finger can be somewhat buggy at times, yet you can use the “panic” button if it freaks out. ALSO the Finger has a lo-pass filter near the end of the signal chain. It cuts low frequencies. I removed that connection and I think it sounds better. Stutter edit sounds really nice and runs smoothly, worst part is lack of editing the way you trigger it and lack of “configuring” it as a plug in Ableton. There is no access to the master filter. I would agree Stutter Edit excels at transitions and fades. Turnado seems very toyish and novelty. HOWEVER I have found it to be a great tool for creating sounds others dont. The vocoder sounds, sequenced effects, cool ring mod stuff, or one knob flange/chorus stuff is nice. BeatLookUp is still amazing to this day and is often over looked. It’s only available through the Reaktor thread about building it. There are incremental versions linked there. I also have a modification of beatlook up I made. If you write me over at the Ableton forums I would happily share it. BeatLookUp does something the other dont, BEAT JUMPS. Beat Jumps are incredibly useful. Also BeatLookUp is a tiny CPU footprint, sounds amazing, runs ultra smooth especially for the STUTTER and GATE effect.  Buffeater is really cool too. Great for granular/pitch shifting mashers. Yet buffeater seems to have poor response when using the stutter type stuff. BUT Buffeater has really cool modulation parameters. I have not used the latest update for Buffeater, so things might have improved as far as stutter response.

    • Pryt

       this ^ is what djtechtools comment section needs

      • JuanSOLO

        thanks, I like to help and make since.

    • NKRDBL

      Hi! very interesting analysis! can you share your modification of BeatLookUp?
      And also a question for you:
      Did you assigned midinotes to beatjumps? I tryed to understand how it works but I still can’t get it. :

  • ErnieGee

    You can buy the Korg Kaoss Pad Quad. This gives you 20 effects with 4 effects at once. I like it.

  • thatdamnedrhymer

    You’ve got the Effectrix video under the Turnado section, just so you know.

  • I’ve got to second TwistedTools’ offerings – though they won’t work in Reaktor Player, they’re a very versatile set of audio FX for the discerning glitch/chopped/experimental/electro performer that don’t seem to have that factory preset sound a lot of other plugs of this nature seem to be dogged with.

  • The Finger is actually one of the cornerstones for my live-sets (I use Ableton). I usually run one instance on my drum-tracks (a small tweak on the Glitch Chopper- or Glitchbaker-presets), and one on my master for some extra stuff (usually the Fluffy Kittens- or the Glacier-preset).

    The effect-chaining is something I missed in StutterEdit (tried the free demo, almost bought it too). Sure tempo-synced effects are cool, and I can easily understand why DJs and more danceable controllerists would want it, but as a glitch-loving kinda guy, I didn’t really care for it.

    Although maybe more for the Reaktor-heads, I feel you forgot about the Twisted Tools-effects for Reaktor. Scapes might not be for everyone and everything, but Buffeater and Rolodecks Pro almost always get their place on the master track when I play live. Heavier CPU-load than the rest, but real-time and playable like crazy.

  • Lxjdotcom

    Nothing could be better for stutter edit?

    • JuanSOLO

      the editing could be better for sure.

    • Spacecamp

      Primarily I think the biggest improvements could be made in price and automation – I’ll add this to the article. Thanks for your feedback!