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Resident Advisor Top 100 DJs Poll Results

We made sure to note the voting window a few weeks ago of Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJs poll – and today they’ve released the results. While the top 10 looks very similar to last year’s, it’s still a great counterbalance to the trance and EDM-heavy DJ Mag poll that happens each year.

Judging by some of the initial comments on the RA results article, there’s a familiar issue evolving in this poll surrounding judging a DJ by their original productions instead of performance onstage. It’s pretty hard to keep those separated when voting, but that’s expected in an subjective poll.


Here’s the top 10 DJs on the RA poll:

  1. Seth Troxler
  2. Richie Hawtin
  3. Dixon
  4. Maceo Plex
  5. Ben Klock
  6. Jamie Jones
  7. Loco Dice
  8. Ricardo Villalobos
  9. Tale of Us
  10. Maya Jane Coles

See the full 100 in the Resident Advisor Poll here.

  • the thing about the RA poll is it doesn’t display the whole spectrum of electronic music. RA mainly focuses on techno and house so that’s what gets in the poll as it’s only voted upon by RA veiwers. It’s good that the poll has so many restrictions as it gives a more accurate result but you have to know that it’s not really displaying the “top 100 best DJs ever” it’s displaying “the top 100 most popular DJs with RA readers at the time the poll was open”

  • Maxy

    No A-Trak? Very strange

    • Joe

      It’s a reader-voted poll. RA readers probably don’t listen to much A-Trak.

  • Spacecamp

    Also, my favorite comment from the RA thread:

    “essential faq concerning the annual ra poll:

    Q: where’s my homie x / trending/mainstream producer y / veteran dj from the olden days z? why isn’t he featured on the list?
    A: because he didn’t get enough votes. this might be due to his low profile, the fact he doesn’t dj at all (as in: never) or the rising suspicion he has passed his prime (and you’re being a tad nostalgic).

    Q: (groundbreaking / skilled insider) dj x ranking below (wellknown/well-loved if slightly less adventurous) dj y? are you kidding?
    A: underground icon does not a chartstormer make. mainstream consensus rarely matches/rewards trailblazers.

    Q: position 50-100 are far more interesting than your top ten/top 50 djs – why did you mess up the ranking?
    A: nobody messed up the ranking. the poll is a popular vote reflecting a consensus among a worldwide audience. but seeing as (compared to other polls & audiences) a lot of ra-members are active members of the scene there is reason to believe cutting edge djs might be recognized by their peers and therefore enter the top 100 even though they aren’t household names yet. for further details see above.

    Q: why on earth did dislikable / airheaded / sell-out dj x make the list while diamond geezer dj y did not?
    A: though popular vote might be influenced/determined by sympathy most of the people voting won’t personally know their favorite djs or maybe even never have met them in the first place. their vote might be based upon (big room / festival) performances or even streamed mixes and – to a lesser degree – the portrayed image of said act through channels such as ra. also they might like/fancy different characters or judge a personality by different standards.

    Q: why does the top ten seem less meaningful/more hyped up every year?
    A: this might be due to the fact that electronic music’s popularity is ever-increasing and at the moment still spreading around the globe which in turn means a lot of people voting might be new to the scene and/or lacking profound insight into the techno / house tradition – or you in turn might be growing up and attaining more and more hindsight / discerning judgment.

    Q: if this poll does not reflect actual performance or achievements but merely presents a watered-down consensus, why do you keep doing it every year?
    A: because of all the response (i.e. debate & traffic) it creates. vice versa: why do you carry on reading and assessing it?”