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  • Lonnie Swanagan

    is there a way to keep from draining my CPU power on my macbook pro when using the MK2 inside of either mainstage or Apple logic. I am running 4 mg ram/2.4gig duo core system and Logic 9 pro or mainstage 2.

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know how much power Maschine MK2 drain from the USB port?

    I’m asking this because I’m looking for a USB hub to connect a Kontrol X1 and Maschine MK2 to and I need to decide between a powered or non-powered (less cables!) one.

    Would a non-powered USB hub be sufficient for a X1 and Maschine?

    I also wonder if plugging the Maschine to a non-powered USB hub just makes its pads lights weaker or if it doesn’t work at all (for some reason).

    Thanks in advance.

  • Syrio Martinelli

    Hello DJS, i’m new in this maschine’s world. i want to buy the? maschine mikro for 460$.. but i have found a MK1 (first generation) for 420$ used in a studio almost new.. what do you advise me to buy?

  • groovesoul666

    I was thinking of buying Maschine MK2 to integrate into my DJ setup which is the Denon DNMC6000 controller and Traktor Pro 2 running on a Mac.

    Been digging around and there seems to be mixed feelings as to if Maschine and Traktor can sync up well and easily.

    Has anyone done this successfully or have a pain free way to do this other than the listening to clicks and matching them up method. Because when I go to the venue I don’t really want to be messing around with metronome and stuff. Plug and play possible?

    Also would it be possible to use for example one Traktor deck for Maschine while the other 3 decks functions as track decks. I’m hoping this will work and if it does I’m gonna get the Maschine MK2.

    Thanks in advance for the info

  • GMGOmusic

    I really like the new hardware controller. Would eventually like to replace my MK1 with the new one. Not that its an absolute necessity. I just think it looks cool, and I always like to keep up with the times. That being said, any functionality in the 1.8 software can be used with the MK1, so technically there isn’t any reason to upgrade. I just like the MK2. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • m3em3

    I found out the hard way that you can’t use 2 Maschine MK2 controllers on the same PC. One is dead and can’t be used at all, not even selected in the software. I called NI Support and they told me that it was not meant to be used like that. Only one MK2 at a time, but you can use a Mikro or V1.

  • 20style

    I hate the look of the faceplate not covering the bars on the top and bottom.

    • NiceGuy513

      me too, + i also jus hate red period (no pun intended ewwww).. i like plain clean black in my studio or glossy black n glossy silver.. i hate off-white like my old mpc2000 thas all faded and looks like it should be in a museum… ppl spend ur money on dust covers or stands … not stoooopid palette faceplates, duh 101… spend ur $$$ protecting ur products or so u can safely put them on stage or in your studio… yah never have enough studio room ;( but get off the face plates, thank u 20!

  • beatnok

    the software update is very buggy, almost to the point of destroying workflow. with that being said ive been with maschine since its inception and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. everyone talking about traktor integration, you can midi map maschine to do anything you want, and it works perfectly. i perform live with maschine and an f1 and everything works in beautiful harmony.

    • 20style

      Not anything – for us without F1’s, we want to be able to control remix decks. It doesn’t make sense to buy another RGB colored pad controller from NI with smaller pads if we already have Maschine. I hope this update comes soon

      • NiceGuyEddie

        with the Traktor Kontrol Z2 its a perfect integration for dj’ing and midi mapping about anything.. i used to use my Digi003/PT MP/HD 7-9 and MPC2000XL & Switched over from Rane/DigiDesign to ALL Native Instruments/Traktor for Dj’ing and Production; which are totally integrated now… And with the Apogee/Presonus Studio One v2.5 Pro & WOW it integrates a protools like interface (with better interface, latency, and so on, and on..) so far the Studio One seems like the solution… My one producer friend just got and i installed the 60 Day Pro Demo & other Dj/Producer/MC friend is on his way home with the new ProTools 10 Software & Hardware that is like $500… The digi003 is nice but with the rack, power conditioner, etc.. its too much to lug around.. and Presonus is forming a great relationship with Native Instruments… So much to test and research, so much to buy, not enough $ – not enough time! but loving all my NI/Traktor gear… I made a FB Page a bit mainly for my self to upload all the beautiful photos, specs, Q&A (So I didn’t lose them) like YouTube Vidz & from the man himself Jeremy Ellis…. 5-6 years ago i was all Akai/SSL/Vestax & wouldn’t hardly consider anything else; but yup i made the jump in Dj’ing & Production to all Native Instruments/Traktor; minus a few things like my Novation Launchpad, etc.. jus my 2 cents.. QUESTION FOR BEATNOK & 20style… If one has a Maschine Mk II & Mikro Mk II & Kontrol Z2 Midi Mixer that’s all integrated… do i really need a F1 or X1??? I’ve been going over this in my head since they all came out… please let me know thoughts… the Z2 is sooooo amazing 😉 esp wit the new software upgrade; but i can trigger all items mentioned on my MacBookPro; as well as hooking up my Korg TritonExtreme to the back of my Maschine Mk II.. Thx guys, and gals 😉 1Luv

  • Steven

    Don’t see the point in this just another upgrade that nobody needs. Just get Maschine 1 and new software.

  • Play!Doh

    IMO the top pots become a lot more usable when you put fat knobs on them. Then you can twirl one finger on the knob to scroll around, and make finer adjustments. It’s cool having smooth infinite encoders, but it can be really hard to zero in on a specific value.

  • i use traktor to beat grid and rip samples for my maschine

  • sx

    It’s quite pretty, maybe when I have a much more involved setup and use maschine actively while DJing, I will opt for the hardware upgrade. It’s quite enticing.

  • and yet from reading this there is still no control for traktors remix decks with this???

    • Not yet, NI is still putting the finishing touches on the new release of software for Maschine. We presume it will be in that.

  • I am currently on the fence between switching from Serato Itch to Traktor or Serato DJ. As a DJ looking to experiment in production, the ability to integrate Maschine with Traktor in some “mind blowing way” may be the deciding factor that pushes me into the world of Native Instruments software and hardware.

    • You don’t really have to decide. If you get a Serato product, you can MIDI map another controller to do as you please. As of now, there are no plans for the Bridge, but there are also no plans for “bridging” Traktor as well.

  • mjn

    Am I the only one who thinks these new colored Maschine are ugly?

    • dilla

      While I agree that a red on white with rainbow pads is ugly, you can opt for charcoal. Which looks fine. Also you can take off the faceplate for plain white or black. As far as pad coloring goes, you can choose anything you want so I’m sure you can find a couple colors you like out of the abundance to choose from. I do wish they gave more colors for the faceplates though… or more normal ones instead of gold pink red….

      • Maybe you should try texturing the overlay with airbrush art?

        • The tall Asian

          I thought about that, but for those that aren’t completely familiar with which button does what, that would cover up the labels above each pad/button.

  • Stewe

    Yep, that mapping is pretty weak.

  • Lowfatradio

    “Can use multiple Maschine controllers to control different instances of the Maschine software simultaneously” How does this work? I can’t find any information or conformation on this feature.

    • I wonder if that’s a topic on the NI website? I’m pretty sure Jeremy Ellis did this with his video.

      • Lowfatradio

        Yes he uses the second one in midi control mode but unless I’m reading the feature wrong it sounds like you can use two controllers in normal mode at the same time. So I’m wondering how to open two instances natively or does that feature mean two vst’s inside Ableton? Still can’t find any info.

  • rubixhelix

    I think the real question is when Maschine will be able to be used as an F1 alternative. Also, when will Maschine open as a module within Traktor? Because let’s be honest… without using Ableton, the sync between Traktor and Maschine on one laptop is rough at best. Anyway… 1.8 is awesome! If I had more money, I would do the hardware upgrade, too.

    • I took the gamble that Maschine will work seamlessly with Traktor noting that the CEO fired the former Traktor Lead for trying too hard to keep Traktor separated from Maschine and they were very unhappy with the project lead going out of house to make a new controller instead of working in-house with existing technology to build their own brand. So now that I have a Maschine Mikro Mk2 (I got lucky with a deal on Musician’s Friend bringing my delivered price to $324) I have to say WOW. Not just wow this is a neat toy, but WOW this comes with a lot of software (and samples), wow, it’s really capable and the pads are not only much bigger than the F1 pads (this is important for people with big hands, like me) but the Maschine software/hardware combination is just pro-level. Native Instruments has always supported their own gear with their own programs and promised that they will update the Traktor .TSI file soon, so I’m guessing that they will make the Maschine Mk2 handle the Remix decks as though it’s a Kontrol F1 (minus the up-faders). The rumor is (as you had mentioned above) that Native Instruments is excited about integrating Maschine controllers in Traktor much like “the Bridge” (Ableton Live in Serato Scratch Live) but no one is allowed to mention anything. Hey, even if they don’t support the Maschine in Traktor, I got an AWESOME drum machine and some great software for a really good price.

  • RockingClub

    Does Maschine software 1.8 run smoothly and stable without increasing the CPU load too much?
    Haven’t updated my 1.7. yet…

    • rubixhelix

      yeah, it’s nice.

  • Max

    needs more improvement, nothing new