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Midi Fighter Classic November Sale

After well over two years of selling the iconic Midi Fighter Classic, we’re announcing a final sale of 150 units of the hand-assembled, industry inspiring buttonmasher. During the month of November, we’ll be dropping the price of a Midi Fighter Classic to $125 for the final units. We’re in the process of updating the product, and these will be the final units of its kind.

A lot of people who we’ve shared this news with have asked worriedly if this means that the Midi Fighter Classic is a dead product – so we want to clear this up. The Classics will continue to be supported, not only by a massive community of users but also in our official mappings. We’ll continue to provide technical support for the units, likely for many years to come.

As noted above, there are only 150 of the Midi Fighter Classics left in our store, so this will be the last chance to get one!
Pick up a Midi Fighter Classic in the DJ TechTools Store!

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  • Colorstorm

    Do the Midi Fighter Classic mappings work with the Midi Fighter Spectra?

  • Angelo Balthazar

    I’m really wishing these things were back, man. (Sadface)

  • Will

    Hi DJTechtools I am a big fan of yours and I have purchased a midi from you guys and a pro, now no offense, but what in the world of hell are you doing!? The midi fighter should have been kept in your inventory it is the product that you practically built your company on, there are multiple benefits for this, I think you will understand, and the new product should just be a stand-alone new midi controller. -Will

  • hey you guys said something “new” was coming, where can we find more info? :p

  • Pascal

    when is this new midi fighter coming out cause i cant wait

  • Lendon McNugget

    I can’t describe how gutted I am. You’ve lost my money because I simply can’t afford the others. I wish I’d seen this earlier. I’m actually dying inside

  • Pascal

    when is the new product coming out

  • jopt, if i play in serato, there is no way to use that niiizzzze knobs? just boored of regular gear)

  • MasoJ

    so now there are only gonna be products around 250$ and up???

  • Mark Jones

    i want to order the bundle can i swap it for the 3d and still get a deal? iv been trying to contact them but the phone just cuts off???

  • Patrick young

    Dear DJ Tech Tools.

    Please can you include velocity and pressure sensitive buttons to the new Midi Fighter.


    • seriously. Honestly not convinced for any of these over a launchpad until they are pressure senstive

  • campark43

    I need a replacement PCB board, should I order it asap or will I still b able to get one after they sell out?

  • denis

    you can see mad zach using the new midifighter in one of his videos

    • Pontoon Joe

      show me haha

    • Cooper

      which one?? D:

  • Pontoon Joe

    So what’s the new item?

  • BigRich93

    As soon as I buy one then you guys drop the price arghhhhh

  • The Midi Fighter is dead. Long live the Midi Fighter.

  • Roy.Bear

    Allright – I ordered a MFC half an hour ago….
    and it’s sold out just after i bought one, or is it sold out 12 hours ago?

    • Mitch ManChild

      No worries… The inventory quantity was set wrong, they are back in stock… there is still some left, although they are going ridiculously fast. Thanks for pointing this out!


    I bought one just recently that was assembled 10/23/12 at $189.99. Me and my lucky timing *facepalm*.

  • I was this “>I<" close to buying a MF3D now I want to wait to see!

  • TheRad

    Could be purchase new casings?

  • midi nick

    are they stopping the sale of it or are they just updating to a new model

    • 808

      Stopping sales of this and releasing a new item.

  • So it’s cheaper but we can’t customize it ???

    • Spacecamp

      The Midi Fighter Classic sale units are still fully customizable! : )

      • Why are some color options unavailable? I want a white top 🙁

        • Mitch ManChild

          Sold out… as this is a run-out sale, I’m sure you understand why we wouldn’t be ordering more tops. However… if you get a clear top, you can paint the bottom side any color you want.

          • 808

            Fair call!

          • Thanks! Will order one right now. Excited to see what your new product looks like!

  • Metrostein

    So, that means that a new midifighter its on its way!