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What’s In Your DJ Bag with Ean Golden

It’s been a long time coming – our readers have been asking for years for Ean to share what he’s got inside of his DJ bag. Now that the CNTRL tour is in full swing, it was the perfect opportunity to get an on-the-road video with the controllerist legend himself! Check out the complete inside look after the jump.

Of course, we sell almost every piece of gear that Ean rocks on stage in the DJTT webstore – if you’re interested in learning more about any of them or grabbing one for yourself, the links below will do you right:

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  • itsmattmiles

    What track is the backing track to this?

  • To everyone pointing out that Ean is using all stuff off the DJtechtools website (except sennheisers instead of the amazing TMA-1s) OF COURSE he’s using stuff he sells. But why not look at it from the other side. He’s selling what he likes in his store. You can’t buy a mixtrack pro, korg nanopad, or CDJs in his store, because he doesn’t like the product and therefore won’t waste his time selling and marketing it. But I want his MF3D mapping, since I want to use them as decks, but can only find mappings to use 1 for all the decks, no modular mappings..

  • Yeah!

    Ean = see you next tuesday!

  • Anonymous

    Did he say he was working on a glow in the dark chroma cap cuz that will be pretty DOPE

  • is this a djtt advertise? lol so many product placement… anyway, love your gear. Big Ups from Chile

  • DOPE!!

  • KIO

    Must weigh a ton though when that backpack is full. And from the look of it that backpack seems quite flimsy. If you’d be stuffing a backpack full of gear like that it would be nice for the backpack to have some support.

  • Dad

    no condoms?

  • DJPossess

    Great! Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago. I made one of these videos myself last year after seeing the ones you’ve done. Just for kicks.

  • WeKidsFly

    what mapping are you using on the MF3d’s?

  • Manel Pincel

    lets see a whats in my bag from hawtin and loco dice!

  • dj pooyen

    i want to see what is in the richie hawtin`s bag

  • DG

    Hey Ean. Do you have any usb hub? or would you tell me the name of a nice USB HUB not so hard to find on store? have fun on tour

    • Anonymous

      I have one of these – a Muiti-TT chip inside makes everything work at maximum speed for that device. A bit plasticky and lightweight physically but performs great, I just added a steel plate to the bottom for stability.

      • Gah, I want one, but they’re discontinued. sadface

    • He probably has 2 usb ports on his macbook, and just uses the 2 extra ports on the z2

  • Dillinger23

    so this is a bit of an infomercial isnt it….. OOH, apparently you even sell the cool bag!

  • lauti

    lol in the end it sounded like he dropped everything to hell

  • a lot of stuff fell out of the bag at the end :))))

  • calkutta

    COOL,GREAT BIG TOUR….must be a whole’nother’type of ball game.Ean Golden remains approachable and very San Francisco.,and by that i mean mad cool,and extremely up-to-date.seems the whole bay is always 5 months ahead of the whole planet.
    props Ean…good job man.

  • Dude, your so awesome to give out free stuff to your fans! Love and Light homie!

  • Was that the first time we saw Ean a bit shy? 😉 It’s great to see what he has rockin in that bag… but I’m still waiting for some nice, raw Ean live video recording from his DJ sessions!

  • MYE

    The track is hermitude hyperparadise (flume remix). flume’s doing big things check him out

  • DJ EAE

    Do you have an ETA on those glow in the dark Chroma Caps? Great video!

    • Flashflooder

      No official ETA, I’m hoping and expecting them to be ready before the holidays though

  • Weyland

    Headphone buddies!