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  • Michael Assad

    Has this been released? Still not getting positive IDs on a lot of tracks…

  • Legarza

    good idea!

  • hardcoreplur

    soundhound should partner with trackitdown ;P

  • This is good news! Never had a reason to own Shazam. SoundHounds been good to me mostly…up until recently. Good to have a worthwhile competitor.

  • Anselm

    Next step Soundcloud?

  • Bijanstein3000

    Wow thats awsome cause Itunes catalog sucks!!

    • Bijanstein3000


  • Bryon Stout

    I can only hope that shazam will have a “buy at beatport” option since they are given access to beatports db. Great move for both companies!


  • Joe Nada

    Now they just need to do the same with Traxsource.

    • Spacecamp

      Agreed. Would be awesome to see integration with other databases!