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Beatport Sold To SFX Entertainment For $50 Million

Sillerman on the cover of Billboard Magazine

Just reported a few minutes ago on the New York Times, one of the music moguls in the DJ industry, Beatport, has been sold to SFX Entertainment – a media company that has been ramping up over the last year to build an EDM-centric empire. Details as to what exactly might change about the music distribution company with it’s new owners are sketchy at the moment – but the Times expounds a bit on what SFX’s owner, Robert F. X. Sillerman (known for building the conglomeration of companies that is now Live Nation), hopes to achieve:

“Beatport gives us direct contact with the D.J.’s and lets us see what’s popular and what’s not,” Mr. Sillerman said in an interview. “Most important, it gives us a massive platform for everything related to E.D.M.”

Since the company was revived last year, SFX has focused mostly on live events, with the promoters Disco Donnie Presents and Life in Color; recently it also invested in a string of nightclubs in Miami and formed a joint venture with ID&T, the European company behind festivals like Sensation, to put on its events in North America.


Matthew Adell, Beatport’s chief executive, said that being part of SFX could help the company extend its business into live events, and also into countries where the dance genre is exploding, like India and Brazil.

[via The New York Times]

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  • Arnoud van Lieshout

    The fuck is everybody worried? I run a label on beatport and sell mp3s.. i dont see any problem…….

    typical internet trolls too much blablabla.. people with brains wont complain you know

  • Barry

    WTF!! SFX bought Dutch Dance Giant ID&T for USD 130mio, where does it end….. 🙁

  • hello

    The internet provides this crazy service called google and zippyshare.

  • djanlog

    As someone who has worked in the industry, dealing with BeatPort in particular, I can say that corruption had already taken hold on what seemed to be a grassroots musical community. Not only were “exclusives” offered only to select artists in the same way as iTunes, but many labels have pushed songs up the charts by buying massive numbers on release day. So in short I don’t think their sale to a conglomerate will change much at all

  • Damn, just saw this now in the newsletter. Good for those guys! $50 mil is a nice payout. All this arguing though, you guys are taking yourselves, and everything else, way too seriously.

    Every time something like this happens people get all uppity and proclaim loudly the death knell of EDM. It’s been happening for 20+ years (yeah, I’m 40 too) and yet EDM keeps on trucking, and evolving. There are “those” people, we all know some of them, but the more the merrier I say.

    Call yourself a purist, get high and hang out in dark basements is that’s what makes you happy. That’s what’s supposed to be so great about what we believe in… everyone is free to do their own thing. If someone else likes it too, great! You have a movement 🙂

  • Steve


  • gordon_strange

    I suspect that if it goes the way the naysayers on here are saying it will go, then, as is a habitual nature as DJ’s, will will search out and find more ‘credible’ sources for our music. It’s just like when your local record store closed- you went and found what you were looking for, and didn’t sit on your backside, complaining to the Internet. Which we all know, works 100% of the time….

    • Modis Chrisha

      I agree with you, more and more DJs will ignore this new music scene anyway, I know many people already who are say there are to many festivals, to much of this hype and they are looking for smaller venues and clubs, so the same will happen with music. Beatport is gone, well thats all. Let these people try to dictate the world of music and they will realize that a new underground scene will come into being. Maybe we get back to vinyl …lol…visit a local record store, have a nice chat, meet people and play great music on the weekends…

  • Hopeful

    Optimistic angle: When EDM hits the fiscal ceiling (some would say, like myself, that it already has) and it’s last hope of generating revenue becomes outlets like Hollywood, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars or some other American reality caucus…I think underground dance music in America might FINALLY become something worth talking about/listening to. Now don’t hit those keyboards in disagreement yet, there is definitely some real stuff happening now, but IMO in a relatively small amount.

    Relating back to EDM, when something of this level of financial scale and magnitude involves a genre of music, it eventually implodes while the underground thrives, evolves and creates amazing art.

    Regardless of all this, why are we so concerned about Beatport when there’s Boomkat, Juno, Discogs, independent record labels, local record stores, etc?

  • moe

    I was dropping a deuce when I read all of your comments. Very entertaining i must say. Ok Back to pushing I go.

  • Sonson

    Beatport who? It shows what little faith they had in the future of EDM. Things will work out eventually, don’t sweat it.

  • No comment

  • Anonymous

    Titanic hit by iceberg. Calling for aid.

    Capian, the ss juno is 25 miles due north…

    Good prepare to evacuate

  • OJ

    i will no longer use beatport. Deleting my account now!!!

  • windycityedm

    SFX is buying everyone right now. The sales are going through and the businesses are being registered in public record.

    SFX is buying up lots of EDM companies, React Presents Chicago is another big one and the partnership with ID&T for sensation and tomorrowWorld
    blurb from the post below

    According to a recent article in SFX Holdings Corporation/SFX Entertainment has been making a lot of acquisitions and production deals in the past year. Their catalogue of EDM related companies and festivals has grown exponentially it seems according to a recent discovery of source code on their webpage(see image below, or here). SFX Entertainment has formed a new partnership with ID-T to help produce Sensation and Tomorrowland in North America as well.

    SFX Entertainment may be in talks to acquire Beat Port, React Presents, The Mid Chicago, Electric Forest, Tomorrowland, Summer Set Festival, Q-Dance, Spring Awakening Music Festival to name a few highlights. For more info please see the article on Genxglow’s website HERE

    What does this mean for EDM fans around the world and specifically the USA? Time will tell, but not having as many companies competing with one another to produce the most outstanding EDM experience is not great for fans.

    Take a look at the source code above or go to and right click to view it yourself or check out the picture above.(note: the original source code has since been removed)

    UPDATE: Since the publishing of the article on, has removed the publicly visible source code. You can still view it above in the screen capture I took or here, at Webcite

    • Anonymous

      Best time to do such large acquisitions is when the economy is in the shittter like… Smart move if you have the capital or investors to do such moves, just sucks for what they will eventually run into the ground.

  • DJ Abide

    Live Nation = Clear Channel = The same corporate shit that’s been shoving Pop Culture into you gaping orifices for quite sometime now.

  • This makes me crazy wary. I don’t want to just sit here on the sidelines and sneer at beatport for ‘selling out’ and becoming successful, but I feel like this is a cause for some real alarm.

    The guy they’re dealing with seems like a con-artist snake, really. He’s got a crazy sordid history of business failures with a few successes, and the really big one is the previous incarnation of this SFX entertainment outfit. That got sold to ClearChannel, the company that ruined FM radio, and became LiveNation, the company that ruined live concerts. This seems like a MASSIVE cash grab to profit off of dance music while the iron is hot, and I think it’s majorly, seriously going to be damaging to the scene to let these people at what is really a scene staple at this point.

    In fact, I have to really question the intelligence of this decision in the long term. We’re still somewhere near the middle of this EDM blow-up. When I saw ’50 million’ I did a double-take – the number is SO small relative to what the company represents and its position in an industry that’s completely exploding.

    I gotta question this whole thing. I really try and not be conspiratorial or whatever, but it makes me queasy and seems like a harbinger of really, really bad things. Some big company basically storming into our underground and running our biggest record shop makes me feel really, really uncomfortable. Particularly when you consider what our community is built around. Beatport’s already integrated with Shazam, so they have track ID technology for picking out nearly ANY dance music track in the world. They also have a platform to sell mixes with royalties. I would be hard-pressed to imagine any smart businesssman not seeing this as an opportunity to crack down on our culture of freely-distributed mixes and funnel everyone through his mix store. Our scene doesn’t need that kind of smart businessman. We need people who actually give a shit.

    Really uncomfortable. Felt uneasy all night. I want this to be Not A Thing but it feels like it will quickly become A Thing.

    • windycityedm
    • dohnet

      Hahaha…Dude, maybe you are too young to realize this or something, but Richie and his gang killed dance music and went for the gold a long time ago.

      • respect_the_man

        If you are as old as you say you are show some respect. How is Rich exactly going for the gold? The gold comes when ANY great idea becomes successful, traktor, beatport, NI, etc… Rich is a visionary who has shaped the face of electronic music through the embracement of technology. Please explain how is that bad in any way? How can you say they killed dance music? EDM Is more alive than ever… It’s funny because when ideas become successful it seems like they where created for the sole purpose of making money, and people forget that every idea grows slowly it does not just make you buckets of cash from day to night. This would be like saying that Edison killed the oil lamp industry when he came up with the lightbulb.

        • Gordon Smith

          Richie “I’m from Detroit” Hawtin? You’re crazy funny too.

      • yeah, no. thanks for playing though!

      • dohnet

        One day you will realize that musicians can actually play an instrument. Pushing the start button doesn’t count. Dance music was about the music long ago, But Richie Rich and his gang realized that they were getting older and wanted to make some change (in the pocket kind). So he started this very successful marketing campaign to convince kids that he was a super star. Now, don’t be fooled by that word, he was a star, but star and superstar are two different things. Superstar involves the the marketing side of things. It has nothing to do with the music. You can be a horrible musician and be a superstar if you are good at marketing yourself and convincing others. See, this music was the music of the 1990’s. Just as jazz had its era, just as classic rock had it’s era. All things change, and you can’t stop progress. So go on and make your loot,I’m not hating on you.That time just doesn’t exist any more. It was a special time. People played the machines, now the machines play the people.

        • whoa, now that you mention it, you’re right! literally nobody cares about your little rant here. fascinating! thanks for pointing that out. please, feel free to tell me more about how you seriously should just stop talking because you’re making a fool of yourself.

          but as a serious response, this is what you were getting at? really? you wanted a soap box to bitch about how you don’t think richie rich is really an artist? i don’t think anyone here is under the illusion that most club djs are musicians, but that doesn’t mean we’re not passionate about what we do.

          i’m not really sure what you mean by ‘go on and make your loot.’ i don’t make a lot of money DJing. I have a day job. i do it because i love it. i like the scene, i like the music, i want to share it. your strange little diatribe here is so damn disconnected from the real world that it’s hard to parse precisely what you’re trying to say.

          my entire point was that beatport has, up until this point, been a particularly well-funded, well-organized and high quality place with a decent underground presence that was making a killing as a home-grown business, and now it’s falling under the umbrella of a corporate conglomerate that doesn’t actually give a fuck about the dance scene. their domination of distribution up until this point has entirely been built by a group of people who really believe in what they’re doing and who are fairly well-connected to the roots of modern dance music. now, there’s someone up the chain who sees the earnings potential of dance music since it’s “cool” at the moment and who’s going to try and stretch for every dollar he can get. it’s his stated goal to build a billion-dollar empire on dance music. that’s not good.

          you can’t just judge DJs because they don’t play the guitar or something. it’s all about love for what you do, passion, and doing it for the right reasons. there’s tons of people out there like that. if you think everyone’s shitty horrible musicians who build their careers on marketing, you’re not just a cynic, you’re hanging out with the wrong people and going to the wrong shows

          i pity you, man, that you feel so disengaged and disenchanted you can just write off the whole world as being below your standards.

          in summary, fuck off.

          • dohnet

            I’m WELL into my forties and don’t have to worry about making a fool of myself anymore. I’m not going to read your response, but will simply say… you asked.

          • i didn’t ask. i told you to shut up the first time.

          • your comments are well written and the ideas very well communicated. I would appreciate it however if you would please not tell people to $&%* off or use escalating language. It’s just not the vibe we have tried to curate at dj TechTools. It’s very challenging to strongly disagree in a respecful way, but I am confident we can do it.

          • I apologize, I lost my cool. I don’t want to be difficult or cause problems, sometimes you get passionate and lose your cool. Not making excuses, just saying, debates can get heated. Definitely was uncouth of me. Apologies again for messing with the positive vibe; I won’t do it again.

            Editing my comments so that the negativity disappears.

          • Thanks Man! I really appreciate your contributions and good attitude.

          • scoop

            human emotions are only okay if they are positive. no one is allowed to be angry. Big Brother is watching.

    • hexideciml

      SFX is buying everyone right now. Did anyone else see the source code that leaked a while back? SFX is pretty much creating an EDM empire inlcuding music distribution now for North America…with his new ties to Tomorrowland/ ID&T its awesome

    • Gordon Smith

      “basically storming into our underground and running our biggest record shop makes me feel really, really uncomfortable.”

      That’s fxxcking funny bro. Since when was Beatport underground? That luxury cruise ship sailed a long long time ago. What Kool Aid are you still drinking?

    • sian

      well said and I wholeheartedly agree mate. Fraudulent business men can keep to banking and away from our beloved music!

  • Chris

    Well looks like lossless prices r going back up

  • technicaltitch

    I suspect corporate ownership will distance beatport from the producers, labels, clubs and DJs and towards short-sighted shareholders and quarterly profits. I always check the label’s own website when buying tracks, because they’re usually half the price, (a third in the case of beatport), and more money goes to the label. (I wouldn’t have been so sure of this unless I’d heard it on a small, brilliant label’s own radio show, said by the label owner.) Now beatport is owned by a corporation I think this argument is even more important. It is a shame, beatport’s dominance was earned, in my opinion it had the best interface, and it was innovative with business models – the saleable DJ set idea was a brave experiment and I’d like to see more like it.

  • Maybe now they’ll do something useful with Beatport like add a search by musical key function

    • not trying to be rude, i just literally can’t imagine a situation where this would be useful? this is counter to every crate-digging bone in my body

      • well…the obvious example would be when you want to find tracks in a certain key.

      • This would help for people like me who are not musician but just aspiring remixer/producer. It’s help me find creative ways to mashup and harmonize songs. Yes digging through crates has its place with most people but there are more than one way to DJ or produce.

  • MichielyGil

    zero-inch or juno are both cheaper and provide way beter categorized content. Haven’t been on Beatport for 2 years or so.

  • Pod

    Hi Billboard,

    I run a little misfit community of nightlife gossip addicts.

    Just so you know, we scooped the New York Times, and yourselves on this very issue by about six weeks.

    It’s not rocket science.

    Just so you guys know that a little site that costs a few bucks a year to run beat your mass-media machine to the punch by a looooooong shot.

    Time to fuck with the New York Times.

    • I like the way you put it.

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      awesome! guerilla journalism!

      • Pod

        None of our community members are journalists, that I know of, haha. Still though, it wasn’t too difficult. We got word that some of our local clubs were being bought by SFX, and a simple Delaware corp search for “SFX” bought up a whole host of juicy nuggets, including this one.

  • So let’s hope things won’t change much for us as customers and DJs. As far as I am concerned I’d just want things to stay the same keeping in mind of course some minors changes and improvements. Well if things get worse, we could always go somewhere else but people who shop at Beatport do it for a reason I guess. At least for myself.

    • Pod

      There are alternatives. A friend of mine runs – I threw “friend” in there in the interests of full disclosure.

      • Charles Mykid

        Also has tons of amazing tracks

    • Dj City is better IMO! I used everything and I’ve yet to have any complaints with DJ City, plus Serato users get preloaded cue points which are actually useful not just thrown in everywhere on the track. I’m a Traktor user but still feel its cool they do that. Just my $0.02 bro… Either way my turntables will keep on spinning Beatport or Dj City

      • Happy

        You DICK HEAD – DJ City is a pirate site….

        Get a life

        • Danny j

          No it isn’t!!! It’s a record pool not a pirate site. Djtechtools even mentioned it is a previous article about joining pools. They even sell hardware and vinyl. Do your home work before you call ppl dick head

      • Toontown

        DJ City doesn’t remotely provide the same service. Further, it doesn’t have any relationships with labels. Therefore, it’s probably an illegal service.

  • mac

    Live nation you say? Everyone get ready for processing fees!!!

    • Gordon Smith

      Processing fees. Who cares? What I am worried about is more lip-syncing “live” performances with guys wearing oversized mouse heads decorated with Christmas lights. WTF.

  • I’ll still look for anything I want on Juno first, the Beatport losless surcharge to “pay for bandwidth” is still crazy compared to Juno, especially on those 20+ track compilations!.

  • FUCKK!!

  • BOOM.