• benjaminwg

    A lot of very necessary improvements. It’s sad it took this long for an optional compressor/limiter. I have so many fouled up recorded mixing when using the internal mixer and useless metering. But the gain headroom is still crap. It’s simply dropping the master out, not changing where the track’s auto gain normalizes at. And it seems even if you turn that off (set to 0), it’s now completely different than the channel gains. So if you want to manually control the gains and use internal mixer, now it’s actually worse. And while the sound quality in the blend is better, it’s still not up to Deckadance or Traktor, and general fidelity is still not as high. While the in-the-blend transparency has been improved, I think they may even have reduced the overall fidelity. Maybe not worse (sonic memory is a tricky thing) but just different overall and not improved. I would not intentionally listen to music recreationally using VDJ if I had the option, while Traktor sounds fine… aside from a slight smoothness and forgiving top-end. Otherwise NI has made their software very transparent, almost like just using Media Player or Foobar. While the Quadratic up-fader curve is a nice addition, the old fader curve was my favorite and felt like halfway between the two settings they have now. I may be mistaken, but neither feels exactly the same as the old curve I loved. I really hope they clear up all this stuff by V8.

  • I apologize but I cannot promote the use of VDJ because of their buggy mappings and close minded license transfer policies. I’m out $300 for the pro version. That being said, they annouced version 8 a year ago. Should have just kept that under your hat.

  • Lauti

    lol virtual dj

    • Lol, people who dismiss VDJ because they tried a few years ago a cracked Version 3 and are now stuck with Traktor or Serato because it’s the hip thing to use.