• I’m building something beautiful over at http://afterpartie.com a directory and social hub for the electronic music industry.

    The aim is to cater for a wide range, from DJs and podcasts, to venues and festivals. And unlike back in the old Music Industry Manual days, each listing will have a whole dedicated, search engine friendly, and editable (is that a word, is now!) page, which more importantly, will pull in data from social feeds to keep it constantly bang up to date. Useful if you don’t have a website already 🙂

    Any how back to work, these things don’t build themselves 😉

  • Mike Narcizo
  • fantastic roundup! I’ll surely check out RA but it seems it’s only for electronic DJs. I play Latin.. i’m still to find a similar platform for Latin House or Salsa DJs.

  • jp

    Great article. Have you seen trackmydj.com?

  • jp

    Great article. Have you seen trackmydj.com?

  • Scratchedrhythms


  • Thanks for the article guys and a great help. I’m looking to move away from facebook as it’s just not as effective for me as it used to be. I’m planning reconnect with my club event’s website as a hub, and use tumblr as a blog to feed things out to facebook and twitter (which I’ve still get to get any real use from). 

    Just wondering what people’s thought’s were on Tumblr and any advice as only just se mine up today.

    Through tumblr I also came across disqus 10 mins ago (and recognised this is what you guys are using) which I’m happy to say allows me to post here without that guys’ grey head as an avatar (why don’t they use a unisex anon avatar??)

    • haha – no it doesn’t it appears :/ gah, it worked ok on my tumblr 

  • Brian

    Don’t forget PodOmatic.com

  • Soundcloud?????

  • .DJ that is a great nugget of .info!

  • Great article! When the hell will I have time to produce and DJ!!?

  • Snaaz

    DJ Tech Tools Dj profile pages… 

    • Cowi

      thats probably the most incredible idea evar! Or something like that but thats a pretty cool idea!

  • Johb

    I can’t believe you don’t mention Soundcloud as the number 1 platform it’s the new MySpace. Just check any event lineup, it’s only soundcloud links.

  • Another aspect worth mentioning is content ownership. For example facebook, as 
     As soon as you upload content, like photos, you are not anymore the only owner of the content, facebook has a co-ownership of your content. 
    This might be often irrelevant, but who knows what the future brings?

  • wsn519

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Indaba Music!

  • Jim

    What do you guys think of Mixcrate.com? I heard they are doing things legally and trying to give the original artists royalties when songs are in mixes. But I just noticed today one of my mixes won’t play so maybe they took it down. I list every song in the mix that then has a link to Amazon to buy it so it seems as legit as you can get.

    I heard mixcloud is deleting mixes all the time so I haven’t even bothered uploading there. Same with soundcloud. I’d rather go with a legit service that actually give the original artists some royalties when their songs are used.

    • With unauthorized sharing of mixes, officially, nothing is legit but in the end you help original artists a lot more in this way. For the majority track exposure is way more valuable vs any performance or other form of royalties, 99% of them will never receive anyway.

  • Mbug

    The information you mentioned about Bandcamp making it the default landing page for your facebook like page is unfortunately outofdate as this option to set a tab as a landing-page is no longer available with timeline

  • Although I’ve got a great .dj-Domain (www.ali.dj) people still do the mistake of typing something like ali.dj.de or ali.dj.com because its just new to them. Therefore I recommend you use the .com-Domain if its available.

    This mistake could become less frequent though since ICANN opened the registration of your own domain-endings (e.g. .google) a while back.

  • Jayvee

    I think the best solution of them all would be a personal website that is very much intergrated with social networks.

  • I hope to see an extraordinary abundance of .dj URLs in the near future.

  • BobEDigital

    Marshall, ftw.

  • .mu, the url extension of Mauritius is also more and more popular, especially for bands, producers and what not, and i think it is also around 50$ a year

    • Tyler

      what exactly would .mu mean? music?

  • Frankbash
    • Constanza

       i was going to bash your crappy site but then I saw your last name

  • Anonymous

    Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter is mandatory if you want any recognition, imo.
    Mixcloud and RA is nice to have. If you produce as well, presence on Beatport and Juno is recommendable.

    • Erik Mitchell

      You’re not a DJ if you don’t produce these days IMO

    • Erik Mitchell

      You’re not a DJ if you don’t produce these days IMO

  • Nick

    For anyone considering  Klout as an option I would highly recommend reading this (http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2011/11/evil-social-networks.html) first.  The privacy clauses of the user’s agreement are actually in breach of the UK’s Data Protection Act 1998.  The article also equates Klout to be internet herpes.  Please read and tread carefully!

  • terry

    where is that option with promote on facebook ? pls reply !

    • Spacecamp

      It shows up when you’re writing a new post on a Facebook Page, next to the “submit”  button – they may still be rolling it out to some pages. 

  • Djsteve

    First! Nice on that A-Trak obiturary, who knew he was a good writer in addition to a DMC GOD?