• jamesgoodall

    This is insane. Paying this much money for a soundpack is nuts.

  • Tom

    Zach!!! I saw that in some packs you make use of momentary switches for modifier style buttons on the midi fighter… Well check this guy out, made a M4L patch for momentary. http://4live.me Could be useful to port some packs to other controllers, e.g PUSH!!!

  • River

    I just made my first soundpack, using nothing but components from a song I made last year. It took all day but im pretty pleased with the results. I didnt use the tutorial, just open up a a drum rack and went at it.
    Make your own sound packs!

  • LachieWatson

    Hi Mad Zach. Awesome set of videos, super stoked with the purchase. Just wondering if you could make a video detailing how to make a setup with multiple banks for a single controller? I’m looking to play sets with finger drumming (>5mins) and the same kit can get quite repetitive! Been trying to use the build up whilst trying to swap, but I’m not quite getting it right! Thanks anyways, Lachie

  • Guest

    Hey! Have any of you guys built a sound pack yet? I’m dying to see what other people have come up with.

  • Letson

    Hey Mad Zach…is there anywhere we can send you personal messages for questions we might have relating to the videos? Thanks

  • Die Famous

    Hey we watched your video and were so inspired we had some fun and made our own check it out let us know what u think!!


    • DJ RB0t

      nice dude
      i loved it

  • SonSon

    Hey DJTT, just bought the vides and can’t wait to get started. My only concern is that I can’t watch the videos on my iPad. Any fix for this? Thanks.

    • Mad Zach

      good question, we’ll look into it!

  • slslslslslsl

    anyone purchase the tutorial and have any feedback yet?

    • Mad Zach

      someone just sent me this on facebook:

      just bought your sample pack tutorial and watched it in one sitting, i was thoroughly entertained!! I watch alot of tutorials and i must say alot of them are boring as hell, but yours was on point! It was inspiring, resourceful, easy-to-follow, hilarious and down right tasteful! Hella juicy beat too! I would buy another right now if you had it, meaning you should totally do another. You should do a part two of this series with more simpler and some sampler techniques. I would to see how you write a track from start to finish using these topics covered, that would be tiight!

      keep killing it~”

  • Alex B

    Would anyone suggest this for beginners in ableton?

    • Mad Zach

      yes absolutely

  • Anonymous

    I’m as broke as a joke but you best believe I’ll be buyin this shit next friday 😉

  • Mad Zach looks like a Bond villain sans a fluffy cat. As for the video I think $30 is a bit steep- is there a paid for DJ Tech Tools app in the pipeline in which you could have an in app purchases like this?

    • y

      Agreed. Consider maschinetutorials.com is $10/month for hundreds of tutorials, puts it in perspective. But LOVE you guys keep it up!

  • skrill crosby

    soo can you only use sound packs for abelton? orr would they work with fruity loops as well?

    • Mad Zach

      you can pull the samples into FL if you want but the soundpacks are optimized for drumrack in Ableton

  • Tom

    I cant’t find the tutorials in the store to watch again…? Please link

    • Mad Zach

      login to your my.djtechtools.com account (free), go to your “videos” tab and walaa

      • Tom

        Cheers Zach 🙂 Great videos btw!

  • Tom

    I cant find the link to watch it again…? It says its in the store???

    • Mad Zach

      go to my.djtechtools.com, login (with the same account you used to make your purchase) and go to your videos tab

  • ridlol

    btw Guys, what’s the name of midi fighter with faders?? is it being sold?

  • ridlol

    Mad Zach is just an extremely talented dude! I could figure the very first time i saw him.

  • bootymusic

    Mad Zach, you are a genius!

  • dj_sensible

    really good video, but the buffering is driving me fucking mental and there’s definitely nothing wrong with my internet connection…..

    • DJTT John

      Hi, can you try lowering the quality using the “HD” button on the player and let me know if that helps?

      • yeah boyyeee!!! helps loads, sorry if my message seemed a bit abrupt i didnt mean it that way. Cheers man

        • DJTT John

          Cool, I want to know if there is a problem, I can’t fix it if I don’t know! I upgraded the server yesterday too, just to make sure.

  • tr4gik

    Mad Zack you’re golden man, I think his insights are worth every penny.

  • And then there are those that will be saying: “If only I had a midi-fighter.” Seriously, this is tight. Mad thanks Mad Zack.

  • Reinout

    mad zach for president!

  • This is Exactly What I needed!!!!!

  • Wow, I didn’t think that article would be revisited so quickly (heh). I hope your class makes you enough money to live in S.F. I know it’s expensive here. Keep up the good work!

  • Shawnyd

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks Mad Zach and DJTT!

  • Yokanda

    Cool! yes! I just bought this.
    I Wait your next tutoral yet.!

  • DJ Clashy

    Nice one 🙂 When is the new mapping for MF Spectra gonna hit us??

  • kilbot

    great stuff! the red jacket really does it for me 🙂

  • Anonymous


    Give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he can eat for a life time!

    🙂 scamo

    • Until the fish get over-fished and then there’s no fish left… (just sayin’)

      • Anonymous

        That’s why it costs $30. Not everyone will go fishing, when they have to pay for it first, so there will be enough fish to fish for. Go fish! Hahaha!

        • RockingClub

          But it’s absolutely right!

          By far too many people underestimate the importance of know-how! Buying another music production or performance tool doesn’t do the job if you don’t know how to achieve certain results!

          I’d almost bet: Spending 30$ for these tutorials is way more useful than spending 3000$ for gear!

          • Hey! have any of you guys made a sound pack yet? You got any videos up or anything like that? Just wondering if that know-how is being put to use.

  • le_phreaK

    yes, YES, YES!